Secret agent standard 007 equipment, mission impossible brute force, Sheldon's brain

By Doris Wilson,2015-02-09 03:01
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Secret agent standard 007 equipment, mission impossible brute force, Sheldon's brain

    Secret agent standard: 007 equipment, mission: impossible brute force, Sheldon's


     If not sleeping with Madonna,

    guy Ritchie this can be done like

    Christopher Nolan, department

    of high-quality goods.Until the

    "secret agent", the audience

    surprised to find that, the British

    rascal will tell a story, with his

    postmodernism is back!

    Secret agents, it seems, are

    still not cult films, because the

    spy movies, there doesn't seem to be, way of doing things can actually make agents to regain the long-lost IQ - the original agents in addition to 007 equipment, : courage and boldness, also have Sheldon's brain!

    The secret agent based on a TV series, 60 s a standard double male master, patriarchal TV drama to an extreme.Almost from it to then, enduring series in 007, women have become a piece of the vase, I have one or two ZhaShi.But the secret agents apparently tampered with the

    classic set, here on the guy Ritchie, women became the main characters finally turn.

    This is the charm of the film - continuously break the routine.When suits superman agents, find the vocal garage kid sister, pure audience think that this is only a game agent of witness protection, perhaps they could wipe out a little during the spark of love, never expected, guy Ritchie stand out: nonono!I'm not a soup, don't take such a simple and crude single plot of the story!

    Until the fight ethnic agents appearance, superman's agents and combat ethnicGuild warsHeight, thought to duke it out, guy Ritchie jumped out again: in the gay love world, there is no double male Lord of the British empire how to live?!Then originally against U.S. and Russian agents, for the first time on the united front.

    Until the end, I thought they would successfully rescued professor, won't produce any moth.Guy Ritchie third time give you a surprise - previously protected girl hostage, unexpectedly is my big corrupt countries already arranged some garage etc. Your agent!Oh my god, all tied to the three countries of the United States, Russia, Britain spy "secret agent", simply changing his name to "three kingdoms" is more appropriate?!

    Even if the story to the end, happy is not so easily dog, because retained a copy, from opposite to superman and combat national alliance, then stood opposite.

    Hugh grant, claiming the film until the gay to his bones to sequel, attentive audience discovered - this year's best spy film was born!Whether 007 or impossible, even at the beginning of the yearaceRheological agent, by contrast, technology has become dirty, get fresh adventure into didn't mind not happy, British yuppie moaning whinge-bags.

    The film's advantage is that the more clues to the narrative of the story, makes the movie feel stronger in the process, is no longer passively accept movies to satisfy your curiosity, but to actively participate in the construction of the plot.At the same time, each

    character set is so rich and stereo, so that the garage kid sister didn't superman's agent, and you won't feel as a fighting nation do not understand.Because each character is IQ online at any time, they more than whose strength is not big, but who have higher emotional intelligence that can be rolled over each other.

    Even the black widow villain after just slept superman agent yesterday, today he can for his malicious miserably, adopting Nazi happy shock therapy.The level of intelligence and she nearly equal in The Three Kingdoms kill agent team, so that if it is not the final superman pre-emptive, black widow vanishes.So this is a rare did villain IQ was flat, almost touching!

    Ps: when irritability constitution national agents, in the lake with the bite not to put the minions to spell out of time.Eating a sandwich superman service in truck with whisky.So the film tells the audience a simple plain sense - the agent is not physical, but the mind.

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