The sensory world reviews

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The sensory world reviews

    The sensory world reviews

    Plato said women are flawed creatures...Can't agree with, the reason is afraid of trouble with around half the sky, but said frankly that women in the emotional guy rewelding and blind understanding of "sex", or some reasons Plato.About "Abe" events, oshima (" sense world ", 1976) and chose XuanYan (" new era "of the senses, 1998) are in the same story to make on the different expression of different refers to the different Angle of view, different features of times, but at the same attribute definition.

    Movie art reprocessing on sensitive events, is worthy of approval mark, history and human nature;Oshima's film roughly 95% lens fell in the embrace of the two pairs of white meat, speak to a great extent obstinately to build a kind of different from Japanese MaiXi Asian movies, also trying to cater to the late '50 s French culture.Sensory world is belong to the French film, the film flushing is also in France, French premiere in

    including 17 months, and in the face of domestic various entanglements is undoubtedly the film fenqing struggle.

    Oshima behind the law nature and the development of the Japanese film has had a profound impact, not to mention his influence is positive or negative, in a word is not to avoid "sex" conflict of linearity performance and pure sexual conflict emotional conflict between men and women.

    By the Japanese scholar's words, not "constancy" is to give these feelings howls, and further extended to the whole social system and cultural resentment and anger.


    Showa eleven years (1936)


    On the bed


    Abe, female, 30 year old.Born in kanda, home business shop shop, after the collapse, 17 years old when the geisha, constantly changing place in business, later to ishida shop as a waitress, name generation.

    Ishida is hidden, male, 42 years old, in Tokyo nakano opened a restaurant called yoshida house.


    Abe will love and possession to the limit, with its embarrassing technique in the process of sex ishida hidden strangled with a rope, cut off from the ribs after man's genital, above the bed sheet is to use writing 'decide that the founder "four words, two

    people have the same words on the man's left leg, my left arm on a" fixed "engraved words...Wrap the phallic her paper carefully, and hid the auspicious mawashi cloth around your waist, then put the paper into a belt, with me nothing to hang out in the streets of Tokyo carefree days.


    "Abe event" six months after the hearing, sentencing is ten years, the last sentence of six years, another year to the model sentences, sentence out in five years, never lost male root's hidden under the hell forever.

    Great crusader for women's Abe's sayings: (excerpt from paradise lost, dubian koizumi)

    Q: why do you want to kill, to hide?

    A: I like him too much, think with your own him, but he is not a husband and wife, and I will contact with another woman, as long as he lives to kill him, another woman just a finger can touch him.

    Q: why so love ishida the defendant?

    A: can't say what ishida where there's a special, to say he is really even decided on, I have never seen such a romantic man.Most people don't like forty, 26 years old.He particularly pure, for the little things are excited for half a day, the face is hide things, like a baby so innocent, whatever I do, he likes very attached to me.Time also is quite good, and his bed, he know a woman can control their own let me fully meet for a long time to also can be connected to several times.I feel he is really like me, not just skills.

    Q: when did you decided to kill him?

    Answer: the last time he came home, I a person more think more sad, had the idea.17 evening, ishida said to me, for our future have to separate for a day, I thought,

    looking at his sleeping face ishida, a home, his wife will be like I touch him, and, this don't see him for one or two months.The last only a few days and I can't stand him back, for such a long time how to boil ah, really don't want to let him go.Ago, I asked him to join me in death, or escape to go elsewhere, he seriously, said light package can be lover forever.So I was determined to make ishida belongs to myself.

    Q: why do you want to put the ishida men cut away?

    Answer: because this is my favorite, the most value thing, otherwise, to wash his body, his wife will touch it, I don't want anyone to touch it.Ishida's body can only throw in the hotel, but as long as there is this thing, feel with ishida, don't feel lonely.As to why write "ji duo", is to want to let others know, kill ishida, he was completely belongs to me, so each take one word from each name.

    Q: why is on the left arm carved "fixed" word?

    A: to my stamp on ishida.

    Q: why is put on ishida mawashi cloth and underwear?

    Answer: in order to smell on ishida, also for reserved for memorial.

    Q: are there any other supplementary?

