- amelie - the film language

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- amelie - the film language

    - amelie - the film language

    Film language is a direct appeal to the audience's audio-visual

    senses, with intuitive, concrete, vivid image to convey the meaning of the art language, has strong artistic appeal.Screen images are the basic elements of film language, to participate in the screen image created by performing, scene, lighting, colour, cosmetic, clothing and so on all the movies that make up the special vocabulary plays an important role.By the movement of the camera and lens set (clips) montage not only formed the film image produced by the composition of the law, and perfect the unique grammatical rhetoric law of film language.Accused, acoustics, music on their own, and new method for montage montage "sound" and "sound montage", enrich the film language.- from Google

    Who is not fantasy, from young to old?Meet in real life, meet all fantasy can help you.In the analysis of the in the mind has a high one word: defense mechanism.Refers to the people used to keep themselves in the face of true feelings and thoughts of good solution.It is said that there are 101 species, in which 101 kinds of defense mechanism, there is a burning its China, yi yi is unripe brightness of defense mechanism is called a fantasy.

    "Amelie" was translated into "Emily's vision to the world", tells a angelic every fall of a young girl, live entirely in the world of his imagination, will throb and deep inner longings into elegantly picture scroll, of course, also bring some harmless little trick.Campaign fantasy is a major highlight of the film, and these little odd fantasy reminds all buried in the bottom of my heart sees the tong zhen.Film's appeal lies in the audience to appear in the film the smallest details of infinite.And the highlight of the film is that he USES the accused and screen images of both direct and indirect language combination of the campaign to show the world in front of the audience.The vivid images and strong appeal is my unprecedented experience.

    At 3 "on September 3, 1973, 28 minutes and 32 seconds, a wings 14670 times a minute of California Reid li flies stopped in Montmartre st every street, at the same time, a nearby restaurant open, the wind like a magic drilling under the table cloth, no one found dancing glass, the

    same time in figure 5 / f, 28 single avenue, district 9, his friend Amy's funeral was over, Eugene will delete the contact book name Amy, at the same time, a sperm with the X chromosome, emerge from Mr Brown's many sperm, to rush to Mrs Brown eggs... nine months later, Emily persistency brown" this is the beginning of the film, four montage lens will be the same time but disconnected events together, bouncing touch of light rhythm of the accused and the picture.Until finally leads to the hero: the campaign.There are many places like this in the film plot, it doesn't matter of small details, extremely delicate dreamy atmosphere in the film to render.

    Campaign of childhood is lonely, lonely to pass the day she can only let the imagination run free.In this fantasy world, "LP to make like crepe", "in a coma for several months of neighbor Mrs, actually already determined to a light in my life all the sleep time, whether by day or night don't have to go to sleep later."These wonderful imagination to describe in words or language are extremely pale and weak, and the screen image as the most basic elements of film language, through a variety of fresh picture image creation, endowed with other forms of art can give strong appeal.

    Campaign prank elements is an important part in the film character, a neighbor with her innocent ignorance cheated her, know the truth after she was determined to revenge.Throughout the whole of the accused

    did not add one word to describe here, there is no dialogue between characters, all by campaign between neighbors and cuts to continue the development of the plot, she get back at him while he was watching the football match - by listening to the radio, every goal of critical moment neighbor's antenna, and repeat.Pull the antenna at the moment, the lens to become a full screen snowflakes television screen, at the same time, the lens also go on the rampage in shear each other between neighbors and revenge deep campaign, several consecutive montage will be a "zhi dou neighbor" carefree, so cute.

    First watching the film, in addition to deeply drawn to this as fairy girl, I found it's very hard to terse said understand how said in a story, the film but I was different to remember that almost all the characters in the film, not is the leading role is the role of them men and women, without that, there are those throughout the whole of the scene or the role of small details, seemingly anodyne, want to come with.The same is

    indispensable, pleasure.

    Such as the emergence of the other characters, the movie gives everyone the different characteristics of extremely interesting.

    Have illusion with cheese, she doesn't like others said to her, may god bless your children.

    Campaign colleague Gina, like the depression of bone.

    Frustrated in the writer's wave, like watching television by the horn puncture the amazing pictures.

    Malicious Joseph, zina dump jealous boyfriend, only like squeeze broken plastic bubble film.


    Will the be fond of of the above figures in black and white film to show, different characters of different personalities to point the way show the dripping delicate below.The sound of bones, joints and crowded broken plastic bubble noise and bullfight funny music here to form a sound montage.Enrich the film language of the film.

    And the people seemingly casual name is also necessary to continue to develop film, the story is in insipid in layman, until the turning point - died in car crash which killed Diana.Unexpected campaign to be changed, the fate of the turning point was the director gives great dramatic, accused of foil for a long time is the death of Diana is leading all guess

    what effect it brings to the campaign, the shock campaign accidentally drops his hand in the lid, tumble perfume bottle cap for the campaign opened the door to a happy life, this is the real turning point!The accused, as directly in the sense of language, in the movie showed great strength, it from the start, from the subjective perspective to guide the audience, the audience think step by step according to layman's point of view of speculation, and the moment when the truth was revealed, speculation was overthrown and cause excitement and course an Epiphany can yet be regarded as the most significant aspect of the film is so.

    "Only the first enter the pharaoh mausoleum explorer to understand campaign at the moment of mood!"She found some forty years ago boy carefully there's a treasure buried in the bathroom.She was determined to find the owner of the box, if he was deeply moved, she decided to rescue, change the fate of others.

    By the end of the story is that she not only changed the fate of others, she should also be the fate of the change.

    Films and many other little, little detail, and even small objects are an integral part of the film.To appropriately every specific plot, but not a bit awkward.This should be attributed to the directors at the outset do seem tedious but meaningful.

    Campaign for the first time to visit Mr "glass", the information are used to record exit time of a camera, but it is this camera become campaign important channel to communicate with Mr Glass.Such as these, there are numerous.

    "Now it is 11 a.m. on September 28, 1997, in the playground ghost car near the playground, cotton candy machine still beat the cotton candy. At this point, the garden in the Philippines in Wisconsin, ray bill found that the number of nerve endings in the people brains is number more than the universe. In the sacred heart monastery, the nuns are practicing a backhand. The temperature is 24 degrees centigrade, atmospheric pressure 99900 mpa." at the end of the accused in the film, as start, irrelevant but with this unique fantasy film tone fitting.And by watching a line, the accused person is like a free like a hollow man wandering in the movie, easily introduce the audience to various characters, jumping in different events, leads the audience to participate in the development of the whole story.

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