Producers like variety with the punchline covered terrier

By Alex Wood,2015-02-11 16:12
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Producers like variety with the punchline covered terrier

    "Producers" : like variety with the punchline

    covered terrier

    "Producer" is not a serious of Korean dramas, such psychological construction must be done well before the open, don't be lost their eyes flash blindness of the squad.Traditional Korean audience may need to put aside some experience in opera, or looking forward to see the beautiful picture, romantic love, Mary Sue plot of the audience, are doomed to disappointment."Producer" is more like a variety of direct reality in the way of beginning, in the perspective of new seungchan, uncluttered, and almost without modify the camera, as if in the beginning of the documentary form.In metasomatic story background and characters relations, the previous set almost like a south Korean variety show behind the encyclopedia, spare no effort to popularize knowledge of the producer: the original South Korea also have "sarft", they called pored over communications commission, is responsible for the examination and grading, if in violation of the rules will give punishment;The original CP (ChiefProducer total producer for short), PD (the program director, director), FD (Floor director, assistant director) is not the same thing;The original behind glamorous idols trainee, has so many sad stories;Make the original variety show and not so fun, is to "get", "driving" and "off"!"Get on the bus in high spirits," driving

    "grumble," off "when away...Interestingly, the people built the "two days one night" program, the television KBS and even take part in the variety of the star itself, is a real rather than fiction.Two mentioned in the first set of producers of variety show, the two days and one nights "and" music bank ", is a south Korean KBS television's trump card program, the former also were introduced into China by copyright;Yoon yeo-jeong, teenager, and so on guest star play himself.False or true, let a person more justify that sense of reality.

    Yes, the existence of "producer" is so surprised.At first glance, a lot of people I'm afraid it is difficult to accept such a shooting method, casual, don't know the camera shake of the discretion, perspective is not novelty is lower.The shooting method in have always is famous for its beautiful pure and fresh and powerful light lens of Korean dramas, is absolutely amazing.Usually concept of Korean dramas, always use soft focus gain and loss really lens, with romantic dog blood stem to weave a dream, all this in the "producers" all have no.No vigorous plot, no strong dramatic conflicts, in plain narrative, explain everyday.Their efforts, their bitterness, their laughter and tears.There are new growth, old pd when facing crisis handling, and artists daily and so on.The rhythm of the lack of dramatic conflicts, slightly procrastination, garrulous lines, ordinary audience is really hard to accept.Originally known as the south Korean television dramas, this year's most anticipated first week viewing it failed to meet

    expectations, big-name cast didn't seem to match with it.Seemingly unexpected, but actually.After all, it is such an experimental plays.You can not accept it, in the form of innovation have to admire it.After two sets the director replaced producer, made obvious style significantly different: shake the lens of the small and the four relationships increase in the number of scenes, more and more to the traditional Korean

    dramas.Perhaps han shot while planting form, let it can be as the change of audience tastes adjust yourself.With a return to traditional shots, ratings also rose, delighted to the but again let a person feel not sad, people still can not accept innovation, between the ratings and individual character creation, exactly?May not only make people have to worry about things in the play.

    Fortunately, "producer" in detail, various variety stem packing, let the play like variety show full of laugh point, become a dark horse in the narrative of multifarious general window, is only the punchline, also can be a reason to chase play.Such as the PD to arrange artist schedule is really fuck broken heart, a scene like this: a say if stars b attends the, I will star b say too busy and no time to star c say I may not be on the show, a bad relationship with a star ding said c close to me and I decided to face present, c say ding and I again not familiar!The final result was nobody to direct the tragedy.Such as seemingly glamorous, ice cold beauty idol Cindy, unexpectedly to your registered their anty BBS, go up quarrels

    with people;Of stroke after even can't eat a meal, can only pretend not hungry poor in listening to music.Such as seungchan for first love into the variety, brokenhearted, but go in to love object boyfriend envy envy hate they gave people the car can only be felt sad and hang a rubbish, even greater revenge all dare not, every time want to do anything but always spluttered pa to play his face;Meeting brainstorming game content, as a result, the hapless seungchan were encouraged to personally operation, test the feasibility of the game, from the circles, the hammer head, there are actually used ass minced convenient chopsticks, stopping state tech...A variety of small jokes reiki 4 excessive, make people laugh.

    On the character set, the protagonist in the "producers" although compared with other Korean dramas of the perfect people, many is ordinary, no special kind, like to live in you my side of the ordinary people, little hero halo, but it is more in line with the variety of people set specification - daily, true enough, and has a distinct symbolic.New novice PD seungchan, driving a luxury car but IQ desertion, say I'm sorry to be banned, always trouble, exquisite and soft of lovely also is also the mind;ROM. PD is a veteran, but love grumble, eye-rolling from very has the sense of responsibility;Zhuo PD, although appearance is proud and confident, but it would be easy to appear many small holes, obstinate but quite proud;Cindy, iceberg princess but in essence not bad, and

    mutual device zhuo PD every field is bright spot.Kim soo-hyun, hyo-jin kong actor can choose such a drama, I love instead of the traditional love Korean dramas, also have to say it's a kind of pursuit of her acting skills.The most surprising is Kim soo-hyun, eliminate the characteristic of everything the professor, he's a lovely new PD seungchan, could not see the slightest shadow.For an actor, can let you completely forget him for the role of and into a new role, is a kind of success.

    To sum up, for a strong experimental work, although the form for traditional audience to accept so easily, but still give the big deductive and variety of realistic background, plus a variety terrier moves, laughter, is still worth seeing.


    Title: "the ex-husband evolving courtship"

    Director: people think our table, seong-ho yoon, Li Dongxun

    Writer: pak chi-eun

    Starring: Kim soo-hyun seungchan;I love to act the role of Luo Junmo;Kong hyo-jin ZhuoYiZhen;Iu ACTS the role of Cindy

    Broadcast time: on May 15, 2015

    Plot synopsis: "the producers" in Seoul as a gathering place of TV presenters yeouido as the background, revolves around television variety department for the stage, tell interesting stories between variety show producer, shows the night shift is everyday life, stay up late is the basic options, to arm themselves with glances and ultra-high speed variety department black holes are 100% purity of real life.

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