    A: I regret most is people misunderstood me as nymphomania, I think of my mind.I whether sexual perversion, investigation of my past.I have never done similar things.I also like other men, but they are given the time and place of reason to break up, even the man was surprised.Ishida alone let me find out is not satisfied with place, just a little tacky, but this make me more crazy, he swept me off my feet.I things got round, people regard it as a strange thing to talk about, but I think women like things what is strange?To put it bluntly, if a woman like a man, even he drink the soup would also like to feel good with.In love with a man and woman I do want to do, just didn't do.Woman,

    of course, not all the same, there are some people who are focused on the material, but because love too, like I lost control made the sort of thing, also not necessarily is erotomania.

    Penis killer Abe on a suicide note: I love you die, you're finally completely belongs to me, I'll find you...

    "Abe" event and "genji" in Japanese society

    At the beginning of the 11th century, palace female officer murasaki shikibu "genji" has a reputation, known as the "a dream of red mansions" in Japan, the rhetoric of luxuriant and relieve perverse shows the feelings of the beam move preliminary Japanese national cultural and commend, journal of into, the potential of psychoanalysis around the development of the whole story seems to is reasonable.

    "Abe" event, with the help of historical chance to find the outlet of the human spirit, this is derived from the greedy desire or pure sex, or turn it decadent occupies under a microcosm of The Times seems to be whitewashed almost right again.Episode of "Abe" showa eleven years (1936) in February, the young officers who plot of "the second, matters incident" to assassinate the three important characters such as saito, an uproar, soon, the war in east Asia to the Pacific war, Japan completely manipulated in Japanese militarism shadow and hyperactive, fear of impending war with the dim dim concluded to the life of the mood and the hesitation of humanity, Abe set as pure sex in the taoyuan in war, in love, with life style, has attracted heart-collision, appear even the topic of "the pure lies in decadent" article, daming god to transform her as human nature.

    This is oshima "sense world" conception, Japan in 1936, killing half of distortion in the environment of war wanders staggered is weaving the almost simultaneous harmonious escape war rewelding sympathy.There is quite a British cynics flow rhyme.

    "Abe" event to the movie "sense world"

    In 1939, the Japanese tried to ban male genitals worship the old custom.Is a narrow and people can say that male stubborn understanding, for the worship of men's root is very enthusiasm, precisely reflects the status in the history of Japanese bushido spirit.

    People shoulder the huge wooden phallus revelers parade in the streets, so "Abe" event is the epitome of Japanese culture, and social psychology of mapping.Hidden by hanging, Abe will he carry on under the male root cutting of wandering in the streets of Tokyo.

    From the script for the senses to the world may not in detail, will be loyal to the "Abe" event, but he is with such a real events play him in the aspect of consciousness to convey information.

    Since 1936 has been more than half a century on, from watanabe's "paradise lost" koizumi chose 1998 XuanYan renovation "Abe" this theme can see Japanese culture enthusiasm for the event itself, but also only oshima dare so explicit in front of the camera to the real origin of traceability.

    The sensory world, men hidden sexual psychology of mining

    Described in the tale of genji "the light source's Oedipus complex and the distortion of the theory of sexual consciousness, he and many concubines of mi chaos entanglements between the lover, and 60 years old woman source in waits the peace is completely out of curiosity, watanabe in evaluation" genji "koizumi said he pursues the object is not perfect, and his heart there is a considerable distance between the ideal female, often makes his state of mind in anxiety, disappointment and frustration.He did have mental and physical relationship with many women, but only to satisfy the curiosity of the moment.

    , hidden in the sensory world is similar guang-yuan yu's tragic figure, he imbroglio around with many women, including her bun with silver hair, a sixty-eight - year - old

    geisha, he got up on one side seriously jealous Abe DingShui: she reminds me of my mother died a long time, she was dead for a long time...

    Oshima in the processing, the plot is very harshly when the randomness of auspicious to hide, from the department set up he would not hesitate to pounce on another woman, there is no any aesthetic meaning to complete a new round of pay and.But when hesitantly at the edge of the town looked at and the penetration into the column, the Japanese army, with trepidation.

    Ji hide and Abe met and relationship development seems to be logical to that of a food shop owner and have families of their own being geisha, followed by long period of sexual activity.And in sensory stimulation to not return to deeper, torture and abuse, lens on several knives and Abe seemingly unaware of penis cut joke is also indicated at the back of the plot.

    The sensory world, female elegy

    Women who hate most?- iron to a magnet said: I hate you, you attract me, but don't have enough strength can make I attached to you.

