The dragon two the price of growth

By Bryan Walker,2015-02-01 17:42
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The dragon two the price of growth

    "The dragon two" : the price of growth

    Through the dragon 1 we see the mysterious dragon a corner of the world, and the film, will the world map fully expanded, follow the hero card hic and no teeth young flight trajectory, a growing number of the new world was marked on the map.

     This is a full of colourful forms in the world of the dragon, the film offers many have never seen of different rating different ended.The

    author thought after watching the first of the dragon is a reference to the cat behavior to design, but from the point of the film, the dragon is more like a dog.First become protagonists in the mount of the five dragons scenes a lot less.But who can't be little less absolute protagonist no teeth young scenes."The dragon two"For us to show more no teeth young show MOE joke, his personality more perfect.

    The problem of the film, however, is precisely picture show is too open, constantly have new dragon class appeared, but not much impressive, not, like the first one is that several kinds of dragon, the characteristics of every kind of people can be seen clearly.

    The dragon two"Tells the story of a growth.Growth is many teenagers to lead the common theme of film and television works, is also manyanimationMovies, cartoon works of the most common idiomatic theme.Hic hero card, can say to a person in the growth process can meet all kinds of representative in prosperity and adversity whole experience again.

    Previous card hic, is is in the rebellious teenager.To rebel, he, of course, is particularly prominent in the peers, coupled with the history of father push is chief, this unusual problem teenagers will become less common.Card hic father and son relationship is very

    representative.Clearly its history pushed in g worry about hic card can merge once even to break, and by this, push history, one at the

    beginning of the emirates will give up, and began to teach hic card management experience of village and the people.Hic has 20 card very uncomfortable, so always with no teeth young out to explore the new continent, well away from his father's nagging.Each of us to this age is not such, desire for independence, hate bound with the command.

    "The dragon one" gives us an idea that card hic different is what his abilities and talents.He is a natural revolution, he brought changes to the village of burke.And this time experience of growing up, also let hic card of their abilities is establishedThe letterHeart.Just, in theThe dragon twoHic self-confidence, card, began to swell, the independent of desperate for some conceit and self.Actually, self and conceit is each teenager has qualities, this is our essential step in the process of growth.

    From the "dragon 1" to "dragon 2", card hic wool from 15 years old boy grew up and became burke village new leaders.Although the face is still appearing some childish, but his size, shape, face, hair all remind us his growth.Especially when zoom to facial features, spot was missing, stubble.

    When a new crisis, the evil army of dragon to ride on the dragon and the village caused a real threat.Card hic has some of the ego thought, he can use his father's ability to change burke village to change the enemy.This time he was wrong.This park had said to the little spider, the greater the power, the greater the responsibility.This sentence is said,

    not only to see their ability enhancement, you want to realize their shoulder the responsibility.See only ability will be an expansion, an ego, which abuse of power.Mature and responsibility, is the best catalyst.Realize the responsibility, the person, will be gradually cooled down, know the thoughtful, to know what to insist, what should give up.

    The film aboutChinaIt is a good example.China's movie, or China's thinking, always feel that by elderly people will sense and experience all to junior, junior can rapid growth.This is why China's film and television works, is always filled with all sorts of lectures for offensive, and got very little actual effect of education work.We always love to use a word, is called a "fun".The film is the best "fun".The hero card hic growth from age 15 to 20 years old, his experience and the worry, many teenagers age also can have.When they watch the movie, from card hic saw something similar to themselves, their viewing experience will be more rich.The film wants to convey thoughts, just silently into the affected the audience.

    Experience, need to accumulate.Growth is their own, don't you go to experience some things, you will never be able to learn something, even if these things were told you one thousand times, ten thousand times.We are so, so has the card hic.Just everyone growing price different.

    The tone of the whole movie is all the way down the straight down.At first, also very happy;Center when card hic met 20 years did not see

    mother wall card, the atmosphere was very warm;But came to the climax of the second half of the history of father pushed g was by the enemycontrolNo teeth young kill, make the film's tone and the author's emotions have fallen to low.The cost of this is the card hic growth, because his arrogance and pushy, killed his father.After the attack, however, when burke village card hic quickly out of the predicament, rapid growth.He saw his duty as a new village chief responsibility.

    In general, the"The dragon two"Compared to" the dragon one ", much less entertaining, but even more impressive.Perfect soundtrack, enhance the film's epic feeling and sense of shock, perfect and successful drove up the author's emotion.Even I have a feeling of being manipulated - what the scene and the plot, will appear with the matching score: high, low, sadness, joy, the author's emotions and the echo.Although the coming-of-age story is a bit old, but the quality of high quality CG, excellent 3 d effect, and the perfect combination of sound picture, let you have re-read it "the dragon two reasons.

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