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    Piedmont and Mountain Regions of North Carolina

    Introduction Students, have you ever wondered how you are affected by the place you live? Would your life

    be the same if you lived in any other place than you do now? Using the knowledge that you will

    learn as you explore Grandfather Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountain Region of North

    Carolina, determine how life would be different for you and your family compared to life if you

    lived in the Piedmont. To complete this, you will have to learn about the history, rock formation,

    the scenery and many other great facts about Grandfather Mountain compared to the Piedmont


    The Task You will be a part of a team that will travel to the Mountain and Piedmont regions of North

    Carolina. Your job is to compare and contrast the two. There will be four teams that consist of 1.

    Locator 2. Describer 3. Transporter 4. Analyzer. You will explore websites to research the

    Mountain and Piedmont Plain region of North Carolina and determine their unique

    characteristics. You will only find answers for your group.

Your final product will include slides from your group to make a concluding presentation. Each

    team will be responsible for slides for their research to be compiled into one PowerPoint for the


    Steps to follow:

    1. You'll be a part of a team.

    2. You will split your roles to cover the Grandfather Mountain and the Piedmont Plain.

    (If your team has 4 people then 2 will work on the Mountain Region and 2 will work on the Piedmont Region)

    3. You will use the links to research your questions that are related to your role.

    4. You will use the research grid to highlight any interesting facts or places you discovered.

    5. You will record your responses to your questions in you’re your research grid or

    worksheet and then you will record your information in a PowerPoint Presentation.

    Evaluation Students grade will be graded by the educator specific rubric.

    Conclusion After completing your WebQuest, making your presentation, and listening to other presentations

    in the class, you will have learned about the Mountain Region with a concentration on

    Grandfather Mountain. The team will have successfully compared and contrasted the Mountain

    Region and the Piedmont.

    Created By: L.Pizarro, Arthur W. Edwards Elementary, Craven County, NC

The Process:

    You will work in a group of 4 groups.


    You will search where the Mountain and the Piedmont Plain are located. What are they

    near? What direction are they from each other (North, South, West of East)? How far is

    it? What is the distance between the two regions? What states or other geographical

    areas define each region.


    What is the place like? What features does it have? What natural resources does it

    have? What industries does it have? What is the population? What special attractions

    does it have?


    How do people and things move from one place to another? Why do people make these

    movements? Are there any recreational ways of transportation that one area does and

    the other does not? Give any additional facts that you find interesting.


    How are these regions similar and different? Compare and Contrast. What makes these

    places unique? Think of your interests and which region would you like to live and why?

    Topics to include are habitat, scenery, and modes of transportation, climate, leading

    crops, landforms and any other interesting facts.

     Guided Research Sites

NC Geography

    North Carolina Regions NC Natural Attractions Mount Mitchell

    Created By: L.Pizarro, Arthur W. Edwards Elementary, Craven County, NC

Grandfather Mountain

Research Grid Grandfather Mountain Name:

    Location/Landforms Scenery Climate Created By: L.Pizarro, Arthur W. Edwards Elementary, Craven County, NC

Wildlife Habitats Leading Crops Other Information (Swinging Bridge, Safety, etc…)

Created By: L.Pizarro, Arthur W. Edwards Elementary, Craven County, NC

Location/ Landforms Scenery Climate Research Grid Piedmont Name:

Created By: L.Pizarro, Arthur W. Edwards Elementary, Craven County, NC

Leading Crops Places to Visit Other Information

(Lighthouses, Islands, etc…) (Natural Attractions at least 2)

Created By: L.Pizarro, Arthur W. Edwards Elementary, Craven County, NC

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