By Lawrence Campbell,2014-07-15 18:28
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What's new in 1.45:


     * New drivers:

     - Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters (US 960708)

     - Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Asia 960826)

     - X-Men: Children of the Atom (Asia 941217)

     - Neo No Panepon

     * Fixed sound in Ninja Commando, Ninja Combat, Crossed Swords, Trash Rally,

     Blues Journey thanks to Acho A. Tang

     * Fixed NeoGeo autoanim, thanks to Razoola and ElSemi

     (fixes bugs in WakuWaku7, SuperDodgeBall, and probably several others)

     * Included correct random number generation thanks to Razoola and smf

     * Added 16 to 32bpp wrapper: Now all blitters work in 32bpp windowed mode

     (be aware this is quite a bit slower than using 16bpp windowed mode)

     * Added menu item to control Multitask Friendly for netplay

     * Kawaks won't overwrite your old screenshots anymore when doing a capture

     * Fixed Select button not working in some NeoGeo games in console mode

     * Added debug dipswitches support for NeoGeo games

     * Tons of rewrites and cleanups

     * Fixed Twinkle Star Sprites hang (introduced in 1.44)

    1.44a* Oooooops, forgot driver for Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (US 960619)

     in last build. And ignore "Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom (US 940125)" too :P

1.44 * New drivers:

     - Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom (US 940125)

     - Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (US 970827)

     - Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers Revenge (Japan 970913)

     - Sengoku 3

     - Sengoku 3 (Decrypted Cs)

     - Zuppapa

     - Zuppapa (Decrypted Cs)

     - Vliner

     - Street Fighter II' (YYC)

     * New blending effect: Motion blur (MMX and non MMX versions)

     * Support for the Savage Reign V2 rom redump

     * Changed the NeoGeo romsets according to the latest MAME conventions

     * Added menu items to control fullscreen resolution in Video menu

     * Added menu items to task priority level in Misc menu

     * Fixed Quiz & Dragons (Japan) (CPS1)

     * Fixed Use transparencies option not beeing saved in INI

     * Set Kawaks to use High task priority level by default (used to be Normal)

     * When Netplaying, Multitask friendly is forced OFF (reduces desync risks)

1.43 * New drivers:

     - Bang Bead

     - Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge (US 950406)

     - Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers Revenge (Japan 950316)

     - Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers Revenge (Japan 950302)

     - Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom (Hispanic 940125)

     * New "KScale" blitter. This is a new edge enhancement blitter with zero blur. It's also insanely fast compared

     to the traditionnal 2xSai/Super2xSai/SuperEagle. Comes in 4 variations: Plain, and 25%/50%/75% scanlines.

     I personnally feel KScale+75%Scanlines is the best blitter in Kawaks, try it :) (MMX only)

     * Shiny new "Smart Interframe blending" mode. (MMX and non MMX versions)

     This new blending mode replaces all flickers (Samurai Shodown 4 life bars, King of Fighters shadows, etc ...)

     by transparencies; and the rest of the picture retains all its sharpness (no blurry scrollings)

     * Made it so interframeblending occurs before the video processing stage (speed boost)

     * New keyboard shortcut : Alt+B toggles between Interblending modes

     * New sound option : Low pass filter

     * Fixed ShumaGorath's Chaos dimension in Marvel Super Heroes

     * Rewrote Kaillera support. Now, emu will accept to run if you don't have Kailleraclient.dll, and

     noone should see Kaillera errors on startup anymore.

     * Sound logging option now saves a WAV, not a RAW

     * Ctrl Numpad + and Ctrl Numpad - now control volume

     * Fixed Cheater support

     * Minor changes to Batcirc & Csclub to accommodate the latest CPS2 conventions

     * Changed driver for NeoPong to use NeoPong 1.1 roms instead

1.42 * New drivers:

     - Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix (US 970904)

     - Pocket Fighter (Japan 970904)

     - Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix (Asia 970904)

     - Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (US 960620)

     - Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers (Asia 931003)

     - Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers (Asia 930914)

     - Dynasty Wars (World)

     - Knights of the Round (Hack)

     - Neo Pong

     * Fixed The King of Dragons (bootleg)

     * A _lot_ of rewrites, notably in the video system and the general Kawaks architecture,

     which gives a significant speedup on 2xSai, SuperEagle, SuperSai, Scanlined 2xSai,

     will make the eventual addition of new systems easier, faster and more stable,

     and allows the following :

     * Added sprite transparencies, using Nebula tables.

     Tables should be named gamename.bld and put in the BLEND directory (ex: SFA3.BLD)

     * Added "Monitor dot matrix" blitter. Give it a try :)

     * Added support for ElSemi's Cheater program. Cheater must be started before Kawaks

     * Added menu items to control sound frequency. No need to edit WinKawaks.ini anymore for that.

     * Optimised 'Interframe blending' code. Should be significantly faster with most blitters, now

     * Rewrote DirectInput code: Hopefully fixes most controler problems

     (mail me if it fixes your controler problems or not)

     * Fixed Screenshot Factory blink and Tile viewer if Interframe Blending is enabled

     * Fixed Scanlines 50% for some video cards (S3...)

     * Hopefully fixed some screenshot issues

     * Fixed flash frames in Marvel Vs Capcom

     * Fixed ending in Marvel Vs Capcom

     * NeoGeo isn't affected anymore by correct ration settings. Meaning it now looks better if these

     options are enabled (espeacially with Normal blitter)

     * Changed the way the video blitter selection works. For example, now, Shift+F3 is a toggle between

     scanlines, 50% scanlines, and zoomX2...

