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    TIM HUTT, Programme and Change Management, Business Consultancy Name: Timothy John Hutt Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Telephone Number: 07780 600 441 Email: Personal Statement

    Tim is a senior professional in the Programme and Change Management arena, in both delivery and re-organisation for business

    enhancement contexts. He has substantial experience and a first class track record of achievement with senior references available to validate this assertion.

Tim is an excellent, enthusiastic and target driven individual who thrives in challenging environments whilst maintaining his

    sense of humour. Passionate and committed to all aspects of his work, he develops excellent working relationships at all levels and engages easily in work and social environments. He has a proven track record of delivering excellent business change; introducing positive step changes in performance through the pioneering of vision, strategic planning, conversion to roadmaps, exploitation of proven IT technology, continuous process improvement, team building and operational transformations. With many years of

    experience in a diverse range of industry he is able to positively direct successful achievement from concept, through planning to implementation and ultimately into business operation. Tim’s style is to run a ‘surprise and delight’ operation, his reference list, testimony to his ability to deliver, is as extensive as it is impressive.

    Summary Key Skills and Competencies

    19 years ? Leadership and People Matrix Management

    16 years ? Strategic Programme and Project Management

    12 years ? Business Transformation & Organisational Change

    20 years ? Strong Strategic, Analytic and Technical Capability

    12 years ? Supplier and Partner Relationship Management

    Industry Sectors

     10 Years ? Telecommunications: Vodafone, Orange, ntl, Cable &Wireless, BT

     3 Years ? Financial Services: Abbey, Barclays Bank, C&G, Derbyshire BS

     16 Months ? Government: The Environment Agency, Gloucestershire D.A.

     3 Years ? Consultancy: Accenture

     12 Months ? Automotive (service): ATS Euromaster

     3 years ? Retail: Searscard, Sears

     5 Years ? Utility: British Energy, British Nuclear Fuels, British Gas Transco

    Tim’s strong and natural leadership ability, strategic approach, can - do attitude, energy and

    enthusiasm combined with excellent programme and people management skills ensures effective

    delivery of tangible business benefit and change management organisation Summary Key Achievements

    ? Vodafone recovery of the Customer Management programme with improved project traction, timely delivery and enhanced

    customer relationship

    ? Vodafone Successful delivery of Vodafone top two products of the year and the re-organisation of the Consumer Programme

    Management facility, retained to recover the Customer Management Programme

    ? British Energy Re-organisation of the IT Department to deliver value and achieve a Best of Breed, Customer Centric focus

    ? Environment Agency - Transformation of the Agencies management of change, outsourcing of Financial and HR functions

    ? Barclays Bank Achieving closure of contract for the outsourcing of Application Development to a consortia of Accenture,

    HP and Microsoft

    ? ntl: Management of the outsourcing of major IT functions in terms of application development and service delivery to IBM

    ? ATS Euromaster Design and Delivery of a Shared Service Centre providing ?2.8m saving, year on year

    ? Accenture Initial Concept, Feasibility, Design and Delivery of a Shared Service Centre for Finance and HR operations of

    the consultancy

    ? Orange Conversion of marketing strategy into scoped programmes of work and subsequent launch and management of

    convergent and integrated broadband, fixed and mobile products using broadband and Voice Over IP (VoIP) technologies

    ? Barclays Bank The migration from NT of existing desktop applications to a new XP based thin client target architecture

    ? Orange Delivery of a mobile ‘Push to Talk’ product

    ? Cable and Wireless Global Development and trial of strategic desktop renewal utilising PORTAL technology

    ? Abbey Implementation of systems and process changes to enable Abbey to comply with the mortgage products regulatory

    requirements of the Financial Services Authority.

    ? Environment Agency - Introduction of IT Service Management utilising IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

    ? Abbey Delivery of a major software release comprising mortgage product and ‘Get well’ IT Infrastructure renewal projects TJH cv Page 1 of 5

    TIM HUTT, Programme and Change Management

    ? Environment Agency Introduction of Information Age Government (IAG), Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) and

    Electronic Records Management (ERM) targets defining appropriate Policy, Process and Guidance

    ? Cable and Wireless Communications Separation of CWC’s domestic operation: Separation and Integration of IT Systems,

    business processes in the centralisation and readiness for sale of CWC’s consumer business to ntl:

    ? ntl: Setting up of Change Management operation for ntl: home

    ? Cable and Wireless Communications Programme Management of Product and IT Infrastructure renewal projects delivery

    for multi function business areas of Billing Operations, Finance, HR, Legal and Supply Chain

    Summary Key Skills and Competencies

    ? Can Do’ Programme and Change Manager, heavily experienced in the strategic planning, development and implementation of

    programmes of work usually but not exclusively utilising IT to gain specific business advantage in UK, Pan European and

    Global arena’s.

