Detailed explanation on the non Microsoft Windows Phone 8

By Amanda Ford,2015-02-04 22:56
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Detailed explanation on the non Microsoft Windows Phone 8

    Detailed explanation on the non Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 part of the new features

    On today's MWC, Microsoft is not yet ready to commentary "Windows Phone 8.1", but they are explained in detail some of its new features.The update will be launched in the spring of this year, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore says the company will be "technical" 8 equipment support all of the Windows Phone now.But the current still don't know whether operators will allow all mobile Phone to upgrade to the Windows Phone 8.1 update.This with the Windows Phone 7 8 different upgrading to Windows Phone, at the beginning of the existing

    equipment can be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5, but you can't upgrade to version 8.0.

    The change of the hardware designed to attract more Android phone makers

    Although Microsoft currently just said would launch in the spring of Windows Phone update, but Belfiore also spent some time to reveal the current ongoing improvements.Microsoft will support virtual buttons in a Windows Phone 8.1, at the same time support the Snapdragon 200, 400 and 400 LTE new processors, etc.These changes will be able to better development momentum ", at the same time can keep the cell Phone manufacturers to use their Android phones. Microsoft for Windows Phone update also including support for spring store application, in the microSD card allows handset makers create run only 512 MB of memory and 4 gb of physical storage space low-end equipment.

    Windows Phone 8.1 other significant changes include support dual SIM card.Microsoft said it will have a very good experience of dual SIM card, and on the Windows Phone 8.1 each SIM can have the activity of the corresponding to the magnet, can be directly on the start screen.Although support dual SIM card is not widely used in high-end

    smartphones, but Microsoft's move is clearly aimed at emerging markets and change, where the dual SIM card is an important feature.In addition to the support of the dual SIM card, Microsoft also revealed that the new hardware requirements will help more Windows Phone, new OEM development.Microsoft is via a web-basedHardware partners portalTo help the small manufacturers, retailers, and operators to create a low price low configuration of Windows Phone.These has always been the Android play a leading role, so it is also clear that Microsoft's intention through the low-end equipment sales to suggesting Windows Phone sales.

    New hardware partners

    In addition to the change of the hardware, Microsoft also announced the Windows Phone briefly new hardware partners.Fujitsu, HTC, huawei, ISR, Indian handset makers Karbonn, when, nokia, samsung, lenovo, LG, zte and Xolo will develop new equipment, but it is unclear how much new equipment in the near future the market will appear.Specially responsible for Microsoft's OEM Nick Parker said the mobile phone manufacturer has issued new equipment in the future, but "we don't intend to in today released any new device".

    Microsoft until now no more detailed introduction to Windows Phone 8.1, and even did not publish official named after the update.And

they mainly today announced that its mobile phone system change at

the top of the hardware, and plans to Build in April developers

conference all about new features and changes.

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