Florida Farm Bureau

By Tracy Ford,2014-10-20 04:46
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Florida Farm Bureau

    Florida Farm Bureau Federation COUNTY ACTION PARTNERSHIP (CAP) Application COUNTY ACTION PARTNERSHIP (CAP) Application

    COUNTY FARM BUREAU A, B & C County Farm Bureau

    PESTICIDE AWARENESS PROJECT Name of your project Name of your project

    Mr. John Doe Mr. Richard Roe

    Address (City, Zip Code) Address (City, Zip Code) Address (City, Zip Code) 123 Forest View Lane 456 Meadowbrook Road (Address) Tallahassee, FL 54321 Orlando, FL 45678 (City)

     (Zip Code)

    Phone # Phone # Phone # (352) 333-3333 (352) 444-4444 ( ) -

    $21,200.00 Total Projected Budget: Total Projected Budget:

    $4,000.00 Total Amount Requested from Farm Bureau: Total Amount Requested from Farm Bureau:

    08/01/08 Project Start Date: Project Start Date:

    07/01/09 Project Completion Date: Project Completion Date:



     ; Regulatory


    Signature, County Farm Bureau President

    (County Farm Bureau President signature required)

(I certify and approve the information provided on the CAP application form, and if the project is

    funded, will provide FFBF a final report as specified in the application.) It is mandatory that county