Virginia Emergency Operations Center (VEOC)

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Virginia Emergency Operations Center (VEOC) ...

    Virginia Emergency Operations Center (VEOC)

    Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM)

    Virginia Emergency Response Team (VERT)

    2009-12 Winter Storm Event


    1800 Hours December 23, 2009


    A significant winter weather event impacted the Middle Atlantic region, 18 December, through Saturday, 19 December,

    and resulted in heavy snow across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Unofficial snowfall totals for the western portion of the

    Commonwealth are over 24 inches, Central Virginia 8 to 16 inches and Northern Virginia 16 to 24 inches of snow.


    EOC Activation: VEOC is at Response Operations with limited Virginia Emergency Response Team activation.

    State of Emergency: Governor Timothy M. Kaine declared a state of emergency on 18 December 2009.

    Executive Order 105

    Protective Actions: Map of VDEM Regions

    Local Emergency Operation Centers Open: 5 Open EOC's

    VDEM Region 3: 1

    VDEM Region 4: 4

     Local Emergencies Declared: 37 Local Declarations

    VDEM Region 1: 3

    VDEM Region 2: 5

    VDEM Region 3: 3

    VDEM Region 4: 10

    VDEM Region 6: 7

    VDEM Region 7: 9


    Priority continues to be coordination and assistance to local jurisdictions in Southwest Virginia.

    125 Requests for Assistance Received

    In Progress 26; Declined 4; Cancelled 19; Completed 76

    ESF 1 (Transportation): 7

    ESF 4 (Firefighting): 9

    ESF 6 (Mass Care): 13

    ESF 7 (Logistics): 39

    ESF 8 (Health and Human Services): 2

    ESF 15 (External Affairs): 1

    ESF 16 (Military Affairs): 52

    ESF 17 (Volunteers and Donations): 2

    Missions Delivered, In Transit, or Accepted

    Water 140,004 gallons

    Meals 8,426 meals

    Generators 6

    Propane cylinders 20

    Oxygen Tanks 125

    Kerosene Heaters 4

    EOC Support Staff 2

    State Coordinator of Emergency Management issued a Limited Exemption of Hours worked for

    carriers transporting motor, home heating fuels, and road treatment chemicals. Exemptions are

granted for the period beginning 0600 21 December 2009 and continuing until 1200 20 January

    2009, or whenever the crisis has abated, whichever is soonest.

    Local Support Services: Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM)

    Regions 4 and 6 Coordinators demobilized; on call to assist localities as required.

    ESF 1 - Transportation: Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

    Most interstate and primary roads throughout the Commonwealth are largely clear of

    major snow and ice; however, icy patches remain. VDOT crews continue work to make

    passable every secondary road and subdivision street following this historic storm.

    Motorists are reminded that cold temperatures and melting snow can still result in icy

    patches on all area roadways. Drivers should use caution whenever traveling and should

    check road conditions before leaving home by calling 511 or visiting

VDOT and DMV issued weight waiver to Carriers transporting Essential Emergency Relief

    Supplies effective 1200 hours 20 December 2009 until 20 January 2010.

    ESF 4 - Firefighting: Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) Buchanan County VDOF saw crews have completed the necessary saw work in the

    county. Crews were ultimately reassigned to Russell County.

Dickinson County VDOF saw crews completed the needed saw work in the county and

    were successful in using a VDOF dozer to open up Mountain road to allow the necessary

    access for the restoration of radio and cellular services.

Russell County VDOF Type 3 IMT continues to support county EOC operations. VDOF

    saw crews made significant progress on Wednesday (12/23/09) and have re-established

    access along all state and county maintained roadways.

Wise County VDOF saw and dozer crews have completed all requested assignments and

    have been released. VDOF local County Technician will maintain contact with the County

    Emergency Operations Director in the event of any further needs.

    ESF 6 - Mass Care: Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) Shelter Status Map

    There are 10 local shelters open, operational and providing services in VDEM Region 4 for approximately 181 people.

    ESF 8 - Health & Medical: Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Office of Chief Medical Examiner reports 6 deaths; 5 confirmed storm related with 1 pending.

    Buchanan General Hospital has water being supplied by a contracted tanker. Dickenson

    Community Hospital is still on emergency generator power.

The Virginia Department of Health is advising local governments in southwest Virginia on

    the safety of their water supplies. Power outages have affected water treatment plants and

    the availability of water. Boil Water Notices are in effect for Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell,

    Scott and Wise counties, as well as the town of Jonesville in Lee County. The towns of

    Wise and Big Stone Gap, the city of Norton and Moccasin Gap are not under a Boil Water

    Notice. Residents should listen for instructions from their local governments about how to

    proceed. The 28 boil water notices impact 59,840 people.

    ESF 12 - Energy: State Corporation Commission (SCC) Power Outage Map

    Electrical Power: As of 1700 hours, 23 December, known customer power outage is:

    Appalachian Power 25,400

    Kentucky Utilities 5,700

    Powell Valley Cooperative 625

     Total 31,725

Kentucky Utilities reports that most customers will be restored by the end of the day

    Thursday, 24 December. The areas of Coeburn and St. Paul/Castlewood have more


    significant damage and the restoration could extend into Friday or the

    weekend. Appalachian Power reports that it anticipates restoring service to the vast

    majority of customers by the end of Friday, 25 December, but some isolated customers

    will likely not have service restored until next week.

    ESF 14 - Long-term Recovery: Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM)

    Documenting emergency response cost estimates and reviewing snowfall accumulations to

    assess eligibility for federal assistance.

    ESF 15 - External Affairs: Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM)

    Continue to handle media inquiries; however, media interest has decreased. Prepared and

    distributed news release detailing state agency actions to support local efforts. Continue to

    handle calls from citizens, Congressional offices and General Assembly offices.

ESF 16 - Military Support: Department of Military Affairs (DMA)

    As of 1700 23 December, Department of Military Affairs staff augmenting ESF 16 in the

    VEOC transitioned back to the VA National Guard Joint Operations Center. Demobilization

    of National Guard assets are in progress and currently 521 VA National Guard members

    are on state active duty in support of response operations with 121 focused in VDEM

    Region 4 localities of Buchanan, Dickenson, Lee, Russell and Wise counties.

ESF 17 - Volunteers and Donations Management: Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM)

    Coordinating with ESF 6 to assess shelter needs and locate resources to fill those needs. The

    Red Cross and Virginia Baptists are implementing a feeding operation for several SW

    counties. The Baptists mobile kitchen, stationed at the Applachia High School in Wise

    County, will prepare about 1,000 meals per day; the Red Cross emergency response vehicles will

    deliver two meals a day to shelters in Wise, Dickenson, and Russell counties as needed.


    Conducted conference calls with VDEM Regions 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 and National Weather

    Service Offices in Blacksburg and Sterling, Virginia, regarding the potential for significant

    icing in areas along the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Mountains. Call participants were

    advised to monitor the National Weather Forecast websites for specific weather

    information for their locality. NWS Offices Blacksburg VA Briefing Page; Charleston WV

    Briefing Page; Morristown TN; Sterling VA; Wakefield VA Briefing Page

    Maintaining situational awareness and producing state situation reports at 0800 and 1800.

Prepared by: Matt Wall and Debbie Messmer

    Authority of Michael Cline, State Coordinator

    /s/ Fred Vincent, VERT Coordinator


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