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    Country Company Website Area of Business Requirements


    Australia Blue Reef Pty Ltd Network Security Looking for a major

    Software UK vendor for their

    Sonar product range

    or specialist


    partner(s) into the

    UK Education,

    Government and

    SMB Business


    Australia Custom Traffic Pty Software that Would like to meet

    predicts road trip with System

    travel times Integrators, Software

    Applications &

    Developers with a

    view to undertaking


    ventures with ITS

    companies and


    Australia Debraneys Systems ICT Systems for Looking for a UK

    maritime security partner to deliver

    enabling compliance their system to UK

    to the International and European port

    Maritime authorities, ship

    Organisation’s (IMO) owners and

    and International maritime security

    Ship and Port Facility operational centres.

    Security (ISPS)


    Australia DPM Consulting Software product that Would like to meet

    includes rapid with Systems

    document creation Integrators with

    and centralised complementary

    template technologies. Also

    management looking at

    opportunities to

    develop a partner


    Australia Dynjab Manufacturer of To find a company Technologies Pty Passport Readers for to market the Ltd use by border control product in Europe

     authorities, airlines and Manufacturing

     etc Under Licence.

     Ideally company

     would have some

    presence in an allied

    field (eg security

    printing equipment)

    Australia Hatrix Pty Ltd Developer of Looking for a

    Software in the area partner (system

    of hospital electronic integrators, software

    medication developers) to

    management and promote their

    decision support technology on the

    systems UK market. Partner If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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    should be an existing

    vendor in the health

    sector looking to

    broaden their suite of


    Australia I.T. Minds Pty Ltd No website currently available e-Health Software Looking for e-health

    Development partners to provide

    Company suitable content to be

    delivered through IT

    Minds MindTrek

    Technology and UK


    interested in

    delivering their

    content in the UK

    using MindTreks

    content delivery


    Australia Protocom Password Exploring business Development Management development and Systems Solutions that partnering

    enhance security. opportunities. Also

    Protocom sells looking to meet

    solutions to large resellers of security

    enterprises and solutions


    Australia Simmersion Proprietary software. Would like to Holdings Pty Ltd Simmersion provides establish strategic

    the means to build relationships with

    real world data providers and

    environments based market access

    on video gaming partners to grow a

    technology allowing UK business, with

    city councils and the long term aim of

    developers to made teaming

    decisions through 3D agreement(s) or Joint

    modelling. ventures.

    Canada Aquavic Water Develop and market Would like to license Solutions technologies for the new technologies

    protection of from the UK and to

    drinking water. partner with UK

     companies who have

     an expertise in

    security systems as

    applied to water


    Canada Accesstec Inc Health Information Wish to establish

    Systems. Developed strategic partnerships

    proprietary software to open up new

    containing Electronic markets. Interested

    Health record, in meeting systems

    Admission / integrators, software

    discharge/transfer developers and

    etc. health sector



    Canada Archetectural & Mico utility Looking for partner Community appliance eco-to market and If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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    Planning Inc friendly licence technology

    infrastructure in UK and Europe.

    management, oilfield


    Canada Avensys Offer solutions to Looking for

    monitor different Strategic Alliance or

    types of Joint venture for the

    environments. We commercial launch

    cover Air, Water and of a new, fibre-optic

    Soil as well as sensor technology

    security of materials for water and air

    and infrastructures quality monitoring

    Canada Callio Information Security Would like to meet Technologies Software that helps Information Security

    implement BS7799. Consultants who

    Also includes would be interested

    document in becoming

    management tool. distributors

    Canada Cogent Integrated Web based health Looking to develop Solutions Inc and social care partnerships with

    application Companies as a sub-

    contractor with


    delivering on NHS

    contracts (systems

    integrators and



    Canada Digital Group of Telehealth, Interested in Telehealth telemedicine, e-exploring mutually Companies health consulting. beneficial

    relationships and

    opportunities for

    collaborative sales

    Germany AEG Netcontrol Develop, AEG netcontrol GmBH manufacture and sell wants to acheive

    automation and solid business co-

    communication operations with UK

    technology products companies that wish

    for the power utility to enter the German

    markets market or also wish

    to enter together

    with AEG netcontrol

    further markets

    outside Germany

    and UK. Markets

    include the


    technology sector,

    the renewable and

    conventional energy

    sector, waste

    management and

    waste to energy


    Germany Com Med Healthcare Software To find an


    consulting and sales If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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    Germany EOY New Health Care, Medical Would like to meet Business Technology, companies who wish Development Diagnostics & E-to develop their

    Health business in Germany

    and other German

    speaking markets.

    Germany Inter Component Provide Services and Looking to establish Ware solutions for the e-partnerships (Joint

    Health market, Ventures and

    focusing on an licensing new

    integrated web-based technologies) and

    Personal Health contacts regarding

    Record IT Modernisation in


    India Air India Aviation security for Information on new

    Air India and other technology products

    client airlines in field of security

     equipment. Looking

     to buy and license

    new technologies.

