Strategic Plan for Department of Civil Engineering

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Strategic Plan for Department of Civil Engineering

    Strategic Plan for Department of Civil Engineering

    2007/08 through 2011/12


    Our mission is to provide quality education and meaningful career opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. We develop highly qualified graduates with potential to assume positions of increasing responsibility in Civil Engineering. The Department will achieve its mission through continuous efforts to: (1) employ a faculty with the professional credentials and experience to deliver quality academic program that meet student and societal needs; (2) serve a diverse student population by offering strong and varied academic programs that will prepare graduates for the challenge of life-long learning; (3) offer contemporary curricula that combine a foundation of general education and disciplinary preparation for the market place; and (4) provide both formal and informal learning resources to support instructional and scholarly/creative activities.


Lamar University’s Department of Civil Engineering strives to become recognized as a

    regional/national/international leader in engineering education as well as in the analysis, design, and management of civil and environmental engineering systems. To support this endeavor, the department will seek to conduct, disseminate and apply relevant research to influence engineering practice and the advance of engineering education and knowledge. This will be accomplished through strategic efforts that allow the department to effectively adapt to the ever-changing aspects of higher education. The net effect will be that Lamar University’s civil engineering graduates will be empowered with the knowledge, skills, and innovative thinking to facilitate discovery in numerous existing and yet to be discovered fields of endeavor.

    Strategic Directions Derived from the Mission

    1. Student

    2. Faculty and Staff

    3. Programs

    4. Accreditation

    To achieve these strategic directions the Department of Civil Engineering establishes objectives with specific initiatives that will evolve during the planning process.

Strategic Direction 1 Student

    To provide quality education and meaningful career training for undergraduate and graduate students, and to enhance student-faculty engagement which include student participation in faculty research projects and student involvement in professional society activities.

Objective 1:

     To attract and recruit high-quality students through increased scholarship funding, advising and mentoring students on each of Pre-CE, Advanced-CE, and graduate level, and supporting College of Engineering advisement and retention policy.

Strategies for Objective 1:

    ; Develop a plan to raise additional scholarship funds

    - Initiative

    Increase scholarship funds through the University Capital Campaign and

    through advisory council, alumni contacts

    - Metric

    Increase total amount of scholarship funds available to CE undergraduate

    students by 5% per year

    ; Advising and mentoring all levels CE students on diverse learning needs

    - Initiative

    Increase the number of students advised and mentored by Advisement and

    Retention Office in the College of Engineering, and by CE faculty

    members for advancement in learning needs on professional courses and

    senior electives.

    - Metric

    Increase the number of students to be advised and mentored by 5% each

    year, and increase the number of faculty members involved in advising

    and mentoring students.

    ; Enhance student-faculty engagement

    - Initiative

    Achieve the goal of student-faculty engagement in two directions; one is

    to involve students in faculty research projects; the other is to involve

    faculty in students’ professional chapter activities.

    - Metric

    Increase the number of undergraduate and graduate students engaging in

    research projects by 3% each year, and increase the number of faculty

    involvement in student chapter activities by 10% each year.

Strategic Direction 2 Faculty and Staff

    To provide faculty and staff a healthy and pleasant environment to perform their duty and work; for faculty, their performance includes teaching, research, and service; for staff, their performance includes accomplishing assignment on time and satisfying requirement.

Objective 2:

    To mentor and cultivate young faculty members on teaching and research including teaching workshop, research proposals, presenting and publishing technical papers.

Strategies for Objective 2:

    ; Provide teaching workshop opportunity for young faculty members


     Obtain national information for teaching workshop for CE faculty and inform all

     first year young CE faculty members.

     - Metric

     Submit at least 3 applications to national teaching workshop for CE faculty, and

     send at least one faculty member to the workshop each year from spring 2009.

    ; Enhance research activity for CE faculty


    Encourage young CE faculty to submit research proposals, to present technical

    papers at national and international conferences, and to publish research papers on

    national peer review journals.


