Foreign Trade Merchandiser mainly doing

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Foreign Trade Merchandiser mainly doing

    I want to apply for clothing merchandiser, do not know specifically what to do this work? What are the requirements?

    Merchandiser Merchandiser trade refers to the definition of foreign trade import and export business, in trade contracts signed, according to the contract and related documents for the goods processing, shipping, insurance, inspection, customs, foreign exchange and other aspects of some or all of the track or operations, assist in fulfilling trade contracts, foreign trade operational staff. Foreign Trade Merchandiser by business process can be divided into future with a single, medium-range with the single and the whole with a single three categories: career with the single is "with the" export to export goods to the warehouse specified date; medium with a single means "with" clearance to the date of shipment; whole documentary is "with" the money credited into account, the contract completion date. Merchandiser according to the nature of foreign trade can be divided into sub-orders with a single and with a single (produced with the single.) A basic knowledge of foreign Merchandiser. Merchandiser Responsibilities: 1. Tracking the production of each single order and goods to the customer smoothly recover the amount to be recovered. 2. With the new and old customers to stay connected to increase communication and understanding of customer needs. 3. Customer complaints received the information, and relevant information passed to the relevant departments of the company. 4. Grasp, understand the market information, develop new customers. 5. Good after-sales service. II. Merchandiser in the work to be done after receipt of order: first on orders of Method 1. Clients to the factory orders are: fax orders, mail orders, telephone orders and other verbal variety, each with different orders of purgation, and we should pay attention to them Merchandiser converted into written orders. Order, we should pay attention to the problems in all aspects. For example, such as: color, quantity. 2. Review of orders each order is different flowers, different fabrics, different techniques, and even equipment not the same. First of all, look at our current level of ability to meet customer requirements, which is the key. To distinguish this process alone, single-or OP alone. 3. In production orders, process cards per single open, we must make to customer requirements in the production of single write clearly. Before the production of cross-production sector, should be enough raw materials warehouse to understand the production of this single. 4. The production process, if unforeseen circumstances can not meet the requirements of customers, we must promptly reported the case to the highest level of the company to find a solution. 5. Demo play demo of the head to do is to look at our goods can meet and satisfy customer requirements, it is also the basis for large cargo and capacity. General situation is that the normal procedures for all sample boards approved by the customer after the order made goods. 6. General situation is required to modify the order with the client to re-order, Merchandiser of the production department to re-open the production of single cross. When the customer cancel the order, the merchandiser must recover the old data (production orders, process cards). 7. After the goods produced, but also arrange shipping. III. When customer complaints or return service: the customer's complaint, we need to understand the cause of the problem and to take measures to find countermeasures to avoid the next appears. Customer returns, the first is to try to enable customers to accept our problems. If repair is good for repair again and then shipments of finished products. Very serious on the re-production, production and then make a single delivery. There is a discount method by mutual concessions. Sometimes the requirements can only be handled by customer. The most important thing is how the idea for the company to achieve win-win situation with the rooms. Foreign trade with a single process: First, the booking (1) to confirm

    whether the factory production is completed. (2) power of attorney to transfer freight booking, write name to set the timetable, destination, port of departure, several cabinet ( cabinet cabinet large or small), product name, quantity, number, gross weight, net weight, volume and so on. let on behalf of booking. (3) freight booking is successful, will fax a copy into the warehouse receipt to you, note how the above drag when the factory before the cabinet or when the goods to the designated storage location, and the closing date of service of documents. (usually three days before sailing time for the deadline, preferably on the notice in accordance with the requirements of freight time Of course, the best in advance) (4) forwarding the Jincang received notice, it is necessary to plant sent ah Jincang notice, specifying the names of goods, box number, served the full address of the warehouse, the arrival time (preferably more than one day in advance required), Jincang number, contact person, telephone and so on. (5) and then call to confirm whether the factory has received notice of the Jincang whether Jincang on time, if conditions can be adjusted even with the freight forwarding Second, prepare Customs Data (1) No single commodity inspection, the following documents required: a, customs power of attorney b, customs invoice (in principle, the declaration by the actual exchange earnings to price, and sometimes there are also different, see the company's operations) c, d packing list , declarations e, verification forms (2) If Customs Form, the following documents to be: a, customs power of attorney b, customs invoice c, packing list d, declarations e, write off a single f, Customs Clearance (3) replacement voucher if inspection is required the following documents: a, customs information with (1) b, commodity inspection, documents a, commodity inspection, replacement vouchers (usually when the time runs out, such as when time can not be fully completed, has a surplus, can tell freight forwarding let you keep until the next shipment with) b, the invoice (single species on a single inspection) c, packing list d, declarations, e, some products need to be ready to provide proof of the declaration of intellectual property information, to send freight forwarding, customs clearance on behalf of three, to the factory or in the freight haulage warehouse equipment cabinet. Fourth, the bill of lading with the freight forwarding to confirmation. in accordance with the number on the packing list, number, etc. to confirm, especially pay attention to the port of destination, number, name, the function of the volume, because it is more important hungry. If not send a single only to find, not only the delays, there may be a fee (a single bill of lading to be changed, then to charge, freight forwarding, bill of lading are generally not) to repeatedly confirmed, until without any errors, before forwarding the original bill of lading required. V. preparing negotiable under normal circumstances, you need the following documents: (1) invoices (2) packing list (3) bill of lading (4) form a or certificate (should be sailing in the open before the Office, the date of sailing in the open before or the same) (5) credit insurance policy if it is done, in accordance with the letter of credit required to do. VI, receipt (1) if t / t , urging customers to pay (2) if l / c, or d / p, pay a single

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