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vita - Joel Gramling ...

    Joel M. Gramling

    Department of Biology

    214 Duckett Hall

    The Citadel, 171 Moultrie St.

    Charleston, SC 29409

    Office (843) 953-6459

    Fax (843) 953-7264


2001-2006 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    PhD in Biology with a focus on Plant Ecology

    Major Advisor: Dr. Robert K. Peet

2000-2001 The Citadel, Charleston, SC

    Masters of Arts in Education in Biology

1994-1998 College of Charleston, Charleston, SC

    Bachelor of Science in Biology

    Bachelor of Science in Anthropology

    Research and Funding

2004-2006 $24,000 (annually) NASA Earth System Science Graduate


    ? Funding for graduate research linking local plant

    community observations to remotely-sensed data in a GIS

2004 $4,000 Alma Holland Beers Scholarship/Coker Fellowship

    ? Summer research on species pool effects on local diversity

2003 $4,000 Alma Holland Beers Scholarship/Coker Fellowship

    ? Summer research on pond cypress savannas

2002-2003 $18,000 Forest Service challenge cost-share grant from the USDA-

    Forest Service with Robert K. Peet

    ? Funding for the study of pond cypress communities of the

    Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina

2002 $3,500 Alma Holland Beers Scholarship/Coker Fellowship

    ? Summer research on pond cypress savannas

2000-2001 Herpetological Survey of Caw Caw Interpretive

     Center in Ravenel, SC

    Gramling CV, p.2 of 6

    1997-1998 Bachelor’s Essay/Honors Thesis, College of


    ? A phytogeographic study of the flora of Macaronesia

Botanical Fieldwork

May-December 2006 Contracted by NatureServe to survey the vegetation of

    Moores Creek National Battle Field for the National

     Park Service’s community classification project.

October 2005 Contracted by NatureServe to survey the vegetation of Cape

     Hattaras and Cape Lookout National Seashores for the National

     Park Service’s community classification project.

May-July 2005 Coordinated and worked as a team leader on the 2005 NC PULSE

     events in the southeastern Coastal region of North Carolina and

     the northeastern Coastal region of South Carolina

July 2002, Led groups of botanists in surveying the Southeastern flora as a

    July 2003, part of the 2002 PULSE event in the northwest Piedmont region of

    June 2004 North Carolina, the 2003 SC/NC PULSE event in the central

     Piedmont region of the Carolinas, and the 2004 PULSE event in

     southeastern Coastal region of North Carolina

May 2003 Led a group of undergraduates in surveying forest lands adjacent to

     cornfields to interpret the effects of agricultural practices on plant

     diversity for UNC post-doc Jason Fridley.

Summer 2002, Conducted a survey of the pond cypress communities of the

    Summer 2003 Francis Marion National Forest in South Carolina for the USDA-

    Forest Service

Sept. 2001- Led groups of botanists in surveying the Southeastern flora as a

    May 2002 part of the 2001 Longleaf Pine PULSE event in central Florida,

     2002 Granite Flatrock PULSE event in the North Carolina

     Piedmont and the 2002 Wadacoe Mountain PULSE event in

     upstate South Carolina

    Summer 2001 Conducted a botanical survey of Yeamans’ Hall

     Plantation in Hanahan, SC. Assessed the presence

     of invasive species and developed a plan for removal

     and restoration activities

     Gramling CV, p.3 of 6

    Reports and Publications Gramling, J.M. The Species Pool Concept and Plant Diversity. (Submitted, 2006)

    Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics.

Peet, R.K., S. Carr, and J.M. Gramling. 2006. Fire-adapted pineland

    vegetation of northern and central Florida: A framework for inventory,

    management, and restoration. Final Report. Florida Fish and Wildlife

    COnservation Commission. Project NG 98-016. In press.

Drake, J.M., E.E. Cleland, C. Bowles, K.M. Carney, M.C. Horner-Devine, S.M. Emery,

    J.M. Gramling, A. Nardoni-Laws, M.D. Smith, D.B. Vandermast, E. Fleishman,

    J.B. Grace, and D. Tilman. (In review). Do non-native plant species affect the

    shape of productivity-diversity relationships? Evaluating the curvature hypothesis

    in six North American ecosystems. Functional Ecology.

Cleland, E. E., M.D. Smith, S.J. Andelman, C. Bowles, K.M. Carney, M.C. Horner-

    Devine, J.M. Drake, S.M. Emory, J.M. Gramling, and D.B. Vandermast. 2004.

    Invasion in space and time: non-native species richness and relative abundance

    respond to interannual variation in productivity and diversity. Ecology Letters


Marko, P.B., S.C. Lee, A.M. Rice, J.M. Gramling, T.M. Fitzhenry, J.S. McAlister, G.R.