    ? Second to none Leadership, Communication and People Management skills winning confidence at all levels to influence

    President, Director, senior level Business Managers to deliver programmes on time, to budget with experience and direct

    responsibility of ?60+ million budgets senior level references available ? Industry Leader on programme recovery and transformation into highly effective and motivated delivery teams enjoying

    excellent relationship with the customer

    ? Expert on working across the traditional IT / operational business boundaries to ensure that programmes of change deliver the

    success and benefits that meet the varying needs of the key stakeholders with specific success in the management of issues

    associated with organisational change

    ? Proven ability to fully understand, engage business direction and pioneer vision to meet the needs and goals of the business

    yet posses an in depth knowledge of Information Systems that enables the exploitation of modern, proven technology to gain

    business advantage and achieve great business change

    ? IT thoroughbred, tempered with years of being immersed in business operation, with Full Whole of Lifecycle change


    ? Adept at building a team environment and encouraging exceptional performance from existing and new team members and rdutilising both internal and external, 3 party resource ? Thrives working under pressure in politically sensitive environments achieving aggressive timescales

    ? Intellect, experience and confidence to fuel debate on innovative and practical aspects to elicit the best possible solution to

    challenges within the business community

    ? A broad understanding of the present day business drivers for both public and commercial domains

    Career History

    Vodafone: Mar 06 to Date

    Type of business: Telecommunications

    Position: Interim Senior Programme Manager

Tim joined Vodafones Programme and Project Management department to bring focus to the delivery of products into the

    marketplace whilst providing senior level support through the organisational change inevitably associated with the

    outsourcing of the most of Techology. In addition Vodafone faced many challenges including loss of lead in the marketplace

    and large-scale staff uncertainty due to the outsource programme. Tim managed the Consumer Marketing, Core Voice and

    Messaging Delivery Programme on an interim basis and ultimately re-organised the Programme Management structure

    introducing appropriate Governance.

    A major aspect of his responsibility was to deliver the top two products of the year to time and budget. Both associated

    projects achieved this and were:

    ? ‘Vodafone Family’, the mainstay of Vodafone’s product offering for 2006 for on-net calling groups (groups of

    Vodafone customers) so that families or groups can call each other for free

    ? ‘Free Weekends’. Second only to Vodafone Family Free Weekends was a major product in Vodafone’s product

    launches for 2006. It gave prepay customers the ability to qualify for free weekend calls and texts dependent on

    their spend in the week.

    Further to the above successes Tim was asked to remain with Vodafone to recover the Customer Management Programme.

    The programme’s extremely poor relations with the business, lack of traction and low team morale were all successfully

    addressed due to Tim’s core skills. The programme now enjoys improved customer relations, delivery to agreed milestones

    and a highly effective and motivated team morale.

    British Energy: Dec 05 to Mar 06

    Type of business: Nuclear powered provider of electricity

    Position: Interim Senior Manager

Reporting directly to the IT Director and as part of the Senior Management Team, Tim reshaped the IT Department (IMD)

    whilst adopting line management responsibility for Business Solutions. Tim’s leadership, strategy setting and visioning

    TJH cv Page 2 of 5

    TIM HUTT, Programme and Change Management

    abilities were used to radically change the ‘front end’ of IMD. His main objective was to deliver value and increase the

    business managers’ confidence in IT and he therefore re-focused IMD into a customer centric organisation. Tim paid

    specific attention to the interface with the business - how work comes in and how it was subsequently managed. His main

    achievement was to launch a new role to manage the interface with and become the single point of contact between IMD and

    the business. His responsibilities included the recruitment of new business partners within each of the business units.

Orange: Jun 05 to Dec 05

    Type of business: Telecommunications

    Position: Programme Manager

Tim translated the clients Customer Marketing service strategy into achievable and scoped programmes of work, delivering

    the key business benefits. Further to this he took on the full responsibilities of ensuring that the resulting plan was supported

    by resourced and planned deliverables with a high confidence of delivery. Having gained approval via the clients Change

    Process (PRINCE2) he then undertook responsibility for the execution of the approved programme.

Tim’s specific responsibilities included launching the following products:

    ? ‘Single Phone’. A product designed to support ‘Triple Play’ which delivers a fully integrated mobile, fixed and

    broadband offering. Using Voice over IP (VoIP) solution on the fixed (broadband) network customers will be able

    to make voice calls more cheaply than over the mobile network whilst they are at