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By Catherine Weaver,2014-12-31 17:31
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    HR / Compensation 12/12/2011

    Setting Smart Goals to Achieve the Right Results

What Is An Objective?

    An Objective is a goal or priority of the organization. Objectives are set by our Management Team, and then communicated throughout the University.

    As objectives cascade from the Chancellor level through the organization, they tend to become less goal-oriented and more task-specific. The key is to maintain the link between individual tasks and one (or more) of the university’s objectives, enabling us to more effectively achieve the right results.

     Benefits of Cascading Objectives

    ; Work efforts are aligned with high-level objectives. At UNC Charlotte, our vision

    statement can assist with defining these objectives.

    ; All employees have visibility of the Chancellors objectives, which helps guide them to

    make more informed day-to-day decisions.

    ; All employees can see how their efforts contribute to overall success.

Smart Goals

    For the purpose of this discussion, we use the term “goal” and the term “objective” interchangeably. Because objectives are a key component of our success, great emphasis is placed on the goal/objective setting process. Using the SMART system for setting goals saves time, provides a

    common language, and helps guide priority setting and decision-making; all of which improve the likelihood of meeting those objectives.

SMART is an acronym for:



    Aligned (to UNC Charlotte goals)

    Realistic (Stretch goals that are achievable & attainable)

    Time-bound & Teamwork

    Let’s take a brief look at each key component and questions to ask to see if a goal meets the SMART criteria.


    Revised 12/12/2011

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