    Harper and A.L. Moran. 2004. Mislableing of a depleted reef fish. Nature


Peet, R.K., J.D. Fridley and J.M. Gramling. 2003. Variation in species richness and

    species pool size across a pH gradient in forests of the southern Blue Ridge

    Mountains. Folio Geobotanica 38:391-401.

    Gramling, J.M. 2003. Pond cypress savannas of the Francis Marion National Forest, SC.

    Delivered to the USDA Forest Service as a report with GIS mapping products.

    Gramling, J.M. 2001. A floristic inventory of Yeamans Hall Plantation, Hanahan, SC.

    Professional Experience

Fall 2006 - Present Assistant Professor, Biology Department, The Citadel

Spring 2005 Instructor, Biology Department, UNC-CH

    ? Biology 54, Ecology and Evolution: An introductory

    lecture course for undergraduates

September 2003 Field botany instructor to undergraduates in the

    Gramling CV, p.4 of 6

    September 2004 Carolina Environmental Program at the Albemarle Ecological

     Field Site in Manteo, NC.

Fall 2004 Seminar Leader, Biology Department, UNC-CH

    ? Biology 255, Seminar in Ecology: A special topic course

    on invasive species

Fall 2002 Teaching Assistant, Biology Department, UNC-CH

    ? Biology 142, Plant Ecology Lab; developed lab

    assignments for undergraduate and graduate students.

August 2000- Nature Interpreter based at Caw Caw Interpretive

    August 2001 Center County Park

    ? Led classes on a variety of natural history topics

    [Wetland ecology; Bird identification and behavior; Plant


October 1998- Lab Manager for Trident Technical College’s Palmer

    June 2001 Campus Science Labs

    ? As the TTC Biology lab manager, prepared lab materials

    and instructed students during open lab hours

    [Anatomy/Physiology, Microbiology, Introductory Biology]

August 1998 - Adjunct Instructor for Biology Department at Trident

    December 1999 Technical College

    ? Introductory Biology labs

May 1998- Adjunct Instructor for Chemistry Department at

    August 1998 Trident Technical College

    7000 Rivers Avenue Charleston, SC 29423

    (843) 572-6111

    ? Introductory Chemistry labs

Presentations, Meetings, and Workshops

    August 2006 Presented on “Species Saturation and the Species Pool” at the stEcological Society of America’s 91 Annual Meeting in Memphis


    August 2005 Presented a poster on Constructing localized species pools to test

     dispersal limitation in woody plants of the Southeastern United th States” at the Ecological Society of America’s 90 Annual

     Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    Gramling CV, p.5 of 6

    February 2004 Developed models of fire dynamics for regional plant communities

     at the Southeast Fire Regime Condition Class Reference Condition

     Workshop sponsored by the USDA-Forest Service at Tall Timbers

     Research Station, Tallahassee, FL

November 2003 Facilitated a training workshop on VegBank, the vegetation plot

     database of the Ecological Society of America's Panel on

     Vegetation Classification, in Chapel Hill, NC

August 2003 Presented on “Species richness and species pool size variation

     across pH gradients in Southern Blue Ridge forests” at the th Ecological Society of America’s 88 Annual Meeting,

     Savannah, GA

September 2003, Attended project design meetings in Santa Barbara, CA and

    March 2004 Arlington, VA for the VegBank national floristic database project

January 2002- Participated in a series of workshops to develop a

    October 2002 “Knowledge Network of Biodiversity” at the National

     Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in Santa

     Barbara, California

June 2001 Led a workshop at the First Annual Charleston

     Connections: Innovations in Higher Education

     Conference at the Citadel on the teaching of genetic

     techniques to introductory Biology students using

     models and hands-on experience.

November 1996 Presented at the 1996 National Collegiate Honors

     Conference in San Francisco on the merits of an

     honors exchange program

Honors and Activities

2004 Sigma Xi Honor Society

2002-2003 Representative for the Biology Graduate

     Student Association of UNC-CH

2002 South Carolina Native Plant Society Flame Azalea Award

2001-2002 Merit Assistantship from the Graduate School at UNC-Chapel Hill

2001 Honors Graduate from the Citadel Graduate Program for

    outstanding academic performance

    Gramling CV, p.6 of 6

    1998 College of Charleston Honor’s Program Graduate (with a double

    major in Biology and Anthropology)

1998 Charter Member of the Golden Key Honor Society at the College

    of Charleston

Spring 1996 Honors Exchange to the University of Groningen,

     The Netherlands

    1994-1998 College of Charleston Founder’s/Presidential scholarship (4 year

    full tuition)

    Spring 1994 Student Exchange to St. Petersburg, Russia

Affiliations and Memberships

Ecological Society of America

    Society for Economic Botany

    Association of Southern Biologists

    Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society

    South Carolina Native Plant Society

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