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    Country Company Website Area of Business Requirements


    Australia Blue Reef Pty Ltd Network Security Looking for a major

    Software UK vendor for their

    Sonar product range

    or specialist


    partner(s) into the

    UK Education,

    Government and

    SMB Business


    Australia Custom Traffic Pty Software that Would like to meet

    predicts road trip with System

    travel times Integrators, Software

    Applications &

    Developers with a

    view to undertaking


    ventures with ITS

    companies and


    Australia Debraneys Systems ICT Systems for Looking for a UK

    maritime security partner to deliver

    enabling compliance their system to UK

    to the International and European port

    Maritime authorities, ship

    Organisation’s (IMO) owners and

    and International maritime security

    Ship and Port Facility operational centres.

    Security (ISPS)


    Australia DPM Consulting Software product that Would like to meet

    includes rapid with Systems

    document creation Integrators with

    and centralised complementary

    template technologies. Also

    management looking at

    opportunities to

    develop a partner


    Australia Dynjab Manufacturer of To find a company Technologies Pty Passport Readers for to market the Ltd use by border control product in Europe

     authorities, airlines and Manufacturing

     etc Under Licence.

     Ideally company

     would have some

    presence in an allied

    field (eg security

    printing equipment)

    Australia Hatrix Pty Ltd Developer of Looking for a

    Software in the area partner (system

    of hospital electronic integrators, software

    medication developers) to

    management and promote their

    decision support technology on the

    systems UK market. Partner If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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    should be an existing

    vendor in the health

    sector looking to

    broaden their suite of


    Australia I.T. Minds Pty Ltd No website currently available e-Health Software Looking for e-health

    Development partners to provide

    Company suitable content to be

    delivered through IT

    Minds MindTrek

    Technology and UK


    interested in

    delivering their

    content in the UK

    using MindTreks

    content delivery


    Australia Protocom Password Exploring business Development Management development and Systems Solutions that partnering

    enhance security. opportunities. Also

    Protocom sells looking to meet

    solutions to large resellers of security

    enterprises and solutions


    Australia Simmersion Proprietary software. Would like to Holdings Pty Ltd Simmersion provides establish strategic

    the means to build relationships with

    real world data providers and

    environments based market access

    on video gaming partners to grow a

    technology allowing UK business, with

    city councils and the long term aim of

    developers to made teaming

    decisions through 3D agreement(s) or Joint

    modelling. ventures.

    Canada Aquavic Water Develop and market Would like to license Solutions technologies for the new technologies

    protection of from the UK and to

    drinking water. partner with UK

     companies who have

     an expertise in

    security systems as

    applied to water


    Canada Accesstec Inc Health Information Wish to establish

    Systems. Developed strategic partnerships

    proprietary software to open up new

    containing Electronic markets. Interested

    Health record, in meeting systems

    Admission / integrators, software

    discharge/transfer developers and

    etc. health sector



    Canada Archetectural & Mico utility Looking for partner Community appliance eco-to market and If you wish to meet with any of the above please e-mail

    or call 0161 772 2818

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    Planning Inc friendly licence technology

    infrastructure in UK and Europe.

    management, oilfield


    Canada Avensys Offer solutions to Looking for

    monitor different Strategic Alliance or

    types of Joint venture for the

    environments. We commercial launch

    cover Air, Water and of a new, fibre-optic

    Soil as well as sensor technology

    security of materials for water and air

    and infrastructures quality monitoring

    Canada Callio Information Security Would like to meet Technologies Software that helps Information Security

    implement BS7799. Consultants who

    Also includes would be interested

    document in becoming

    management tool. distributors

    Canada Cogent Integrated Web based health Looking to develop Solutions Inc and social care partnerships with

    application Companies as a sub-

    contractor with


    delivering on NHS

    contracts (systems

    integrators and



    Canada Digital Group of Telehealth, Interested in Telehealth telemedicine, e-exploring mutually Companies health consulting. beneficial

    relationships and

    opportunities for

    collaborative s