Newton Convention and Visitors Bureau Grant Guidelines

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Newton Convention and Visitors Bureau Grant Guidelines

     Newton Convention & Visitors Bureau st113 1 Ave. W.

    Newton, IA 50208


    Newton Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Grant Program Guidelines and Application

    The Newton Convention & Visitors Bureau was established in 1988 to increase tourism and economic activity in Newton through the promotion of visitor activities. To achieve this purpose, the Convention & Visitors Bureau provides many promotional services and resources at no cost. When, however, a group needs support beyond our standard services, a request for promotional funding assistance can be made to the Grant Advisory Committee of the Newton Convention & Visitors Bureau.

    The Newton Convention & Visitors Bureau grants a total of $1000.00 to projects within the calendar year, ststJanuary 1 through December 31. Requests will be considered based on their merit and the availability of funds. As the grant dollars are depleted, new applications will not be eligible for that calendar year.


    Applications must be received (not postmarked) in the Newton CVB office at least 90 (ninety) days prior to the event and disbursement of funds. Applications received less than 90 (ninety) days prior to an event will

    be automatically disqualified.

Eligible Applicants:

    1. Organization planning the event must be a registered non-profit.

    2. Organization can be from any city or state, with first priority given to those located in Newton,


Requirements and Criteria:

    1. Grant Program Applications must be typed.

    2. A total of 4 (four) copies of the Grant Program Application and all supporting materials must be

    received (not postmarked) in the Newton CVB office by the 90-day deadline as outlined above.

    3. Eligible organizations must submit a copy of their operating budget (including in-kind matches)

    and general information on the event. This narrative description should specify how grant

    revenues will be used, describe how and where the event will be promoted, and how the event

    is expected to impact overnight tourism in Newton (for example, what portion of the attendance

    is from outside Newton?).

    4. A plan of where the money will be used must be included with the Grant Program Application. If

    grant monies will be spent on advertising, then quoted estimates on advertising costs must be

    included with the application materials if applicable. A mock-up of the advertisement is required

    with the Grant Program Application.

    5. Grants may not be used to pay for local advertising, as the intent of the Newton Convention &

    Visitors Bureau’s grant funding is to bring visitors to the community from outside the immediate

    geographic area.

    6. At a minimum, projects must contain the “Newton…We Saved a Place for YOU” logo OR the

    tagline “This project is sponsored in part by the Newton Convention and Visitors Bureau,” OR

    both the logo and tagline. The Newton CVB logo is available upon request.

    7. All grants awarded must be used for event promotion and must be matched (at a minimum)

    dollar for dollar by the organization or another source. Letters of Intent for local matches must

    be included in your supportive documents.

    8. Approved applications may not be awarded the full funding amount requested; therefore

    applicants must have a contingency plan for additional funding included with the grant

    application. Grant amounts will not exceed $200.00 per project.

    9. Grants will not be awarded to past projects awarded within the last two calendar years or to

    repay past debts.

    Grant recipients are required to submit a Project Evaluation of their use

    of grant monies within 45 (forty-five) days after the completion of the

    event, stating how the event impacted the community, approximate

    number of visitors, room nights, etc. All grants will be fulfilled by direct

    payment from the Newton Convention & Visitors Bureau to the grant

    recipient after said Project Evaluation has been received within the

    required 45 (forty-five) days after the completion of the event.


    Applicants will be notified within one week of the CVB Board Meeting held after receipt of the Grant Program Application regarding the funding award.

For more information/questions:

    Contact Linda L. Bacon, Executive Director, at the Newton Convention and Visitors Bureau.

    Newton Convention and Visitors Bureau

    Grant Program Application Form

Applicant: _________________

    Project Coordinator: _________________

    Project Name: ____________ ________________

    Address: ________________

    City: ___________ State: Zip: _____

    Phone: ______Fax: ___________

    E-mail: _________________

    Grant Amount Requested: ___________________________________________________________

Grant Recipient Agrees to the following:

    1. To include the “Newton…We Saved a Place for YOU” logo or the tagline “This project is

    sponsored in part by the Newton Convention and Visitors Bureau,” or both the logo and


    2. The grant is set up on a reimbursement basis after expenses have been incurred and paid.

    3. To provide the project documentation as outlined under the Requirements and Criteria

    section of the Grant Program Guidelines; along with:

    a. Completed reimbursement form, supporting invoices, and canceled check(s).

    b. Copies of advertisement, brochure, etc. where the Newton CVB logo or tagline or

    both were used.

    4. To notify the Newton CVB if funding will not be utilized due to changes or cancellation of the


    5. To notify the Newton CVB if there is a change in the Project Coordinator for the project due

    to staffing or other changes.

    6. The grant recipient understands that deviation from the submitted Application for the Grant

    Program to the Newton CVB may result in the loss of actual funds awarded.

    7. The Newton CVB will issue a check for reimbursable expenses within 30 days of receiving

    the required project documentation.

    8. Grant Applications must be sent to:

    Newton Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Attn: Linda L. Bacon st113 1 Ave. W.

    Newton, Iowa 50208

    _____________________________________ ______________________________________ Project Coordinator Date

    For office use only:

    Application Number: _______

    Date Received: _______

    Eligible: _______

Project Operating Budget:

1. List eligible costs below and reference to the attached estimates (quoted estimates for all eligible

    costs must be included with application materials):

Vendor Amount Attachment #

2. List the source(s) of local match funds below. A signed letter of intent from EACH funding source

    specifying the dollar amount committed to the project must be submitted with this application.

    Even if you are matching the grant from your own budget, a letter from your organization or business must still be attached.

Source Amount Attachment #

    3. Have you applied to, or plan to apply for, any other grant programs to fund this project? If yes, specify which programs?

    _____ No _____ Yes (please list grant program[s] and amount[s] below)

    Page 2

    Project Narrative: Specify how grant revenues will be used; how and where the event will be promoted; and how the event is expected to impact overnight tourism in Newton, Iowa.

    Use of Grant Monies: Please describe your plan for where these grant monies will be used; i.e. advertising, promotional items, etc. (quoted estimates must be included with application materials - if applicable).

Project Contingency Funding Plan: Approved application may not be awarded the full funding

    amount requested; therefore applicants must have a contingency plan for additional funding included with this application.

    Page 3

    Request for Reimbursement

    Newton Convention and Visitors Bureau Grant

Complete this form and return with all supporting documentation to the Newton Convention and

    Visitors Bureau.

    Applicant: _____________________ Project Coordinator: _________________ Project Name: ____________ ________________ Address: ________________ City: ________________ State: Zip: Phone: ___________ Fax: ______ E-mail: _________________

Total Grant Award Amount:

List all eligible expenses:

    Vendor Invoice Canceled Check Name/Address Number Number and Amount

     _________________________________________________ (Please use additional page if necessary)

Check List:

    ___Copy (ies) of paid invoices

    ___Copy (ies) of canceled check(s)

    ___Copy of advertisement(s)

    ___ Project Evaluation

I certify all invoices and information submitted represent costs eligible for reimbursement through the

    Newton Convention and Visitors Bureau grant program.

     Project Coordinator


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