The fiscal and taxation reform into the deep waters of tax reform will be a key

By Shannon Richardson,2015-02-03 01:05
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The fiscal and taxation reform into the deep waters of tax reform will be a key

    The fiscal and taxation reform into the deep waters of

    tax reform will be a key

    In 2015, is the key to the reform of the fiscal and taxation, and the upcoming 2016, will be landing in the fiscal and taxation reform. As early as the end of June 2014 on the fiscal and taxation reform the top-level design of the general plan of deepening the reform of the fiscal and taxation systems caught the budget management reform, tax reform, straighten out the relationship between local powers and financial division three reform tasks, and solutions are given schedule, request priority and tasks completed in 2016, by 2020 the reforms in place, the basic of modern financial system is basically established. Back in 2015, the fiscal and taxation reform to deep water area, first budget reform, has obvious progress;Tax reform, the camp change increases, consumption tax, resources tax reform part first, but it's hard to move forward;Environmental tax, property tax and individual income tax reform legislation must come first.The reform process is lower than market expectations, next year is expected to achieve rapid advance. Just look at "purse"

    Budget reform has made great breakthroughs in 2015, the government accounting system and the government financial report system framework is the culmination of a reform this year.At present, the ministry of finance released the revised "fiscal budget accounting

    system" and "government accounting standards - basic principles", made clear in the future accounting goal should always reflect the budget execution, also want to reflect comprehensively the financial condition, assets and liabilities, etc for accrual government lays a based comprehensive results.

    And public budget, debt, revitalize the stock funds, capital budget plan as a whole integrated file is developed, and a series of reform, specification complete, open and transparent system of the modern budget system preliminary formation.This year on the implementation of the new "budget law" clearly comprehensive open government full diameter budget, realizing a complete coverage of department budget in addition to the classified department.

    Experts said that the whole caliber budget management is to include all income and expenditure budget of the government, and increase government fund budget, the state-owned capital management budget, social insurance fund budget plan as a whole, linking to the general public budget funds operation more standardized and transparent. "Since this year, the magnitude of the budget system reform is quite big, budget substantive progress was made in public."Tan Yunming central university of finance and economics professor, said the budget system is the foundation of modern financial system, arrangement of financial revenue and expenditure, deeply affects every aspect of economic and


    Peking University school of law professor jian-wen liu believes that budget is to standardize the government's balance of payments, such as local government debt problem, fiscal transfer payment funds.Only have a transparent budget environment, tax reform can naturally, and tax reform is to solve the problem of how to divide the whole cake. However, standardize the government to spend money is by no means "open" a paper can solve the problem, the current government spending still exist many illegal phenomenon.The recent audit submitted by audit report, there are still many problems, the central departments and reflects the department law consciousness weak, also highlights further open and the necessity of deepening the reform of the budget. Experts believe that the 2016 budget system reform needs to continue to push forward, on the one hand, should publish relevant laws and regulations and supporting measures as soon as possible, improve the system of budget system, the governmental fund budget, the state-owned capital management budget and social old-age insurance fund budget.Also need to regulate the state Treasury and fiscal revenue fund management, further perfecting the rules and regulations of the state Treasury cash management system.

    Six big tax tax reform

    A new round of tax reform focusing on six major taxes, including value

    added tax, consumption tax, resources tax, the environmental protection tax, property tax, personal income tax.And the administration of tax collection.Treasury money before kosovo jia kang, director, said the fiscal and taxation reform as comprehensive reform is now show signs of schedule does not match with the requirements.

    To increase in accordance with the previous plan, complete the "camp" reform should be implemented in 2015, but there is the financial sector, real estate, construction and life services has not yet included in four areas, the attitude of decision-makers have some adjustment, from to "strive to complete", "releasing" instead.

    Eric yeo, a researcher at the Chinese academy of social sciences strategic research institute of finance and economics, said "camp to add" pilot the rest of the industry and have previously tested different industry.Real estate enterprise tax due to the industry characteristic, after the change of paid VAT, into tax deduction may not be easy to obtain invoices, may affect the proceeding of the pilot.Finance involves "camp to add" scheme selection problem.Financial business tax exemption or not and how to have a big controversy.

