Vc with the Internet finance only P2P and investment value

By Judith Taylor,2015-02-06 01:34
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Vc with the Internet finance only P2P and investment value

    Vc with the Internet finance: only P2P and

    investment value

    Everybody announced a $130 million loan, led letter to zhi capital.Critics think that this is the symbol of the VC a lot into the P2P industry events, also some people think that this is the Internet a financial bubble.Simple practical discussion that there is no point in having a more than $one hundred million, only put the P2P network is borrowed in June 2013 by the balance in the treasure to set off a wave of Internet financial, to figure out why the VC cast money into the P2P network, and why they can only to the P2P network.

    Everyone was established in May 2010, even so is big brother of the birth of appropriate letter later than in 2006 for 4 years.That is to say, the concept of P2P already by the startup practice for many years, no new phenomenon on the Internet after the wave of financial.

    For the P2P network credit companies, financial and the Internet which is the ultimate, which is a tool?Clearly emphasize financing and financial risk control is fundamental, the Internet is just in order to achieve the purpose of financial tools, even when no Internet can use telephone, fax, little roadside advertising to attract users, is nothing but lower efficiency, and the coverage of a little bit small, does not exist in the law of large Numbers of the Internet can spread risk immediately.All loans also said that this round of funding will be used for internal operations, talents to build and strengthen risk control ability.

    So, VC $130 million and the subsequent rolling in money, is a burgeoning Internet financial, not and regulatory policy game years of loan or guarantee company.The core of the problem is that because though Internet financial balance treasure to stardom, but connotation is very fuzzy, looks and money of course things can calculate the Internet financial, but can make the field of VC laid hands on him is very less.

    Internet financial model, respectively is: six big balance mode, the third-party payment treasure, ali small loan mode, the suggests, Internet

    currency, P2P lending patterns.Let us once upon a time, in turn, look back.Need special attention is, VC investment field does not need to stand to earn money, but need to go to one hundred times the explosion, otherwise he will lose the high cost of capital.

    First is the balance Po pattern, the most prosperous is stuck, but VC how to intervene?Celestica fund has gone through the roof, but if not buy on alibaba, left the alipay celestica fund what also not.In addition, do keep up with in the field of financial management are baidu, netease that pay more money subsidies income of the local tyrants, small firms are unlikely to grow rapidly.

    The second is the third party payment.By the same token, there must be a future, but this is the battlefield of alipay, wallet and WeChat pay, not VC stepped in to support small businesses.If it can predict the two big pay under a battlefield where investment quick and click the small area is very promising.

    The third is ali small model.This is the basis of large data, must be in the field of electricity has a profound accumulation to play up.In addition to ali, do this line also jingdong - obviously this is not the VC can throw a small company.

    The fourth is the suggests.Because our country policy restriction, the total number of shareholders have limitations, so this model is illegal in China.Only the raise is equity, can calculate the Internet finance.So call time and the raise of the website is not essentially the suggests, but pre small creative product, the product of the raise is often can have in taobao buy a finished product.

    The fifth is the currency of the Internet.Represented by the currency of the people's bank of Internet currency had been broken mind, don't admit it is not only money, more do not allow the payment institutions such as Banks and third-party payment to support the currency trading.Therefore, the half underground industry VC also play up.

    Internet financial model has been counted out five, six, apparently, wants to seize the Internet financial the tuyere, VC can only P2P network credit investment.Even better, belong to the industry policy relatively uncertain but is expected to gradually open field.

    Although the appropriate letter, loans, everyone has done enterprise for many years, across the country, small loan companies, guarantee companies also blossom everywhere, but large financial institutions still don't want to rush in and Internet giant.And P2P network in large financial institutions lending capacity only Liu Jin of ping an group, commercial Banks and small micro are not involved in ali, no significant

    advantage in the market leader, in the phase of many small companies and pack up.Oh my god, what is more suitable than this VC investment field?If you don't catch a P2P network, the Internet can do financial winds stopped.

    So, let's go back to the beginning, $130 million investment in P2P network is credit bubble?The answer is, this is not important.As fast in the ground and bleep, their goal is clearly not a taxi this market segment, but behind giant attempt to occupy the mobile payment market.In the same way, even if a P2P network to borrow areas have bubble how can?

    As long as the Internet financial boom don't fever, VC money can capture only the P2P network.As bearing the weight of the P2P network of Internet financial dream, as long as you can easily find willing to take on $130 million may be too cheap?

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