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    Clauses C. which 107 elements found in patterns.

    1. So quickly are science and D. while nature. A. Because

    technology advancing ___ 10. It would be difficult for a A. So far as B. When

    is a possibility today may man of his social position, B. As long as C. Since

    be a reality tomorrow. ___, to rise up in the C. Just as D. While

    A. that what world in that society. D. For all 29. ___ brings about B. if what A. however charming 20. We left the manager a happiness has utility, C. what and capable note ___ he wanted to according to the doctrine D. that B. charming and having know where we were. of utilitarianism.

    2. Human behavior is mostly capacity A. in case A. Anything a product of learning, ___ C. even with charm and B. so that B. Whatever the behavior of animal so capable C. unless C. Those which depends mainly on D. though charming and D. if D. That

    instinct. capable is he 21. “This is an interesting 30. His diligence was ___ he A. whereas 11. ___ this kind of disease painting.” made great progress. B. so can cause great harm to “Would you hold it up A. so that

    C. unless the cattle. ___?” B. such that D. that A. Where it occurs A. that everyone should C. in order that

    3. The old woman has loved B. Occurring there see it D. so as that Tom ___ he were her son. C. It occurs to where it B. so everyone can see 31. We eat ___ we may live A. as though is it but some people seem to B. because D. Where does it occur C. so that to be seen by live ___ they may eat. C. as 12. He married ___ he loved everyone A. lest … so that

    D. if her but because he was D. that everyone could B. so that … in order

    4. The elimination of indebted to her. see that

    inflation would ensure A. not because 22. The more civilized man C. in case … for fear

    that the amount of money B. because not has become, ___ he is D. though … in case

    used in repaying a loan C. because limited by the 32. ___ man can now create would have ___ as the D. though disadvantage of his radioactive elements, amount of money 13. ___, Betty did not accept environment. there is nothing he can do borrowed. Berry’s proposal. A. and the more to reduce their A. the same value A. Fool though he is B. the less radioactivity. B. as the same value B. Fool what he were C. lest A. As

    C. value as the same C. A fool since he was D. and the less B. While

    D. the value is the same D. A fool though he is 23. ___ he entered the C. Whether

    5. It is not such a pencil ___ 14. The thief hid himself in university, his English has D. Now that I used yesterday. the chimney ___ someone been much improved. 33. The knee is the joint ___ A. that should catch him in the A. Before the thigh bone meets the B. what act. B. Since large bone of the lower C. as A. lest C. After leg.

    D. which B. when D. When A. when

    6. Young scientists cannot C. where 24. Substances will expand or B. where

    realize too soon that D. but that contract ___ heated or C. why

    existing scientific 15. Put your luggage in the cooled, but this is not the D. which

    knowledge is not nearly van quickly ___ the train same case with water. 34. Students ___ shouldn’t so complete, certain and will be off in a minute. A. when they will be spend so much time in unalterable ___ many text A. now that B. when front of TV. books seem to imply. B. so that C. as they being A. whose main task A. as C. before D. if they will be being study B. so D. unless 25. It was found that although B. whose main task it is C. that 16. ____ we can make laws the girl could perceive to study D. what protect certain animals, things with her fingers, C. their main task being

    7. America will never again we are frequently this ability ceased ___ her to study have as a nation the spirit incapable of controlling hands were wet. D. it is their main task to of adventure ___ it did the environment. A. the moment when study

    before the west was A. While B. the moment 35. The police discovered the settled. B. However C. in that moment thieves’ hide-out two days A. as C. Whatever D. before later, by ___ time, B. so D. Provided that 26. ___ the 1500’s ___ the however, the thieves had C. for 17. ___ there is no opposition, first European explored disappeared. D. when we shall hold the meeting the coast of California. A. this

    8. ___ difficulties they may here. A. It is not until, then B. which

    come across, they will A. Provided that B. It was not until, that C. then

    help one another to get B. Ever since C. It’s not until, when D. that

    over them. C. While D. It was until, that 36. Is this the first time you A.