    Hong liang, chief economist at China international capital corporation, said so far the "battalion to increase tax cuts as VAT reform in 2009, should speed up the reform of complete battalion to increase" the last kilometer ", and the camp of the remaining four industry is expected to

    increase will be fully completed in the first half of next year. Hong liang said, complete the camp change, in addition to further tax cuts, more important is to promote industry specialization of function.Changes increase after the completion of the reform and the camp, VAT still have improve space.Complete the camp change increases the implementation of the overall scale of tax cuts can reach 900 billion yuan, and during the camp to increase GDP ratio is about 0.4%. Of consumption tax this year have done some adjustment, improve the gasoline, diesel oil consumption unit tax amount, to the battery, coating to impose consumption tax, raise cigarette wholesale link AD valorem tax rate and specific duties were imposed on.The next step in addition to high-polluting, high-energy consuming products and parts of high-grade consumer goods, and some of the services included in the scope, the reform will also some unsuitable products continue to impose consumption tax from taxable items.

    Experts believe that in order to make the matching of the local government financial powers and responsibilities, ensure that the fiscal revenue of local government, and local governments have certain independent right of tax regulation, give full play to the initiative of the local government taxes, it is necessary to adjust the consumption tax as the main body of local government taxes, to some extent, can satisfy to add "camp" after local government revenue reduction.

    Resource tax reform is one of the tax system reform in recent years, this year's breakthrough unceasingly, on the basis of oil, natural gas, coal resource tax reform, rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum resources tax and fee reform and scale down the smooth implementation of iron ore resource tax policy, promote the rational use of these resources. According to the data of taxation, overall during the 5.184 billion yuan of taxes and fees in the first half of the coal resources reform smoothly than expected, in an orderly way.

    "Now the resource tax is mainly in mineral resources, oil and gas, and other resources should also be included in the scope of tax, such as water, forest, grassland and so on should also be included in the scope of the tax."Tan Yun confessed, and the resource tax reform will promote rationalize the sectors of energy production and consumption tax adjustment mechanism.

    Along with the social economy rapid development, the increasingly serious environmental situation, some areas of gray haze pollution characterized compound pollution is becoming more and more

    prominent.Water pollution, air pollution, solid waste pollution, Marine pollution and environmental problems are increasingly prominent in mines, a green taxes is urgently needed.

    At present, the environmental protection tax draft has been introduced, green taxes imposed make substantive progress.It is understood that the

    environmental protection tax law draft is finally complete, as soon as the draft by the state council examined and approved by the end of this year.Experts say that in the first half of next year environmental protection tax law draft is expected to be submitted to the standing committee of the National People's Congress, which means that the scale of tens of billions of yuan a year environmental protection tax levy. "To study and put forward the individual income tax reform."The Treasury secretary, Mr Lou frequently mentioned on different occasions this year, make tax this sensitive nerve strike again, also sends signals of tax reform.

    In fact, this year, a tax step adjustment also many, for example, a high and new technology enterprise equity incentives and tax when turn add equity but in installments, pilot to buy commercial health insurance tax reductions.

    Tax reform is a systematic reform, and is closely related to the vital interests of ordinary people, must have a more comprehensive reform design, scheme proposed is undoubtedly means start the reform moved closer.

    "Although the tax reform of factors to consider more and more complex, but will not stand in the way of classification combined with comprehensive reform direction."The deputy director of the Treasury money kosovo Bai Jing confessed.

    The news that the tax reform within the Treasury has been completed, is expected to report in the first half of 2016, the fastest in the second half will choose part of the plan implementation.

    Strategic research institute of finance and economics at the Chinese academy of social sciences researcher zhang thinks, the direction of the tax reform is the trend of The Times, the combination of classification and comprehensive collection method has been demonstrated many times, although the tax-related information management system to establish, but along with the advancement of the tax administration law, the technical requirement of income tax will be guaranteed. "To promote tax reform society calls for absorbing the social public opinion and eliminate the restrictive factors of tax reform, should be translated into action will reform consensus as soon as possible."An industry said.

    The current real estate tax has been included in the legislation of the National People's Congress, could have a significant progress in 2016 also worth waiting for.

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