    "Man" of happiness is "I want to," a woman's happiness is "he".Abe on does not meet the hidden in the emotional perfunctory, intolerable, hidden overstepping other people and other women's sex, jealous of flame and a strong possessive love...Oshima in dealing with key figures related to the plot of Abe when men and women of joy to create lifelike scene and real, followed in the absence of auspicious hidden space are very lonely be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.

    Will come hard of give up love affair, and then in sex after her love hid in kyrgyzstan and the jealousy and the desire of possession, psychology is in the process of this development constantly looking for can let love natural outlet, so behind the cruel killing half way is natural.

    When a woman in love, let the men are afraid of her, so, she would make any sacrifice, and all the rest as nothing.

    When a woman at the time of hate, let men are afraid of her, because a man's heart is not a woman at the time of hate, but that a woman's heart is every base.

    Nietzsche in to love to a woman's love, hate such down, Abe set by love to love, more interpretations of the supreme state of the love in her way and exclusivity, seen by the cruelty of love to hate.Showa eleven years, Japan is in the important turning point in world war ii, the Japanese militarism thought and predatory expansion, the Japanese also suffered from the war, the domestic economic depression and the war's influence on the society and people's livelihood, small and medium-sized practitioners go bankrupt, a large number of men were sent on the battlefield, women become a victim under the influence of the war.

    Prostitutes in "hometown", the panoramic view from the other side shows the war under the women's lives, also Abe is also at the time of the product of the political context, but she with hidden in the shadow of war still extremely pure and simple, a different number, sexual pleasure like a spirit of religious generally become the discharge depressed, at least, hidden in the very great degree is the nation's hesitation, and Abe on tragedy is forgiveness, release to get legal public debate is inevitable, but the public's understanding of her exactly reflect the Japanese domestic thirst for the love of exclusive longing for the return of human nature, desire war machine rolls and militarism behind not devoid of humanity.

    "Sensory world" narrative of the script

    The film narrative is single-threaded, similar documentary quality film is actually don't need too much narrative techniques, from the start of the scene images will simply switch to Abe, did not have any Abe told of the background to the case, then the Abe

    and another assistant peeping hidden boss sex with his wife, the advent of ji hide is straightforward.

    Director through the streets of the old beggar with Abe on sex trafficking, smooth confessed Abe career - a prostitute before the clerk.

    Also with the aid of auspicious to hide a few simple discussion between action and the clerk confessed he is expert at a hooking up.

    Personally, I think this break off both ends of the narrative, is to break the event itself narration of encumbrance, oshima in most of the removal of the male root in the extinction of "set" decisive end of the film, and chose XuanYan senses new times is at the end of a figure portrait lens description of how the average woman, from the human shock extent oshima processing is reasonable, and emphasizes the time limitation of chose XuanYan to appear strong enough.

    The sensory world language

    Oshima is Allen ray is in many ways the film value - is the pure art.Actors may not need too superb acting, the lens language don't need too much technology to carve, so he called the Japanese film, leader of the world's new wave.

    "Sense world" in the lens cutting and viewing Angle is not consummate, but are non-technical do lens on performance documentary subjects and has a strong artistic tension.As sex between men and women in general, increase a deep breath and jagged seems to belongs to ordinary people.

    The era of the sensory world limitations

    Admire oshima's courage and determination, but the movie fenqing largely is vulgar.The 1978 in the United States, Japan, under the control and influence of the

    economic recovery is growing with the rise of nationalism.Japanese culture toward the American social values in the blind.

    Art, language, politics, and even religious are under a lot of tests, the main body of human nature as a manic French film get touting American cultural industry.For French films become lifted movie in the position of the taboo vigorous stage in France.

    Oshima stressed when I was in the film casting actors to real sex to deduce, lens language and its composition were largely European film aesthetics and techniques of the same period, metz los film traces can also be seen so straightforward and exaggerated.

    The world within the scope of the film culture ideological trend from now, it seems, and there are narrow and paranoid.But now the trend is still largely affects the director of male and female theme movie grasping and camera exposure and the plot of the story.

    Japanese film in the whole Asia is heterogeneous, is under the Oriental faces often tinkering with the values of the United States.Oriental culture is largely mere props, Asia director, the best way to communicate with Europe and North America movie is subject, at least in this respect is common human, do not need any language to comment.

    The sensory world there is a deep sorrow mood, let a person in a perverse desire love space Epiphany, psychological staggered contradiction between men and women develop mental notes.

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