2012 review before destruction without regret

By Sarah Butler,2015-02-04 22:53
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2012 review before destruction without regret

    "2012" review: before destruction without regret

     Mayan prophecy: "on December 21, 2012, after the darkness, never come on the 22nd of December dawn."

     As early as 3 years ago to invest more than $200 million on global devastating disaster film which is based on the prediction under the background of shocked fans around the world.Mainland China also grab the high box office of 470 million yuan.As soon as bait to the audience.

    The film in the legendary "doomsday" released 3 d version before date of arrival.Think about it, in the cinema is surrounded by water and magmatic feeling

    "2012" is a disaster movie about the end of the world, it tells the end of the world in 2012, the protagonist is struggling.In the movie, almost all the disaster in the history of the cinema: focus on floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, lava, a large number of embodies the symbol of human civilization building like tofu is the force of the natural ground, is almost can imagine the limits of human disaster.While the film is the most impressive in Los Angeles.The whole city is like the Titanic fracture first, then tilt, finally sinking into the Pacific.As well as flood across the snowy mountains of Tibet, flooded the world's highest temple.

     Let a person feel surprise "2012," the beginning of the film shows before the end of the world, countries suffer disaster scenarios, in which part of the earthquake had been taken from the wenchuan earthquake in China.The original director emmerich has been focused on the wenchuan

    earthquake relief, and deeply shaken by countless touching story of disaster relief, and it is also a face emmerich choice by China to deduce the plot of "2012" earthquake.

    The film from the characters, the story design, site view for all feel good, from the special "2012" film production effect is shocked, visual effect is good.3 d technology will be the end of the world's scene painting lifelike, aircraft from the rift, the collapse of the approximately shuttle, car speeding in the eruption of volcano "bullets", the protagonist has just run through the ground collapse collapse.This just know $200 million production costs are not covered.

     Often focused on disaster movie fans might think "2012," a hodgepodge of feeling...The Los Angeles earthquake "in the earthquake, the volcano" breaks ", "sea haeundae" of the tsunami, the sinking of Titanic, "the day after tomorrow" ice and snow, all disaster movies shot Hollywood ever present in "2012", it seemed that disaster film

    "packaged" but rarely focus on disaster film fans, can this way of "giving" packaging is more eye-catching.

    I find it is thought-provoking "person when encounter difficulties will help each other", in a few leading to expounds the subject, with practical action to show a friendly world.

    Watching a 3 d version of the 2012, very depressed.Really for the upcoming 12 ~ 21 more fear, even if we never approved the end of the world said in heart.We can only assume that, if it is true, then we fear in the heart is some regret?Sorry, the greater the fear.We only do is in the end do not regret.

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