Wearable devices way out,how to design and technology perfect fusion

By Monica Wagner,2015-02-11 11:09
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Wearable devices way out,how to design and technology perfect fusion

    Wearable devices way out: how to design

    and technology perfect fusion

    IDC's latest data, in the third quarter of this year global wearable equipment sales rose 200%, total shipments to 21 million, although the wearable device overall popularization speed is slow, but still in rapid growth.Apple released this year Apple Watch, has become the world's second largest wearable equipment manufacturers, with 3.9 million shipments take 18.6% of the share.Is the number one cause of Fitbit, intelligent bracelet is still the first big market, but market share have been signs of apple away.

    Wearable intelligent equipment market is still in the early development, fierce competition between manufacturers, while Chinese manufacturers, taking advantage of the early accumulation of capture a

    significant portion of the market share and become a wearable domain of the fastest growing market in China, from IDC's latest data show that in the third quarter of this year global wearable equipment sales ranking, millet and, third, fifth BBK, so to speak, wearable devices in China is developing very rapidly, in the short term is showing no sign of slowing down, according to IDC predicts that by 2019, global shipments of wearable equipment will soar to 126 million.

    The rapid growth of the market But it is still a niche market

    In sensing founder of iot Yang Jianyong view, although the wearable device already has a significant impact on the Internet of things market, growing fast, but is still a niche market, far into the public daily consumer electronics products, consumers are still struggling to find wearable intelligent device of practical value.Wearable device is a kind of high visibility of the product, need to blur the line between fashion and science and technology, whether worn on the wrist, the head or other parts, consumers want wearable equipment can completely fused with their own style, Apple Watch welcomed by men and women doubt is the best example.

    Wearable device design and the perfect combination of science and technology

    Will tell from fashion, cool and fuzzy boundaries of science and technology, Apple's Watch is a good example of the sensing founder of

    iot Yang Jianyong view, Apple Watch popular with the men and women, namely all wear so natural, fashion and the boundaries of science and technology perfect fusion.Highlighted by function such as Apple Apple Watch, so Apple watches now certainly cannot achievement, for Apple, is a new product has entered the global ranked second, wearable devices bring billions of dollars of business, has been very successful.Apple Apple Watch fashion and the combination of science and technology, I will no longer wordy, information about Apple Watch too much, will not repeat the Apple Watch, considering that China is the world's wearable devices, the most important market and millet, BBK also entered the top five in the world, the success of millet has two aspects, one is hand ring tool, as I mentioned in an article, a simple, single function, is the most popular products.Second, the marketing strategy of millet.

    Wearable devices has been developing rapidly in China, there are a large number of domestic innovative entrepreneurial teams wearable, intelligent equipment, bracelets, watches, glasses, etc. All kinds of entrepreneurial teams.Said the glasses and had to ask Google glasses, is a direct pull up Google glasses wearable intelligent device heat, for market, Google glasses is a failure product, function is too strong, for the mass consumers, no need, of course, from the Google Glass to launch at the beginning, Google can't locate it for commercial products of the company.If Google glasses, all existing rumors, Google glasses will

    restart, according to the U.S. patent and trademark office, according to the latest information on Google glasses may return to the market in the form of a monocle.

    Mention glasses, let domestic a glasses, by otto technology to create "cool", absorbing the experience of Google glasses to locate the main tide cool fashionable gens, fashion sense is very strong in the Design, sensing founder of iot Yang Jianyong learned that "cool" is which adopt international famous Frog Design team, in the previous article, I have a point: if you want to enter the wearable devices, choose their good at areas, rather than doing a powerful hardware, positioning in the young fashionable gens, products from the Design will be cool, cool, designers and developers to keep efficient interaction, focus, to cultivate the personality of brand culture."Cool" in the team to the maximum, at least in the national team, I had not seen, if you have better, please introduce me.

    Wearing a "cool" cool is cool

    Worn worn equipment intellectualization, itself is the traditional equipment, watches, rings or clothes, we take its intelligent, if consumer groups is the public, then do not need to emphasize function superposition and main young fashion, cool, then do brand guide in this direction.Now wearable device heat degree, the surface scenery, the actual days is difficult, most in order to improve the difficult situation, product launch, sales, spell price, spell hardware, making smartphones that play, but in fact, at this stage wearable devices or niche markets, even to fight the price again, also does quantity, the last cycle, don't rule out the possibility that the industry martyrs.

    Glasses, for example, is a traditional device, it must be a conform to the consumer oneself glasses, taste perfect fusion device with its own style.As an intelligent device, the premise to fuzzy design with the

    boundaries of science and technology, naturally, is very perfect fusion of science and technology, promoting the value of traditional equipment after the intelligent.Like as Google glasses kept insisting glasses how cow force function, so can only be engineering machine, consumers do not necessarily buy of the masses.Talked about the "cool", first, through new, cool, cool into science and technology, photography, and virtual reality or other valuable services, according to the figure technology CEO ye shuai (leaves the morning is too handsome, habits of his ye shuai for short) is introduced, spent two years to find "cool" killer app, "thousand eyes plan", live everyone's eyes.Sensing founder of iot Yang Jianyong said: after all for trendy young people wear equipment priority look tall, with armed. To perfect fusion, again through its function, the cool a higher level, the same cool, through science and technology to promote their own cool a hierarchy, want is this effect.Ye shuai itself cool gens, is said to jump down from space, the combination of science and technology to be cool, isn't it cool?

    Compared to other hardware innovation team, whether bracelet or watch, especially children watch, smartphones that set of play, the road is actually is not long, spelling a hardware spell price in niche markets, and its difficult, through the accumulation of product brand culture is a very good choice, another team at home soil, smart watches, through a variety of sports such as basketball, soccer, through the graphic way to

    shape the brand value.In the smart hardware layout, itself is accumulation stage, far not outbreak of mass consumer market, should focus on the future, the layout in the long run, rather than how much money now.Same investment institutions, the layout of the intelligent hardware itself is layout, no hurry at that time the sales, the core is the team to create a true from design and technology perfect combination of technology wearable devices, only in this way in the future have a chance.

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