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    Provided by: Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS)

    Now Administered by: Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC)

    1-866-636-1608 OR 703-257-6579


    Web site:

    Revised: March 2006


This packet contains:

    (1) the form and instructions needed to apply for a scholarship,

    (2) program eligibility information, and

    (3) directions on how to obtain additional program materials.

    The Application

The application has been revised. There is now only one part to the application. Please ensure

    that you answer each question.

**Important** You MUST have applied for admission and been accepted by the school of

    your choice before this application can be processed. If you are attending a community college,

    you must provide us with your college-assigned “Empl. ID number. Contact your college’s Counseling Center if you have any questions about obtaining a college identification number.

    (1) It is necessary that all relevant questions be answered and that Northern Virginia Community

    College receive the application during the established application period or postmarked no later than the

    last day of the application period.

    (2) Applications are accepted as follows: Spring semester: October 15 December 15; Summer

    semester: March 15 May 1; and Fall semester: June 1 August 10.

    Please send completed application to:

    Northern Virginia Community College

    Virginia Child Care Provider Scholarship Program th6901 Sudley Road, MH 4 floor

    Manassas, VA 20109

    Note: We do not accept emailed or faxed applications.

    FORM #032-05-032/15 (02/06)

Professional Development for Child Care

    A statewide professional development system for child care providers is currently under development. The system will

    include core competencies and a career lattice for early childhood practitioners. One of the first steps in developing this

    system was a review of the Virginia Child Care Provider Scholarship Program (VCCPSP) and how the Program relates to

    the needs of the child care industry. Beginning with the Summer 2005 semester, all courses required for a certificate or degree program in the early childhood education field will be approved for payment through the VCCPSP, as funding

    allows. This practice will better guide providers through career path while supporting the professionalization of the

    industry. Child care teachers and directors are essential contributors to Virginia’s workforce and economy, and we value their efforts to improve the quality of child care by increasing their knowledge and skills in early care and education.

Maximum Award Amount

    The maximum benefits allowable for the Scholarship Program include either 8 classes or a maximum lifetime award of

    $1,707.60, whichever comes first. The scholarship award pays the cost of tuition and the technology fee for up to two

    courses per semester, up to the maximum lifetime award. Any additional fees, travel or expenses (such as books) will be

    the responsibility of the student. **In-state students will have an advantage over out-of-state students because their

    scholarship dollars will stretch further with in-state tuition rates. Virginia employers may contract with

    community colleges to use the in-state tuition rate for employees who live out-of-state. Check with your college’s Admissions and Records Office/Student Services Center if you have any questions about your tuition rate status. If

    students are new to Virginia, they may want to establish residency before applying for a scholarship.

Eligibility Information

    The applicant must meet all of the following criteria (Regulation 22 VAC 40-690-30).

    1. Be an employee of a child care program located in Virginia OR a Virginia resident (as defined by the Code of

    Virginia) who is employed in a non-Virginia child care program OR a Virginia resident (as defined by the Code

    of Virginia) who intends to become employed in child care

    2. Select a Program-approved course for which she/he has not previously received a scholarship

    3. Have no more than three past occurrences of the following: (a) received an award and did not register for the class;

    (b) withdrew from the awarded class after the add/drop deadline and did not complete the course; or (c) received a

    failing grade for an awarded course

    4. Inform the VCCPSP if the requested course is no longer available and must be substituted with another approved


    5. Understand and follow the requirements of the Scholarship Program.

Students are encouraged to work toward completing an early childhood certificate or degree program. However, students

    who have completed all of their certificate or degree program course requirements, and have not used their full lifetime

    benefit, will remain eligible to apply for additional scholarships. The VCCPSP provides two documents that explain

    program and employment information. They are the “Virginia Child Care Provider Scholarship Program Overview” and

    “Eligibility for Employment in Child Care in Virginia.” These documents can be obtained by: (1) using the VDSS Web site ( or (2) calling the Program’s hotline.



    DIRECTLY PAYS THE COLLEGES. It is important that you apply in a timely manner after you register for up to 2

    courses so that a decision can be made on your scholarship request prior to your institution’s payment deadlines. If an applicant elects to pay for the course because she/he has not yet received a confirmation letter from this Program,

    it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the college policies allow reimbursement to the student upon

    notification of a scholarship award.

Students must inform the VCCPSP if they receive federal assistance from another source, such as a Pell Grant, and

    therefore will not be using their scholarship. The Program will notify the appropriate college’s financial aid office of any VCCPSP awards.

    FORM #032-05-032/15 (02/06)


    Administered by

    Northern Virginia Community College

Directions: Please READ CAREFULLY and complete all relevant sections.

     1. SEMESTER - Indicate the semester and year for which you are 4. ALL STUDENTS COMPLETE THIS SECTION. requesting a scholarship. APPLICATIONS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED DURING THE DESIGNATED DATES. Below provide the name of the institution that you are planning to ? FALL 20___ (Application period: June 1 August 10) attend. If you are requesting scholarships for two courses at two different institutions, please complete both lines below. A list of ? SPRING 20___ (Application period: October 15 Dec 15) the approved institutions is on pages 2-3. ? SUMMER 20___ (Application period: March 15 May 1) College 1: _________________________________________________ 2. PERSONAL INFORMATION College 2: _________________________________________________ Full Legal Name: First_____________ MI _____ Last________________ Social Security Number: __________-_______-____________ 5. ONLY COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENTS COMPLETE THIS SECTION. College Assigned Student Number (Empl. ID)*_______________________ *You MUST provide us with your college ID number. Below provide the course number(s) and title(s) of the courses for which you are requesting a scholarship. You may select up to Home Address: Street___________________________________________ two courses. City_____________________________ State ________ Zip ____________ Course 1: Number ________Title_______________________________ Telephone:(_____)______ -_________ FAX (_____)______ - __________

    Personal Email Address: _________________________________________ Course 2: Number ________Title_______________________________ Your highest educational level : __ did not complete high school OR 6. ONLY FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY STUDENTS __ high school graduate/GED __ career studies certificate COMPLETE THIS SECTION. __ 1-year early childhood certificate __ associate degree __ bachelor degree __ master degree __ doctorate degree Below provide the number(s) and title(s) of the undergraduate __other (please list) _________________________________ course(s) for which you are requesting a scholarship and the equivalent community college course(s) listed on page 2 of this Your tuition category: __ in-state __ out-of-state application. (You may select up to two undergraduate courses.) A course will only be approved if it is comparable to an approved Have you applied for a scholarship in the last year? __ yes __no community college course. **You must submit a course description for the course(s) for which you are requesting a 3. EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION