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    September 22, 2007 P. O. Box 247 Leadville, CO 80461

    Thanks very much for cooperation in closing the gates!

    The Board Meeting was called to order on September 22, 2007 by President Ed Batterson at 10:00 a.m. in the

    Beaver Lakes Lodge. Board Members present: Ed Batterson, Jeff Anderson, John Boak, Sandi Halverstadt, Eric

    Flora, Bob Gresham, Debbie Trewitt and Jeanie Beckmann. Board member absent: Bob Dixon. Others

    attending: Marty Stevenson, Ed Kuiper, Kevin & Jeaneane Henke, Chris Burton. The minutes of the June 9,

    2007 Board Meeting were approved as written.

    TREASURER’S REPORT: It was moved, seconded, and approved that we increase the hourly wage for our

    accountant, Ed Kuiper, from $25.00 to $26.50/hour. Ed provides approximately 10 hours/month to BLE on

    check writing, budget and expense reports, and loan work.

    Treasurer Jeff Anderson and Ed K. reported on the status of the financing effort. We have reported earlier

    that primarily due to additional dam and water costs related to filling the lakes normal operating costs and

    Metro District formation costs, the BLE bank account is quite low and we must take out a loan for the

    remainder of the fiscal year, ending April 2008. We have several options for loans: 1) A Wells Fargo loan

    for which several board members would need to personally guarantee the loan; 2) A Peoples Bank loan

    which Ed K. is working on and would not require a personal guarantee; 3) short-term loans in $10,000

    increments at 9% interest from BLE members in the event we do not secure a bank loan in a timely fashion.

    A resolution was proposed, seconded and approved that Jeff and Ed seek loan options at the best possible

    loan rate of up to $350,000 (but would only be accessed as needed and likely an amount less than

    $150,000). The plan is for the Metro District to repay the HOA next year from the sale of bonds. It was

    also proposed, seconded and approved that in the event we do not obtain a timely bank loan, the

    opportunity will be offered to members to loan BLE funds in the amount of $10,000 at 9% interest for the

    short-term. This option was favorably received by several members at the meeting. If you wish to be on a

    list to potentially loan this amount to BLE conditional to the needs, please e-mail to Ed Kuiper at The payback time period will be at the discretion of the HOA. A resolution was

    moved, seconded and approved that if board members wish to be included on this loan list they may do so.

    Ed K. reported on the Balance Sheet (enclosed) which shows cash on hand at $47,446.56. Ed highlighted

    the new line item, Lake Water Rights, in the amount of $323,469. Our CPA has recommended that this

    asset be included in the balance sheet to accurately reflect this specific worth of the HOA. This amount will

    be further researched and may be adjusted upward. On the Operating Income & Expense report (also

    enclosed), the line item Water Expense-Twin Lakes includes a one-time water cost related to filling our two

    lakes, which will be reflected in the next report on the Special Assessment Income & Expense report.

    The Lake Stocking expense of $1,300 was for a fisheries consultant who recommended a plan for re-

    stocking fish for maximum fish growth and development after the lakes have been empty for so long. It

    was moved, seconded and approved that we spend $3,500 to stock the ponds this fall before the lakes

    freeze to allow for growth over the winter, if the fisheries consultant feels it is practical and the treasurer

    determines enough funds are available. We will likely spend another $3,500 next summer to stock more


    MANAGER’S REPORT: Mike is on a short vacation; Marty Stevenson provided the manager’s report in Mike’s absence. The culvert

    work on the lower road is complete to the legal requirements. The cattle guard at the forest service/BLE

    boundary has been cleaned out. Three culverts in the lower filing have been replaced. Mike will complete

    ditch work in the upper filing and service the plow truck before winter. He will also: dig out the ditch by

    the upper lake; place old damaged sections of the culverts on the ice of the lower lake this winter to

    provide fish habitat; place grates on outlet pipe in lower lake. Marty and Mike have suggested building a

    sand yard container for road sand so that the dump truck does not get damaged from larger rocks that get

    mixed in with the sand. It was moved, seconded and approved to spend up to $1,500 on concrete or other

    materials to provide this sand storage bin when funds become available.

