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    Guidelines & Application Form

    Perth Region NRM Inc.

    80 Great Northern Highway


    Phone: (08) 9374 3333




    Perth Region NRM is pleased to invite applications from individuals and community groups for funding to assist them to achieve natural resource management objectives. These guidelines provide information to assist applicants in developing an eligible application. The application form is included in this document. OBJECTIVE OF FUNDING

    The Small Grants Program is intended to facilitate community engagement in the State Government’s NRM program

    in the Swan Region by building stakeholder capacity for undertaking natural resource management. Information on the State NRM program can be found at

    The objectives of the funding are to enhance the capacity of community groups to:

    ; Manage land resources sustainably

    ; Maintain and enhance the condition and beneficial uses of priority water assets

    ; Protect and enhance the marine and coastal environment

    ; Recover and conserve biodiversity

    The funds may be used for capacity building activities that clearly align to achieving these objectives in the Swan Region. Stakeholder capacity may be built through acquiring skills, knowledge, equipment or technologies. WHO CAN APPLY

    Individuals or not for profit community-orientated groups may apply for this funding.

    Examples of eligible stakeholders may include:

    ; Individuals or groups of people who want to contribute to natural resource management, or already work

    with others in relation to protecting or managing a particular natural area or asset;

    ; Individuals or groups of people that pursue recreational activities in natural areas with an interest in

    adopting practices that protect and preserve the environmental values of the places they visit e.g., trail

    riding, bushwalking, camping, fishing

    Government authorities or agencies and commercial entities are not eligible for this funding.

    You may complete more than one application; however applications cannot be reliant on each other or be components of the same purchase or activity in another application. Each application should be independent and clearly identify how the purchase or activity will contribute to the applicant’s capacity to delivery natural resource management outcomes.

    Please contact us prior to applying if you are unsure of your eligibility.


    The grant funds may be used for a wide variety of purposes on the grounds that they will contribute to increased capacity for natural resource management in the Swan Region. For example:

    ; Running an event, open day, workshop or similar

    ; Attending a conference, workshop, or training

    ; Purchase of reference or training materials

    ; Purchase of minor equipment (e.g. small tools, wheelbarrow, shed)

    ; Purchase of office or IT equipment (e.g. printer, items for site monitoring)

    ; Communications (e.g. website, newsletter, banners, signs)

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    Direct on-ground works and associated costs will not be funded. These may include but are not limited to:

    ; Any weeding, spraying, rehabilitation works, site assessments or monitoring

    ; Construction works or fencing

    ; Research or studies

    ; Feral animal control

    ; Salaries and travel


    All applicants must complete the budgeted expenditure section of the application.

    The maximum amount allowable for any one application is $1,500.00 plus GST.



    Applications must be made using the attached application form.

    If you require additional information about the application process including eligibility requirements, please contact Mog Piasecka on 08 9374 3333.


    Applications must be submitted no later than 4:30pm, Friday 20th September 2013. Late applications cannot be


    To assist Perth Region NRM in being more environmentally responsible, email submission of your application is preferred; however it can be submitted through any of the following methods:

    ; EMAIL to Mog Piasecka at

    ; MAIL to Mog Piasecka, Perth Region NRM, PO Box 2206 Midland WA 6936

    ; BY HAND to Perth Region NRM, 80 Great Northern Highway Middle Swan WA 6056


    Applications will be assessed by Perth Region NRM against a criteria including:

    ; Existing capacity of the applicant and their ability to enhance their capacity un-assisted

    ; Likelihood of the activity/purchase contributing to increasing the capacity of the applicant to delivery natural

    resource management outcomes.

    ; Value for money

    ; Appropriateness of activity/purchase to the objectives of the funding


    Where the successful applicant is not a legal entity (does not have an ABN), they will be required to provide to Perth Region NRM an Australian Taxation Office Statement by Supplier in order to receive the funds without incurring

    PAYG withholding tax. Alternatively they can have a legal entity manage their funds for them. Perth Region NRM will also consider paying invoices for goods or services directly on behalf of a successful applicant depending on individual circumstances.

    Successful applicants will be required to provide an acquittal of the funding they receive in the form of a signed acquittal form accompanied by receipts or other evidence of expenditure where applicable.

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    Application Form


    Name of Applicant (individual or community group):

    Nominated Contact: Position in group: Contact Address:

    Contact Telephone: Mobile: Business Hours:



    Intended use of the funding:

    Provide a description of what you intend to purchase with the funding (max 100 words)

Justification for the funding:

    Provide a summary of why you need these resources. You may like to include a brief history of any past on-ground achievements (max 200 words)

Benefit of the Funding:

    Describe how the activities/items purchased with this funding will help you to contribute to environmental protection or

    management. Your answer should clearly demonstrate the link between the purchase and an increase in your ability to

    undertake work. (max 200 words)

Objectives of the Funding:

    The activities\items purchased with this funding will increase your capacity to contribute to which primary objective of the


    Tick the boxes that best align

     Manage land resources sustainably

     Maintain and enhance the condition and beneficial uses of priority water assets

     Protect and enhance the marine and coastal environment

     Recover and conserve biodiversity

    TIP: If you are using this form electronically, double click on the appropriate check box and select ‘Checked’. To change your selection, simply double click again and select ‘Not checked’.

    Location of Activities:

    Provide the suburb and street address and/or describe the location where you expect to undertake work (or usually undertake

    work) that contributes to these objectives.

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    The maximum amount allowable for any one application is $1,500.00 plus GST ($1,650.00 inclusive). Provide a full description

    of the item/s you wish to purchase including details such as quantity or brand. Ensure you consider such things as booking fees,

    delivery costs or set up costs, which may be noted as an estimate.

    Item Description Cost (GST Incl)







    This funding application must be signed by the individual, or an authorised representative of the group applying for funding We declare that the information we have given in this application is complete and correct and that the group/organisation we

    represent (if applicable) supports this initiative.

    Name of Representative: Position in group:


     Signature: Date:

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