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    Procurement Decision Matrix

     Small Purchases

    [FTA C 4220.1F Ch. VI, 3.b]

    The procedures used must comply with State and local law as well as with Federal requirements. The following guidance is based on the requirements of the Common Grant Rule for governmental recipients, supplemented by FTA policies that address the needs of FTA recipients. The Common Grant Rule for governmental recipients authorizes governmental recipients to use relatively simple and informal small purchase procedures.

    Definition: Acquisition of supplies, services, and construction in amounts ranging from $3,000 to $100,000.

    ; Multiple Sources available

    ; Not an emergency purchase

Basic Requirement:

    ; Small purchase procedures may be used to acquire services, supplies, or other property valued at more

    than the micro-purchase threshold (currently at $3,000) but less than the Federal simplified acquisition

    threshold at 41 U.S.C. Section 403 (11) (currently at $100,000).

    ; FTA does not intend to imply that any purchase of $100,000 or less must be treated as a Small Purchase.

    ; The recipient may set lower thresholds for small purchases in compliance with State and local law, or

    otherwise as it considers appropriate.


    ; Must obtain price or rate quotations from an adequate number (at least three) of qualified (and potential)


    ? Independent Cost Estimate

    … must make independent cost estimates before receiving bids or proposals. [FTA C 4220.1F Ch. VI, 6.]

    ; May not divide or reduce the size of procurements merely to avoid the additional procurement requirements

    applicable to larger acquisitions.

    ; Restrictive of Competition: Imposing unreasonable business requirements on firms in order for them to

    qualify to do business. Includes areas of Arbitrary Action, Brand Name Restrictions (“brand name or equal”

    acceptable), and Geographic Preferences.

    ; The solicitation and the contract awarded thereunder must include a clear and accurate description of the

    recipient’s technical requirements for the property or services to be acquired in a manner that provides for

    full and open competition. [FTA C 4220.1F, Ch. VI, 2.a.]

    ? Clear, Accurate, and Complete Specification

    ? Non-Collusion Declaration

    ; (Prior to Award) Must preform a cost (and/) or price analysis in connection with every procurement action,

    including contract modifications. [FTA C 4220.1f, Ch. VI, 6]

    ? Cost Analysis breaks down the total price into its components, looking at the supplier’s

    costs to determine the profit margin contained in that price. Cost Analysis is used if it is determined that

    competition is inadequate or price is inconsistent with the expected range established by ICE.

     ? Price Analysis looks at the supplier’s price in comparison to other market prices. Price

    Small Purchase Procurement Decision Matrix November, 2012 Page 1

    Analysis is used if it is determined that competition was adequate and price was within the expected

    range established by the ICE.

; Grantees are required to maintain and make available records detailing the history of each procurement.

    [FTA C 4220.1F, Ch. III, 3.d (1)]

Additional Considerations:

    ; These purchases are exempt from FTA’s Buy America requirements.

    ; Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements, however, will apply to construction contracts exceeding $2,000,

    even though the recipient uses micro-purchase procurement procedures.

    ; Prevailing Wage requirements apply to publicly funded construction contract and require payrolls and audits.

    ? Ensure Davis-Bacon and Copeland Anti-Kickback Clauses are used for all construction over $2,000.

; Rolling Stock Contract Term Limitation: multi-year contract to buy rolling stock with an

     option not exceeding five (5) years to buy additional rolling stock or replacement parts. May

     not exercise that option later than five (5) years after the date of its original contract. [FTA C

     4220.1F Ch. IV, 2.e.(10]

    ; Limitation applies to the ordering period.

    ; Be judicious in establishing and extending contract terms.

    ; Procurement file should contain evidence that the contract term is based upon sound business


    ; Consider competition, pricing, fairness and public perception.

    ; An extension of the contract term length that amounts to an “out of scope” change will require a sole

    source justification.

? Clauses (In Specification and Contract)

    ? DBE Language in Specifications and full packet as an Exhibit/Attachment

    Small Purchase Procurement Decision Matrix November, 2012 Page 2

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