Ian Murphy-Mitchard Scholarship for the Arts

By Rose Sims,2014-07-20 21:44
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Ian Murphy-Mitchard Scholarship for the Arts


     Ian Murphy-Mitchard Scholarship for the Arts

    $500 Scholarship

    Awarded to a talented area student continuing in: music (including vocal), visual arts or creative writing. Student must be graduating from any area High School (which includes Home School, GED and Alternative High School programs).

    Scholarship not based on grade point but talent.

    Application Form

    Cover Sheet


    Name of Applicant:

    Home Address:

    Name of current school attending:

    What institute of higher learning do you plan to attend?

    Have you applied for admittance? ? Yes ? No

    Have you been admitted yet? ? Yes ? No

    If “No” to either question, please provide explanation:

    What is/are your areas of interest(s) (i.e. musical, vocal, visual arts and/orcreative writing)

    List activities you are involved in (school & other)?

    Ian Murphy-Mitchard Scholarship for the Arts

    Required Attachments

    Page 2

    ? One or more letters of recommendation from: current teacher, director, private teacher or equivalent in the area that your talent lays.? Personal statement: A maximum of 500 words answering: why you first became interested in this field, who influenced you most and what your goals are.

    ? Any additional information that you feel will help you win this scholarship. (i.e. copy of a CD with your music, singing or photos of visual art can be included, but are not mandatory).

    Attachments must accompany application for scholarship consideration. Uncompleted scholarship applications will not be considered. A total of 5 copies should be submitted.

    Applications are due to the Freeport Community Foundation by April 8, 2011,

    4:00 p.m.:

    Scholarship Committee

    Freeport Community Foundation

    524 West Stephenson Street

    Freeport, IL. 61032-5003

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