4 g unfolds gradually, free call time how far is it

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4 g unfolds gradually, free call time how far is it

    4 g unfolds gradually, free call time how far

    is it?

    All the mobile Internet era, the traditional business in a big change.OTT service are flawed, churning up the traditional telecom operators awake at night.But the trend of The Times, regardless of the operators how to resist, was eating into traditional telecom business, has even been gobbling up are likely to become a reality.Voice business is one of them.

    3 g era, data business growth over voice business has already become a reality, such as WeChat OTT business such as a scourge onslaught, traditional voice service has gradually has the potential of a role.During 11 this year, in order to promote their own easecredit services, China telecom has hit with easecredit incentives, free international call once unlimited scenery, is a major source of business income telecoms operator voice services, but now only as one of the features of easy letter.

    Although domestic VoIP phone is still not release (except for the PC to PC mode), but the domestic VoIP is actually a kind of "people don't

    move, judge not in" grey development period.With China's netizens precipitously growth, the rising popularity of smartphones and mobile Internet, with the rapid development of Internet telephony applications based on all kinds of mobile platform software users also in explosive growth.Large and small offer VoIP services companies have sprung up in growth.

    Actually both basic telecom operators and regulators miit, the in the mind is very clear, VoIP phone on behalf of the advanced technology trends, policy adjustment is imperative.At present, in the context of constructing 4 g, in WeChat, easy to believe and have faith, and OTT USES respond, VoIP open sights, this means that the domestic free telephone era is coming.

    The trend of The Times

    But Europe and the United States have the Internet phone, and development trend of fierce, make people sit up and take

    notice.Currently the Internet phone business in Europe, has affected the traditional telecom operators market share.In the United States, the Pew Research Center (the Pew Research Center), according to a survey released recently in the past 2012 years, nearly a quarter of American adults who use the Internet phone call, every day on average 5% of us Internet users use the Internet phone.And market Research firm

    Infonetics Research in its latest report points out that global OTT mobile VoIP users has soared more than 550% in 2012 and 640 million, and is expected to be near the 1 billion mark in 2013.

    Statistics show that although the Skype accounts for 40% of the market share, but the other challengers come from behind to win.Facebook, Fring, KakaoTalk, Line, Nimbuzz, WeChat and Viber share is also increasing.Industry insiders predict that in the next five years, VoIP will completely replace the traditional voice services.

    Just so so confident, in addition to the strong market demand, the support of the technology is more powerful.The arrival of the 4 g, will push the comprehensive ground of VoIP services.(is the LTE VoIP service under the network environment, also is to make the full IP voice business, let voice business data channel.Currently under construction in global LTE reached 213 pieces, by the end of this year, the world will have 12 commercial (network was put into operation, (the user is expected to reach 8 million.

    China is about to issue a 4 g license, and three big operators have begun the tender for the construction of 4 g network, in which China mobile plans in 2014 (cut in the commercial deployment of the business, this means that the VoIP service is not based on 4 g.

    Free calls to 0 tt selling point?

    In the boom of OTT applications, driven by the original domestic are accentuated VoIP operators are tempted into intention in the era of 4 g rob VoIP market the biggest cake.Infonetics Research is forecast that by 2017, with (OTT mobile VoIP service is expected to develop into a $16 billion industry.

    Operators reduced tariffs are from year to year, and the domestic telecommunication cost ten years has maintained 10% speed, but the Internet phone still ascendant trend, let the three major telecom operators have to change of attitude, from resistance to accept, several pilot had to organize the implementation of a VoIP service, to the acceptance of 4 g era, VoIP is start a prairie fire.

    VoIP phones are so popular, mainly for two reasons.It is a network telephone significantly reduce operating costs.The most prominent feature of VoIP phone is can significantly reduce network operating costs.Based on the data network network telephone can effectively integrate these networks, reduce the enterprise in road investment in equipment, telephone system installation and maintenance.At the same time, because of enterprise internal call is in data online, do not take up the resources of telecom service providers, and thus reduce the cost spending, especially for those branches, geographical dispersion of large

    enterprises, calls to save is even more significant.Secondly, the network telephone make personal user experience more rich.For individual users, use the Internet phone, besides can significantly reduce the communication network phone provided by other functions based on the popularity of network applications, also make the use of the individual user experience more rich, but also very accord with the need of practical application.

    At present domestic 3 g network coverage mature, 4 g networks will be large-scale construction, at the same time, along with the advancement of broadband strategy of China, the WIFI network coverage has been forming, has a lot to improve for VoIP phone communication quality.Had, according to the survey data in the existing mobile phone users at least 30% of the users are used to use the Internet phone software applications for daily communication communication, and just use a mobile phone operator data flow business.Therefore, VoIP era is not strange.

    But this does not mean that the domestic numerous VoIP service providers, spring will come.And evil people mixed up the current domestic VoIP carriers, one in the industry analysis, points out that the domestic Internet phone industry should have enough suffering consciousness, Internet telephony to achieve greater development,

    needs to solve a major problem is how to improve the public Internet phone call actually experience, so as to improve their

    profitability.InfoneticsR esearch, the researchers said most OTT mobile VoIP service providers face the most serious problem is that how to realize a profit.Because the data show that in 2012, the average revenue per user years of VoIP service providers have only $7.13, this is obviously an unsustainable business model.So most providers to advertising, the third in the first application and the wholesale deal signed with traditional operators, become a virtual operator.

    How to stick to the user is obviously OTT manufacturer's top priority.At present domestic OTT vendors with emphasis on the development, differentiation of free telephone will be differentiated, a major buy because voice will always be the first choice of human communication.Despite the current WeChat didn't dare to on VoIP, try to make some kind of heaven and earth in the game and pay, but this does not mean that it does not do VoIP.In addition, the easy letter with the help of the operators in the background, has hit the banner of free calls, will clearly this function as the main challenge WeChat weapons.

    So for main free phone functions OTT manufacturers, integrated platform, social will also become the trend.Earlier in the VoIP market outshine others believed, had begun to join in the service function part

    of the social functions, including increase subscription account, optimization of callback function, increase the QQ, sina weibo and tencent weibo sharing, buddy system, etc., are more relevant personage, according to a letter in the next step is through social account channel, the user can directly use the original social account login have letter, sign a letter or send free phone as a platform, set up new social ecological system, route and internationalization by differentiation strategy on the social role ACTS as a dark horse.

    As a free phone calls as the main point of letter, into the social platform relative to other mobile IM software, has the extremely differentiation advantage.In effective social functions such as the WeChat, easy letters and skype phone functions, will become a comprehensive social platform.

    But the phone is still free VoIP service providers the assassin's mace.Believed such OTT vendor's advantage is that can provide users with good, reciprocity, timely and effective communication transmission, and is still free, after social platform for the communication as its main business, after all, face-to-face phone function cannot be voicemail and short walkie-talkie type communication.

    Clearly, social function and free telephone service, in order to meet the needs of current users and potential users of the growth, will be OTT

    mobile VoIP service provider for the future development of an important direction, pattern may have believed in today's social software competition heats up, becoming the transformation of VoIP service providers.

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