    India Bangalore Water Water and Waste New technologies in Supply & Water Management Water and Waste Sewerage Board Water. Interested in


    Instrumentation and

    Sensing device

    manufacturers and

    Utilities Network



    India Jet Airways Airline Wants to Source

    technology based

    security equipment

    such as vehicle


    electronic & tamper

    evident seals and

    would like to meet

    with systems

    integrators and

    device / equipment


    India Ramco Systems Ramco provides Interested in Ltd solutions and establishing Joint

    services to Ventures and

    organisations such as engaging with

    Citibank, PHI, customers having

    Ericsson, Hyundai, unique requirements

    ICI, Philips, Intel, for enterprise

    Radisson Edwardian solutions.

    to allow them to

    address their unique

    and next practices.

    India Turbo Consultancy Security / Like to establish Ltd Surveillance and joint ventures for the

    traffic related required equipment

    products, perimetry and systems and to If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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    protection, metal market and distribute

    detectors etc manufacturing

    equipment from

    different companies

    Japan Matsushita Electric Consumer electronic Looking for Industrial Co Ltd applicances, devices technology R&D

    and semi conductors partnering

    opportunites with

    innovative start ups.

    Would like to meet

    with equipment

    manufactures and


    Applications &


    Japan Matsushita Electric Production and Would like to find Works Ltd Distribution of cutting edge

    lighting products, technologies fitting

    information to their business

    equipment and field. Types of

    wiring, home organisations would

    appliances, building like to meet are

    products, electronic Technologist /

    and plastic materials Connectivity

    and automation specialist and

    controls technology transfer


    Japan Ricoh Company Office Equipment, Looking for new Ltd including copiers technology and

    and printers, software for future

    information products and would

    equipment, optial also like to create a

    devices and other link with an R&D

    electronic equipment firm / University.

    Japan Sanyo Electric Co Consumer Electronic Looking for Ltd products and technological seeds

    components for next generation

    consumer use

    electronic products

    and potential

    partners for future

    joint R&D

    Japan Sony Corporation Manufacturer of Looking for new

    audio, video, technologies and

    communications and opportunities to

    IT products fro collaborate with

    consumer and innovative

    professional markets companies

    New Bootstrap IT Software Would like to

    Zealand development of identify equipment

    Remote monitoring manufacturers or

    and control systems, suppliers to establish

    HR systems and a joint venture with a

    general custom technology partner,

    software in the area of

    development. monitoring and

    Markets are utility control

    companies. If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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    New Canterbury Economic Would like to

    Zealand Development development arm of provide a point of

    Corporation the local contact for UK

    Government in businesses wishing

    Christchurch, New to pursue trade,

    Zealand technology,

    partnership and


    opportunities with

    New Zealand


    New Lab-tek Custom design and Wish to work with a

    Zealand International manufacture UK laboratory

    multitube vortexers supplier or medical

    Supply to medical lab product

    laboratories and manufacturer (eg

    pharmaceutical Centrifuge or

    companies. centrifuge rotor

     manufacturer) to

     help finance and

     market prototype for

    examining cell


    New Omega Project control and Meet prospects for

    Zealand Technology Ltd time tracking both direct sales and

    software for use by channel partners.

    project and service

    based teams

    Spain Agents inspired Software Developer Clients / end users

    Technologies which uses Artificial are marketing

    Intelligence. services providers

    who offer a wide

    range of services

    such as Business

    Intelligence and

    Data mining

    analysis, database

    hosting etc. Looking

    to distribute our

    software in the UK

    market through

    Marketing Service


    Spain Agrotech Manure management Looking to form

    software for the relationship with

    farming sector. technology partners

    Creating channels to and establish joint

    sell fertilizers and ventures

    animal food tracking


    Spain Crystax Biotechnology Looking to partner

    Pharmaceuticals with UK companies.

    Spain Elephant Memo Information Meet technological

     Visualization and and financial

     Management. partners, device

     Storage and retrieve manufacturers,

    information that will content salers, public

    If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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    ease document administrations and

    management consulting bureaus


    Spain Genaker Spin-off from former Contact mobile

    Nokia R&D centre in operators, value

    Barcelona, Wireless added resellers with

    Applications good contacts to

    Development Centre mobile operators and

    R&D Innovative technology

    Mobile software integrators regarding

    products and the introduction of

    services for mobile new mobile

    manufacturers, applications in the

    operators and areas of PoC, IMS

    corporates.. and DVB-H.

