The sudden surprise and moved

By Karen Baker,2015-02-02 07:43
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The sudden surprise and moved

The sudden surprise and moved

    Very anchor is a very good Korean comedy movie, starring I love and walking on sunshine, speaking of Korean stars I love should no one don't know, he is Korean hot hero of the movie "my sassy girl", in "my sassy girl" let me remember his wonderful performance.Uncle and leading lady walking on sunshine looks lovely, and the story of little girls, who always some surprises, but the film's special is that it is not love but love, love story between the uncle and the little girl is too too monotony, the film path, so the creative drama can attract a large number of audience, of course.

    A career during the famous radio DJ merit our south, two strangers from the sky, a his daughter Huang Zhengna, a his grandson Huang Jidong, puzzling over a daughter, and somehow also when my

    grandfather, quiet life so upset.He looked at all the magical things happen, but have to admit that all this is true, in order not to let this affect your career, he took them in the two mother and son.Three people living under one roof, troubles, problems, but it is full of warmth.Xian south gradually adapt to have their our in the day, after a because misunderstanding put them away, but feel what's missing in life.

    Huang Zhengna has come to nan xian our is not for the money, but just want to have a father, the other people all have, but she didn't she envy other people, so also hope that we can live with his father, she is eager to is that a father she has never felt before.Nan xian initially think our life is free, no scruples, but their mother and son two people, life is

    became more cautious, but slowly become care about these two sudden strangers, in order not to let others look down upon them, and take them to buy designer clothes, nan xian our rejection from the beginning to the last embrace their existence, funny story and not a lack of warmth.

     And film is the most funny Huang Jidong help nan xian our chase the plot of the female teacher, not only help to inquire about intelligence also actively cooperate to give them opportunities to make two people "world, the child is so cute.As south and our grandchildren Huang Jidong child stars seok-hyun wang is the film's biggest bright spot, his acting and movements, and the unique facial expression is to let a person have to admire.

     Huang Zhengna like singing in the film, there has been a dream of singing, even a single mom also want to pay for your dream, hard to see

    her amazing performance on stage, also really a little moved by her perseverance.Funny, affection, dreams, film story development focus on these three points, let us in laughter after can also leave a little aftertaste.Have to say this is the true meaning of comedy, not deliberately to funny, but let us naturally from the heart laugh, wedlock, these topics in the film star scandal has also been rendered less heavy.

     Nan xian our no longer escape at the last choice, accept should accept his all, bear his own responsibility, he did not lose anything, but have more.Three people of different ages, create a warm, surprise and romantic, really there is love, life sometimes, always have so many sudden and unexpected success, sudden failure, the sudden leave, sudden reunited, it is difficult to predict will happen next second life, because life is uncertain, good, bad is life gives us, want to use what attitude to face can only rely on their own choice, don't be too bad to think of a sudden the, sometimes waiting for you might be pleasantly surprised and moved from the sky.

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