A good grades students'comprehension

By Henry Carter,2015-02-13 00:45
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A good grades students'comprehension

    A good grades students'comprehension

    A PhD candidate in 985 universities, looking back more than a decade of school and students themselves and the experience, a lot of inspiration.

    1, the primary school time if we can write neatly, have accurate mathematical operation ability, OK, perfect.For future academic career will be enough, so try to give the child a colorful childhood.

    2 and 12 years of primary and secondary schools the learning content, are hundreds or even thousands of years ago (Archimedes, Newton and Descartes) before human creation, argument is not high, really easy.

    3, if you want to get the Nobel Prize, or elected members, this depends on the talent and intelligence, but those that are hundreds of years ago, take an examination of a good university, basic has nothing to do with IQ.And what about?Emotional intelligence!

    4, learning bad students, basic it is serious delay, today can put off until next semester.

    5, hard work is always the truth?!Pedagogy theory in the concept of a "valid", see your heart what is in the learning time.So see many try very hard to learn in the class learn bad, instead of learning good to play, don't be surprised.

    6, always looking forward to a genius, I studies at the university of high school is good, reading to now have not seen the untutored genius.There was a gap of classmate, where is the gap?Accept ability and concentration degree, these are all categories of emotional intelligence.

    7, nowadays, the development of the time children seems to be the inside of the city are more likely to the talent in learning, my college classmate less than a third of children in the countryside.

    8, but rural children or do not read, read will be very good."Who rose out of the talented person" is the truth!The top general family of high school, college study is bad.I am real farmer families (whether narcissism, forgive me ha).

    Has good grades 9 primary school, girls generally, in the junior middle school, it is not too good.What reason is this?!Thelawofthenature pedagogy are the biological explanation.

    Girls in light of article 9, and 10 on the junior high school must cause attaches great importance to of mathematics.Ah, how many have excellent female classmate last academic destroyed in math...Whoops.

    11, for bad grades of the students, parents always expect miracles, suddenly "take up".What kind of students to take up?Seems to be generally is a very naughty boy and general.

    12, the second day is really the key.Basic is a watershed, so should attach great importance to the study of lunar calendar...

    13, junior high school to form ideas and values, this time they brought bad he brought.Rather than spend more time to find a tutor for remedial class, rather than pay more attention to child's playmate and friends.There is a dialect is called "man made with don't walk, mixed galloping ghost!"Pay more attention to the child's life!

    14, parents, if discover the child academic record suddenly fall badly, please refer to article 13.

    15, "the network is a double-edged sword, have good and bad".My view is: don't let the children addicted to Internet!Indulge in the network, studies inevitably affected!Now, however, children, have been depending on the network in the age of television, for us a generation of radio, network has been the norm, tools, moderation is key.

    16, children not admitted to the ideal high school, should pay the school selection fee let him continue to read?!This classification to discuss.If it is a natural disaster, children face didn't play well, paying the saucepans.If it is really already don't want to learn, that you don't have to take Mr Hard-earned money to feed a relevant books, such ZeJiaoSheng admitted to a good university is a special case, apply for leave school or fired to is a lot of...

    17, just said "saucepans are paying too much?!I think, the elementary school, junior high school in which school is not

    important.High school is really too important...Why is that?Because the university entrance exam is the recruitment exam, the other is not.

    And how to learn English?My experience is listen more, as we grew up listening to dialect so will say the same.English is a language, don't be too much emphasis on grammar and structure, I don't know the foreign friends are native speakers of English people to understand their own grammar (how much we Chinese know Chinese inside the

    subject-predicate of definite shape?!)Please don't demonize English.

    19, really want to, I strongly suggest you listen to English, every night before going to bed to listen to half an hour.For a long time in the past, English is not bad.

    20, spot in a small story: remember when I was a kid is a naughty big king, the first English always fail, home later happen events, mother seriously ill family distress, at the age of fourteen mother's death was a great shock to me, began to know good ugly.Catch up with English, listening to every night, I drink free school revelation shadow of porridge, always buy the steamed stuffed bun in the morning of the money to buy batteries (saying that when the battery quality is bad), watching others to eat steamed stuffed bun, really hungry ah...Then I test the English full marks, high school English close to full marks, university won the first prize in the national college students English competition.Non-english

    major first.Due to the professional ranks the first, I skip the master's and Dr Was walked directly.

    Many people asked me if I had the hang of learning English?I just give two words: listen (words I still listen to English every night.

    21, children don't live hotel?!My suggestion is that it was better to stay (note: this will vary from person to person, or by a heap of, may bring bad), collective atmosphere conducive to cultivate team consciousness, more know how to communication with others.Who died in the reading society, not to entertain.But be concerned about the growth of the children, please read the article 13.

    22, if is to read good success, people is minority after all, so, don't be too hard on the children.As long as you work hard is a good boy, but must be adult, character, no matter when is the most important.

    23, exam-oriented education system, you don't really believe in "quality education"?!Primary school age can be colorful, but in the middle school...Let's be realistic.

    24, I and my students a dialogue:

    "I am not interested in math this subject... whoops."

    "Child you twenty years old, all three, in less than a year the university entrance exam, you and I said you have no interest in mathematics, I tell you something about scientists childhood story?! Give you hobbies?!"