    Spain Gestora Finances Venture capital firm Contacts with other per Emprenedors specialized in venture capital firms

    financing start ups in order to establish

    and early stage future investments


    Spain Indra Software company. Looking for

    Involved in a number partnerships with

    of projects in the similar companies in

    healthcare sector the UK


    development of a

    system for diagnosis

    by digital image and

    CRM system in

    collaboration with


    Spain MSS Complete support for Collaborating with

     IT localization and other assistants in

     technical topics of common

     documentation interest


    Spain Net Transmit Collaboration and Establish

     communications commercial contacts

     software solutions and information

    Spain Nextret SL IT Consultancy Looking for

    Company partnerships and IT

    products to sell to


    Spain Novasoft Sanidad Software for Looking to open SA digitalising x-ray office in the UK to

    images. The enter the market

    company specialises

    in medical software,

    k hospital and




    Spain Polymita Software Establish networking Technologies development to with the attending

    empower business companies, meet

    productivity and possible partners to

    increase distribute our

    competitiveness. products. If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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    BPM, EAI and

    Enterprise Portals.

    Spain Simulator SL IT Company that Looking for

    have developed entrepreneur

    software to repair partners, investors

    computers (venture capitalist)

    automatically and local partners





    Spain Televent Software company Looking for Interactiva / ICX specialising in e-partnerships


    Spain Tinytronic Design and Meet technological

    manufacture and financial

    telemetry and partners, device

    radiotracking manufacturers.

    equipments. Any Prospective

    application that reciprocal agreement

    needs to locate very of distribution.

    small transmitters in

    range of 100m to

    few km

    USA Internet media Identify

     company selling developments in UK

     outdoor gear directly market to ease

     to consumers as well transition into the

    as through private UK market. Looking

    label partnerships for off the shelf

    with retail /media solutions to

    entities like Nike problems that we

    ACG. have typically tried

    to develop in house.

    As this operation

    will need to be self

    sufficient away from

    the home office we

    are looking for

    partners in most

    functional areas

    CRM, Transaction

    security, database




    USA Anta Systems Provide end-to-end Identify business and

    secure turn-key VoIP technology partners

    / IP-PBX solutions to expand business

    for world-wide into the EMEA

    market of SME market. Better

    businesses understanding of

     EMEA regulations

     and requirements for

    successful VoIP


    USA Bearing Point Inc Management Identify technologies

     consultancy and to solve evolving US If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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     business systems homeland security

    integration firm mission needs and

    serving clients in the for application by

    Fortune 2000 and US critical

    public sector around infrastructure owners

    the globe. Expertise and operators to

    in Homeland ensure protection or

    security technologies resiliency of the

    related to physical critical infrastructure

    security, cyber asset

    security, border


    USA Cal2Cal Global Information Looking at long-

    Technology products term partnerships

    and software and business

    engineering relationships within

    specializing in our target areas.


    technologies public

    health and

    healthcare, data

    mining and business


    USA Caymas Identity driven Meet potential

    access gateways, partners to expand

    access control, our business and

    integrated partnerships

    application security.

    Markets comprise of

    corporations of 100

    or more users

    USA Digimarc Digimarc is the Discuss and

    leading supplier of potentially identify

    secure media regional go to

    solutions used in a market partner for

    range of security, Digimarc Mobile.

    identification and Interested in meeting

    digital media content m commerce

    applications. developers, 3G

    applications market

    developers and

    mobile operators

    USA Experticity Staffing platform to Make contact with

     help enterprises strategically aligned

     deliver better trained companies looking

    employees. Enables to partner on the

    PC’s to deliver live, marketing of our

    on-screen customer solutions in the UK

    service reps through and across EMEA.

    two-way video,

    audio, data,



    Service Providers

    (Retail, Government,


    USA Klir Technology Klir is a provider of Establish contacts

    on demand IT that will be

    If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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    analytics beneficial to Klir to

    applications expand its presence

    providing real-time outside of the US

    visibility into the and potentially assist

    performance and in the continued

    cost of mission advancement of our

    critical IT assets, product offerings via

    providing the ability technology

    to actively manage partnerships.

    and optimize IT Interested in meeting

    investments UK based providers

    of web-hosting

    services and

    software solutions

    companies in the

    area of networking,

    analytics, etc.,


    development firms,

    systems integration,

    value-added resale

    for partnering.

    USA Mercury Online Digital Signage Looking to form

    Solutions Networks. Company relationships to

    have just signed a 10 provide us with

    year, exclusive hardware, software

    contract with the and services to

    Specialist Schools support our overall

    Trust in London to contract with

    provide all of their Specialist Schools

    digital signage Trust.


    USA Mobile Operandi Personal and Would like to talk to

     community mobile prospective go to

     content management. market partners,

     Offer a web service including operators,

    that allows mobile web portals, wireless

    users to customize content providers,

    and personalize ISPs, and mobile

    assets on their phone storefront providers

    USA Openrange Provides turnkey Seeking suppliers or

    telemetry solutions partners for the

    to the Oil and Gas development of new

    vertical market. Our well controller

    solution combines technology for oil

    software, data-and gas wells in

    logging, cellular and addition to new more

    satellite reliable methods of

    communications tank-level

    hardware and monitoring.

    professional services

    to meet our customer


    USA Openwave Emergency and To meet technology

    commercial location partners and to gain

    based services and an insight into both

    software. Sell to both the telecoms markets

    local government and technology

    If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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