     * Added some keyboard shortcuts to the Load game, Screenshot Factory, Cheat boxes

     * Added some keyboard shortcuts to the English menus

     * Fixed Shot factory window size

     * A few romset changes to match the latest conventions and dumps (affects CYBOTSJ, DDSOMU, SFAR1)

1.41 * New drivers:

     - Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (US 980123)

     - Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (Japan 980123)

     - Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (Japan 980112)

     - Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (Asia 980112)

     - Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Euro 940705)

     * Changed kof2000, garou, kof99 and clones romsets to be MAME 57 compliant.


     * Big optimisations to NeoGeo rendering

     * Added frame interpolation (replaces flickering by transparencies)

     I recommend you use this only if you have a powerfull PC enough, and with AutoFrameskip disabled

     * Added starfield emulation (CPS1. Affects Strider, Forgotten Worlds and their clones)

     * Fixed a NeoGeo calendar bug. Date is correct now

     * Fixed Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Japan) (CPS1)

     * Changed tracklists format for the better (more compact, and more flexible)

     The format it now the same as ElSemi's excellent JukeBox program

     Also, tracklist is handled dynamically: no need to reload the game to reload the tracklist.

     * Added the ability to cycle thru sound codes for CPS1 and NeoGeo games. Use Numpad +/-

     (It was already implemented for CPS2 games)

     * Hopefully fixed sound issues in Kof99 and clones thanks to Overlander

     * Fixed missing button 4 for CPS1 Quiz games

     * Hopefully fixed crashes if the Kawaks is run from a CD (or a non writeable directory)

     * Fixed bug causing (for example) Kof2000 chars to taunt at the end of a movie replay

     * Fixed some tick marks errors for record input slot and bg color in menus

1.40b* Fixed movie support. Oops :)

1.40 * New drivers:

     - Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Asia 940705)

     - Marvel Super Heroes (Asia 951024)

     - Rockman 2: The Power Fighters (Japan 960708)

     - Street Fighter Zero 2 (Asia 960227)

     - Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire (Euro 970519)

     - Metal Slug 3 (encrypted)

     - Garou: Mark Of The Wolves

     This is a new encrypted set

     The older "Garou: Mark Of The Wolves" becomes "Garou: Mark Of The Wolves (alternate set)"

     - The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle (nonecrypted P)

     This one uses encrypted Cs and non encrypted Ps. It's just here for completeness sake

     - The King of Fighters 2000 (nonecrypted P)

     Same. This one uses encrypted Cs and non encrypted Ps. It's just here for completeness sake

     * Triple buffering. Makes things as smooth as a baby's butt :)

     Even if you don't use triple buffering, things should be smoother than before

     * CPS2 rasters emulation. Fast and accurate :D

     * Improved sound sync a bit in CPS2 games. Is now 100% perfect

     * Record input aka Movie recording/replaying support. Now you can show everyone your 123Hits combo :)

     * Optimisations to the video rendering for both NeoGeo and Capcom games

     * Kawaks now remembers window zoom level

     * New macro token: ~ which means "hold this for 20 frames"


     B~~~,F3 Sonic Boom: Back for 60 frames (1 second), then Forward + Strong punch.

     DB~~~,DF,DB,UF6 Charlie's SuperSommersault

     * Added a Freeplay setting for NeoGeo games

     * Made it so if no cheat file is available for the current game, the cheat file for

     the parent is loaded instead

     * Added a menu item to save cheat search matches to a file.

     Handy when you can't get under 20 matches...

     * New features for you gfx rippers :

     - Added option to delete emu text when making screenshots

     - Implemented Background color change for NeoGeo games

     - Changes in the Shot Factory:

     + you can now select more than one sprite at once

     + new button in Shot Factory to disable all selected sprites

     + new button in Shot Factory to reenable all selected sprites

     + added layer enable/disable buttons

     * Fixed: NeoGeo game settings and hiscores aren't lost anymore when reseting the game

     * Fixed some sound issues with Metal Slug 1/2/X

     * Fixed cheats not applying when using Step Frame

     * Fixed savestate bug for CPS1 & NeoGeo when using states saved at a different sound frequency

     * Fixed Kawaks crashing when display was beeing destroyed (starting a fullscreen DOS prompt...)

     * Fixed button 3 not working in some CPS1 games (Mega Twins...)

     * Fixed crash on 1941's Test menu

     * Fixed occasionnal crash on Pang 3 and Quiz Tonosama no Yabou 2 Zenkoku-ba (CPS1


     * Fixed 68000 debugger register modifications

     * Savestate format change to accommodate the changes (rasters...)

     Old savestates are still 100% compatible though

     * Updated languages packs to reflect changes

1.38 * New games supported :

     - Metal Slug 3 (non encrypted P)

     - Metal Slug 3 (non encrypted P, decrypted C)

     * New language packs : Hebrew, Russian, Swedish, Greek

    1.37c* Added more Language packs, and fixed a couple. Thanks to their authors

     * Fixed Japanese text in Garou (Grant cinematic, namely)

     * Fixed the most debated Close C attacks in Garou (weird bug, really)

     * As for the Select key not working (supposed to be the Insert Coin when in console mode)

     this one is a total mystery. It works good in other games (try kof99), just not Garou...

    1.37b* Hopefully fixed bug introduced in 1.37 which caused blinking borders in fullscreen

     * Added Japanese, Catalan, Polish, Chinese (simplified) language packs.

     Thanks a lot to their respective authors :)

1.37 * New drivers:

     - Garou: Mark of the Wolves (this is the retail, non prototype game)

     - Garou: Mark of the Wolves (decrypted C) (same game as above, with decrypted GFX roms)

     - The King of Fighters 2000 (encrypted) (this is the retail, non prototype game)

     * The old "The King of Fighters 2000" set is now named "The King of Fighters