    Mike will be researching and recommending fishing regulations, guest fishing fees, and lake management.

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE: Marty Stevenson reported on two approved applications:

    Ed & Mary Kuiper Filing 2, Lot 50 Tree removal/Site prep for shed

    Shelly Prochnow Filing 2, Lot 26 Tree removal/Building site prep


    A more than sufficient valid number of signatures of Colorado voters was obtained to place the metro

    district election on the November 6 ballot. Thanks to all who supported the petition and ballot effort. The

    ballot will be mailed out to all eligible Colorado voters toward the end of October. A short synopsis of each

    question on the lengthy ballot will be mailed out to voters owning property or residing within the BLE metro

    district area in a separate mailing. THANK YOU FOR RETURNING THE BALLOT BY THE DESIGNATED



    The Board is studying our governing documents regarding the potential need to strengthen regulations

    dealing with rubbish, junk cars, etc. Bob Dixon is leading the study and will report at the next meeting.


    -- It was discussed that we should establish how water storage rights are heldby ELHA as common

    interest property or by each lot owner. As mentioned above in the Treasurer’s Report, we should also

    establish how the open space common property is held. A document recording this status should then be

    written and filed for future BLE records. Dale Enck, BLE lawyer, will be asked to research this question and

    write an appropriate document.

    --The BLE copy machine is not working well; Ed Kuiper volunteered to take it to Colorado Springs for


    --It was moved, seconded, and approved to add a Beaver Lakes sign to the rear Gabbro Circle entrance of Beaver Lakes, as well as a sign above the east side of the upper gate indicating “Slow Down Gate Ahead”.


    The Board of Directors elected at the August Annual Meeting voted on offices for the upcoming year.

    Please see attached list for officers and their contact information.

NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to the following new members!

    Kevin Marckx & Susan Stirling Filing 2, Lot 14

    Shelly Prochnow Filing 2, Lot 26

    Craig Reynolds Filing 2, Lot 17

    Rochelle Thomas Filing 2, Lot 46

    Kenny & Kim Gibson Filing 1, Block 6, Lots 6 & 7

REMINDER OF NEW BLE WEBSITE AND LISTSERV: We hope that all members with internet

    access will sign up for the ListServ! We have created a new web site for the Beaver Lakes Estates

    Homeowners Association. We replaced the old Yahoo Groups site in order to make it easier for member-

    users and to make it easier for us to post, display and organize our information.

    The new site is found at The new site also has a listserv, which is a form of

    collective email for members. Once a member signs up, he or she may send emails to the listserv email

    address; all members signed up will receive that email, and may reply to it. In the past the listserv has

    helped members ask questions of the BLE community. The listserv may grow to a size that would make it

    useful for broadcasting Homeowners Association messages. To sign up for the listserv, go to the home

    page, look for the header "Join the Listserv" on the home page, and enter your email address into the text-

    entry box provided. You will receive an email from Topica, the provider of this ad-supported listserv service.

    It will provide a link for a web-based sign-up procedure. Note: when you get to end of the sign-up procedure, there may be a lengthy series of commercial sign-up opportunities that you wade through, but

    is not necessary -- just quit. You are already signed up by the time you get to those offers. Next, we will

    receive a notice of your request to sign up. If your email address is new to us we will confirm your

    membership; this lets us know who is on the listserv. Then we will activate you on the listserv.

Please send any changes in your e-mail address to Each mailing reveals

    several old e-mail addresses that are no longer active. If you have an e-mail address and are still receiving snail mail from us, please send your email address to help save us time and money.

The meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: November 10, 2007 at 10:00 am in the Lodge.

Respectfully submitted,

    Jeanie Beckmann, Secretary

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