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    On the Spring Festival Gala

    The Spring Festival is one of the special days in a year .There are many forms to celebrate it .On the Eve the whole family will get together to eat dinner Spring Festival.After that they usually watch the CCTV Spring Festival Gala .

    Recently,there is a heated discussion about whether should be canceled CCTV Spring Festival Gala .It drew the public attention .There are two totaly different arguments.Some people support that,they think the programs are too old and only the senior or mid-aged will see them.Most young people usually focus their attention on other forms of progams while others oppose it ,on Eve they enjoy with their families watch the gala together .Most of programs behalf our countyrs tradition ,so we cant

    abandon it .

    As far as I am concerned.I am supported by sound reasons the CCTV Spring Festival Gala should be hold every year .It is a traditional day and we should treat it with respect.

     What Electives to choose

    Nowadays college students have many kinds of electives o select .Different students have different choices ,they can lay a basement on their future by the electives they choose .

    Some students may choose to learn a certain course in order to obtain an extra certificate .It will benefit for their job hunting after graduation .They think the more knowledge they know the better job they will obtain .Others may have their choice made just for fun .They only enjoy the colorful days in college ,they draw less attention on them .

    As far as Im concerned ,I choose electives based on both the value of the courses and the interest of my own .I will try my best to learn which the electives I choose .Only in this way my dream can come true finally .

     Limiting the Use of Disposable Plastic Bags

    Nowadays more and more disposable plastic bags are being used .The problem has been already arouse wide public concern .

     It is undeniable that plastic bags play an important role in our daily life ,we cant

    leave it . But the problems it bring us were very huge .If people use them in the following years ,I belive soon our environment will become all white .Usually when people throw them at random ,they got into the ground and water this will due to our water polluted and even worse it will be harmful for our health .

    So It is very necessary for our government to limit the disposable bags .A measure should be brought up as soon as possible .Only in this way can we protect both our environment and our health .

     Recreational Activities

    Recently we inquired some students of our school about their recreational activities .

    Students view on it vary from person to person .Some students take part in some activities which hold by our college .Like a competition for a good host ,cooking competition and so on .They make full use of their free time to participate in these activities to improve their personal skills .Some students go hiking on weekends which offer a good opportunity to feel the nature and relax themselves .Therefore there are also some students who join the English corner to improve their spoken-English .Another students play basketball ,football ,volleyball and other ball activities .They expressed when they got involved in these games they were very enjoy them .Chatting online ,reading bookes ,jogging ,hiking are included within the recreational activities range .

    To sum up ,as a college student ,we are faced with new opportunities and challenges ,we should draw our attention on positive activities and benift from these activities .We neednt focus time and energy on study we can take part in some

    interesting activities to expand our scope of knowledge .

     Free Admission to Museums

    Nowadays more and more museums are admission-free to visitors .There are many books ,some treasure vases and other meaningful things in museum.Some goods behalf the culture of one country ,they usually have a long history and we can also learn a lot of knowledge from them .

    However free admission to museum will lead to some problems as well .Some people will be not concerned about the environment of museum .They may throw some rubbish at random ,It would lead to some bad influence .Others would not protect goods in museum .

    As far as Im concerned ,Im in favor of the free-admission to visitors ,museums

    can make some regulations to guide the visitors ,to treat the goods correctly in museum .Only in this way free-admission to museums can last long .

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