Completely change 10 exciting high-tech materials in the future

By Warren Morris,2015-02-08 00:41
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Completely change 10 exciting high-tech materials in the future

    Completely change 10 exciting high-tech

    materials in the future

    1 Ten high-tech materials

    A laptopMore and more light thanks to the escalating manufacturing materials, carbon fiber, super light alloy.However, there are more people want to accomplish the digital equipment is restricted to the current material, but scientists did not stop exploring, there are a variety of new material is constantly being created.Foreign media has accounted for 10 exciting high-tech materials, they might as well let's hope the future will bring us life how surprising changes:

    1. The Liquid metal

    Liquid metal

    Remember the movie terminator 2 T1000 liquid metal robots?Yes, this material has high strength, super plasticity has been the common sense of science and technology widely attention, includingappleThe company.It is reported that apple is considering the use of liquid metal to make the iWatch smart watch or the future, this is not out of thin air, because the iPhone 3 gs SIM card pin, is made of this material.

    2. Graphene


    Graphene is currently the most hard, and you can imagine the thinnest of new materials, its application in the field of computer transistors can achieve better performance and battery life.Break it down, can obtain a transparent light material, to adapt to a wide range, including fabric and computer equipment.

    3. The Willow glass

    Willow glass

    Willow is developed by famous corning glass, is following the Gorilla glass, is likely to be the material of application in electronic equipment.It not only thin, also has excellent toughness, can be bent into any shape, this means that in the futureA smart

    phoneIs likely to have more forms, rather than the current "bricks" unified design.

    4. The flexible OLED screen

    Flexible OLED screen

    Flexible OLED screen is a new kind of material we have can actually come into contact with,samsungandLGHave introduced surface of OLED TV screen, shows the future development direction of electronic equipment for us, believe that soon this technology will be applied on smart phones and other products.

    5. Starlite new plastic

    Starlite new plastic

    Starlite is a new kind of plastic material, able to withstand high quantity of heat, can be molded into any form of the object.Although at present the technology is not commercial, but France west music (the world's leading plastic packaging business) has said the upcoming using Starlite bottom material of plastic, can absorb more impact.If the technology can be popularized as soon as possible, and 3 d printing to cooperate with each other, will be astonishing.

    2 high-tech materials or will change the future

    6.Nano cellulose

    Nano cellulose

    Nano cellulose sounds some abstract, but in fact it is also one of the highest strength of material in the currently known to man.Not only that, but it also has the characteristics of light weight, easy to conductive bending can be used to make batteries and even body armor.If the phone battery in this material, the design will be more flexible, and will not pollute the environment, because it is essentially a wood pulp, very easy to recycle.

    7. Metal Foam

    Metal foam

    As the name of the mentioned, metal foam has a porous structure, contains a lot of gas filling gaps, so in the guarantee of high strength at the same time, also very light in weight.This material can be used in prosthetic limbs bone joints, also suitable for use as automobile shock absorber.

    8. Biological plastic

    Biological plastic

    In fact, bioplastics has existed for some time, the Japanese manufacturersNECUse it to make a phone, but did not become the mainstream, because biological plastic derived from natural environment, such as vegetable oils, such as cellulose, the manufacturing cost is higher.But as time goes on, the current

    European bioplastics market has 20% of the share is growing every year, the environmental health of materials is more suitable for electronic equipment.

    9. Nano point and perovskite

    Nano dots and perovskite

    Solar panels collect efficiency has been very low, and the nanometer point could improve the situation, because it is much more thin.In addition, the perovskite is better solar battery raw material, the cost is much lower, than the panels and better performance.

    10. Electronic Skin (E - Skin)

    Electronic skin

    E - skin as a kind of skin texture, with plastic thin film transistor, organic leds and pressure distribution in each pixel sensor, can be applied in many fields, such as the touch-sensitive controller, touch screen and so on, have a good touch feeling, closer to the skin is also very suitable for wearable intelligent device.

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