    25, I read Dr., don't know what interest was so far.And those who are naturally interested in math, science, and are not interested in playing games to play basketball celebrity allusions, from the perspective of human nature, I prefer to believe that is just a myth.Under the exam-oriented education system, I explanation is "don't hate is interest".So cough up, in fact, college is to see who's tougher to myself...Believe it or not?!

    26, puppy love is bad?!I don't think so, in my side there is a high school classmate, work together to encourage each other each other three go through hardships, the last are admitted to a good university (how could I tell you that the hero is me!!!!!!!).

    27, I was advocated to early love?!Wrong.I haven't say that finish, for example around me, the incidence of the pure good pep up love basic and you buy a lottery ticket in five million.So, still HuaHuaChangZi away, a good reading.But there are still many people would buy a lottery ticket...Love to the block also can not hold up against.

    28, how to learn math?!My math has always been good, I think this is a tricky subject, elementary requirement for accurate operation, middle school is mainly composed of four methods: thought number form combination, classification, discussion, function thought, and transformation.

    Is that four thought method, 29, I go to college in a dark night, summarize to high school and college entrance examination experience concluded (exaggeration?! Ha ha ha), but it was too late.I once asserted, as long as the four methods to master, never worry for

    mathematics.Words I mentoring undergraduate period have a high school student for three years, originally mathematical foundation, finally this infusion, enter USTC!Brush, than I did on the exam.

    30, if English is listening and understanding how the mathematics is to sort out the wrong topic.

    31, is too important!Wrong topic.My most brilliant record, is coaching a second day of girl, the final mathematical only 36 points at the beginning, finally got 115 in the final exam!!!!!The parents the final reward me five thousand ocean...How do I do that?I ordered her corrections all meet every wrong topic, the final exam was hardly the wrong topic can be revised...

    32, why correction wrong topic is so important?!Because of the high school mathematics in some topic is actually so much, to find out all the blind spot is invincible...This is why.Please refer to article 2.

    33, do you think you can test general math, you just learn the general knowledge?!Wrong, you have mastered much knowledge, just have a few didn't grasp.Is that don't know, always do something

    wrong.And examination, test is comprehensive, a knowledge without mastering basic one ticket veto,,,,,, wrong topic, is really too important.

    34, words I wrote five high school math wrong topic of this book, the tutor me three years finally admitted to China university of science and technology of high school students write seven book.Perhaps that is why he take an examination of the college entrance examination

    mathematics than I good reason...

    35, students learn math very well, very commonly two obvious disadvantages: careless, no perseverance.Don't learn English well the students have a common shortcomings: lazy!

    36, I still don't see studies very hard, but English is poor, if you met you please give me introduce you to increase my experience.Learning seriously but poor math has several, mainly is discursive, do is useless.See article 6.

    37, the learning of English, there are a lot of ways, but listen more is undoubtedly the fastest the most effective.This should insist, and really want to do.Every time think of their own learning English via, and then take a look at some education experts are always like to learn English up to the realm of metaphysics or rise to methodology, is unfathomable.I can only smile.

    38, the improvement of English, is really a long process, improve the speed of the slower, but the stability of the test performance is

    good.Especially in high school, found no, take English first in the class always her or him?!

    39, what do you ask me English listening?My answer is: elementary school to listen to whatever you want, don't have a purpose, cultivate interest is given priority to;Junior high school classes, high school calendar year the university entrance exam questions.

    40, or someone want to chat with me.Elementary school, or not too strongly oppressed children, really.The famous "starting line" theory don't know how many beautiful childhood, killing the childhood just to heart the old first, long make the hero tears full jin...In my college classmates, there is no lack of good childhood classmates, I saw the truth is: every family forced to learn as a child (piano, violin, guitar and so on all sorts of lute) of almost no stick and put it as a career.And they recall, only a dark oppression of time, this is the art of influence?!Really is this necessary?

    41, junior middle school strongly want to listen to the teacher!!Junior high school is compulsory education phase, you know, examination is a must to ensure high pass rate!!!!!So, a lot of the examination paper in the bo is the original words from the text rewriting or rewrite of the same subject matter, basically take an examination of fixed collocation, grammar (mainly clause), polysemy, used to express, because knowledge

    is so much.If time the roll of the teacher which are outside of the book knowledge, it will no doubt fire, Mr He can't to the people in the city...

    According 42, in those days the bright moon in the

    clouds.Remember all my breakfast money dedicated to the socialism modernization factory, every night listening to lectures, so that the final text each can back, then you know it, don't brag...

    43, according to this method of learning English, I ordered my students to recite the text, really strict, at first he said he is very painful, various eye-rolling from, I can still HOLD him, his grade of the text is now back in place.Taught in less than a year, now has 115 + stability, no pressure, in a few days he would have taken part in the examination, I teach in chongqing last XueShengWa, wish him good luck!).

    44, mid-term exam score high English really is very simple: if a students participating in the examination, can the second day to the last semester grade of all the English text back next semester in place, also listen to English everyday, all the normal play tests under the condition of no test to 110 +, I definitely want this culminated, called for the unknown the truth of the masses to bureau of education and English teacher face to face negotiations.These have made this post.

    45, in fact is a big difference and junior high school, high school even in university enrollment expansion, key university acceptance rate is still less than ten percent.High school is the biggest gap: junior high school

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