     From January 2009 to December 2009, it is anticipated that CE Department to

    produce 5 research proposals from all CE faculty members, and to have 5

    technical paper presentations, and to achieve 3 journal paper publications in peer

    review process.

    ; Continuous to involve CE faculty in various service


     Continuous to involve CE faculty in SACS and ABET report preparation, review

    and evaluation process and to give specific assignment to each faculty member.


     Each faculty needs to constantly reviewing and updating their resumes, course

    syllabi, and SACS assessment report on the University website, and each faculty

    member needs to prepare rubric and dimensional analysis for their courses

    according to ABET new criteria.

Strategic Direction 3 Programs

    To develop simultaneously 3 programs in the Department of Civil Engineering;

     (1)Undergraduate Program

     (2)Graduate Program, and

     (3)Construction Management Program

Objective 3:

    To increase the enrollment of undergraduate program, to improve the quality of graduate program, and to expand and strengthen the newly established Construction Management Program.

Strategies for Objective 3:

    ; Increase the number of high caliber freshmen undergraduate scholarship students

    through recruitment

    - Initiative

    Work with the Coordinator of Academic Advising and the Director of Co-

    Op Education & Recruiting in the College of Engineering to implement a

    plan to recruit students with high SAT scores inside and outside of the

    Golden Triangle area.

- Metric

    Scholarship offered to high school students with a SAT scores (CR +

    Math) to be increased by 10 points per year

    The number of students recruited with SAT scores of 1100 and above will

    increase by 5% per year

    Recruitment of new students from the Gulf Coast area (Freeport to Bridge

    City) will increase by 5% per year

    ; Improve the quality of graduate students and graduate program

- Initiative

    Work with the Coordinator of International Student services in the College

    of Graduate Studies to accept high quality of graduate student applications.

- Metric

    Scholarship offered to graduate applicants with a total GRE scores (1000

    or above) to be increased by 10 points per year (Quantitative to be at least

    700 or above).

    The number of international graduate students will be diversified to

    include applications from different countries.

    Graduate students will be notified the importance of FE Exam, all new

    graduate students will be required to take FE Exam and to pass the exam

    before graduation.

    ; Attract a large undergraduate cohort of students to the newly established

    Construction Management Program

- Initiative

    Work with the Director of Construction Management Program to

    implement a plan to recruit high school students from Gulf Coast area

    (inside and outside of the Golden Triangle) with high SAT scores.

- Metric

    Scholarship offered to the best high school students applied for entering

    the Construction Management Program.

    Work with the Director of Public Relations Office in the University

    Advancement Services to develop media coverage and advertisement to

    get public awareness of the newly established Construction Management


    The Target for the first year enrollment in Construction Management

    Program will be 15 ~ 20 students, the second year will be 30 ~ 40 students.

Strategic Direction 4 Accreditation

    The Department of Civil Engineering will respond to all the requirements and issues related to SACS and ABET accreditation

Objective 4:

    Engage all CE faculty and staff in the preparation and submission for all reports and documentations on a timely manner

Strategic for Objective 4:

    ; Ensure that all SACS reports and documentations for evaluation and assessment

    are maintained and updated, and they will be turned in on time.

    - Initiative

    Post and update faculty resumes on the University SACS website

    Post and update IE report on the University SACS website

    Post and update course syllabi on the University SACS website

    Report faculty research and service goals and performance assessment

    Report learning improvement plan on the University SACS website

    - Metric

    Each faculty needs to be actively participated in SACS preparation and

    submission activities. Faculty members are encouraged to check the

    University SACS website periodically to make necessary updates on

    individual reports, resumes, courses syllabi.

    ; Ensure that all ABET reports and documentations for evaluation and assessment are maintained and kept update, and prepare for the next ABET visit.

- Initiative

    Continue to work on ABET outcomes assessment for individual courses as

    well as for program objectives

- Metric

    Individual faculty has been assigned to prepare rubrics and dimensions

    analyses for each ABET outcomes. During the course of regular long

    semesters, all outcomes rubric and dimensions of analyses are discussed in

    the regular faculty meetings. The consensus results are documented and

    will be used to file a report.

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