Luc besson film Joan of arc, film and television

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Luc besson film Joan of arc, film and television

    Luc besson film Joan of arc, film and television

    At noon yesterday, literally put just bought "Joan of arc", the film nearly three hours, 1999 films, luc besson - director.The secretary make me deeply infatuated with, even the later on the way to work in the subway a nap in the dream.But if no one mentioned, the film's narrative can be divided into trilogy.

    The first part mainly constructs the deity of Joan of arc, from Joan hours until by lu.Joan childhood love of god, and later many miracles happened to her, and she see French king Charlie in the name of god's messengers, until the led the French victory in the first battle, and finally by the British army retreated, recover of Orleans, to reflect its divinity.As a result, the various rendering means without film.Her young slightly KuQiang, hoarse voice, not only with the French army, also very convincingly let people believe that she really is the angel of god.In this section, believes that many people have for their sacred image of tears, even can't wait to convert to god.

    Since Joan, however, was arrested in that confession to her next x representive (she can't read, this is equivalent to writing, film, a pair of previous builds the divinity of Joan of arc of deconstruction, subversion.Joan no longer heard god's call, see god's "apparition", for the change of the old man in black, is a (should be the embodiment of satan).This is the second part of the film narrative.Judged and man in black in the Vatican under torture, Joan will gradually collapse, the last even oneself all doubt about

    the justice of their actions.Most segments of deconstruction of color, one is the black man remind her of what she called a sign, is likely to have multiple logical reasons, she chose god arise only one (at the time of dialogue, may occur by switching the various possibilities of shots, highly ironic effect).Man in black, 2 it is, to remind her, she is calling on the battlefield, fighting with her name, not in god's name.In the dialogue with the devil, as Joan of arc image began to fade, replaced by a may be suffering from schizophrenia disorders, has the perniciousness of arc.When Joan was a little girl, and she witnessed a most irritating to her tragedy, her sister stabbed to death by the British and rape.This experience can be used to explain why Joan later fervently believe in yourself is the angel of god sent to help eliminate the great British.Of course, this is implied by the film.This part of the narrative, the power of interpretation on this side of satan.Camera at that time let me think, if Joan deceived by satan into the image of god and become the first part (can be read as crazy, bloodthirsty, unreasonable), is also not impossible.So, the image of Joan of arc was the messenger of satan.

    The third part of the narrative, is Joan sign after the station was the fire burned in the execution stage.Here, Joan restored faith in god, but also become a mortal, has the compassion, pain, human human beliefs, etc.This is also the secular interpretation of Joan of arc.Note that this image of the stage started early, she climbed the wall by arrow fell, was badly hurt (how could god angel injured?;She predicted that will win the city before dusk, the results predicted failure;Attacked more than Paris - troops on the ground surface is less, the result was a result of French king to negotiate.However, if she is an angel of god, should not a single soldier can win.The implication in all this, to explain behavior of Joan of arc and a variety of possibility.Joan of arc was finally here is no longer an angel of god, nor the embodiment of satan, but a foreign invasion, was shame and angry relatives of ordinary people.Of course, or a female warrior with extraordinary will.When the French after losing, it's too need a leader have the perseverance to lead them to win a victory.At the same time, in that s, there is no better than in god's name can stimulate people's sense of justice and the will to fight.Joan is the need to cater to the history, even if she was less than 20 years old.

    In the end, we can piece together a complete image of Joan of arc: she is full of love to god, who has experienced a profound change, she compare with passion, awaken the French resistance to fight for the British.So, she is still a Joan of arc.When she will die, her body suffered agonies of fire and distorted, her soul is strong, she saw the light of god's eyes.Luc - BeiSongShui: "I like the end of the movie. Joan learned after suffering the fate of the fleet, but her to accept fate, can let us learn a lot from it. Five hundred years, the image by using the composition of the majority of Joan of arc, so I want to let her return by independent identity."By divine - ones - humanity trilogy, luc besson - completed the image restoration project of Joan of arc.

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