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    Clauses C. which 107 elements found in patterns.

    1. So quickly are science and D. while nature. A. Because

    technology advancing ___ 10. It would be difficult for a A. So far as B. When

    is a possibility today may man of his social position, B. As long as C. Since

    be a reality tomorrow. ___, to rise up in the C. Just as D. While

    A. that what world in that society. D. For all 29. ___ brings about B. if what A. however charming 20. We left the manager a happiness has utility, C. what and capable note ___ he wanted to according to the doctrine D. that B. charming and having know where we were. of utilitarianism.

    2. Human behavior is mostly capacity A. in case A. Anything a product of learning, ___ C. even with charm and B. so that B. Whatever the behavior of animal so capable C. unless C. Those which depends mainly on D. though charming and D. if D. That

    instinct. capable is he 21. “This is an interesting 30. His diligence was ___ he A. whereas 11. ___ this kind of disease painting.” made great progress. B. so can cause great harm to “Would you hold it up A. so that

    C. unless the cattle. ___?” B. such that D. that A. Where it occurs A. that everyone should C. in order that

    3. The old woman has loved B. Occurring there see it D. so as that Tom ___ he were her son. C. It occurs to where it B. so everyone can see 31. We eat ___ we may live A. as though is it but some people seem to B. because D. Where does it occur C. so that to be seen by live ___ they may eat. C. as 12. He married ___ he loved everyone A. lest … so that

    D. if her but because he was D. that everyone could B. so that … in order

    4. The elimination of indebted to her. see that

    inflation would ensure A. not because 22. The more civilized man C. in case … for fear

    that the amount of money B. because not has become, ___ he is D. though … in case

    used in repaying a loan C. because limited by the 32. ___ man can now create would have ___ as the D. though disadvantage of his radioactive elements, amount of money 13. ___, Betty did not accept environment. there is nothing he can do borrowed. Berry’s proposal. A. and the more to reduce their A. the same value A. Fool though he is B. the less radioactivity. B. as the same value B. Fool what he were C. lest A. As

    C. value as the same C. A fool since he was D. and the less B. While

    D. the value is the same D. A fool though he is 23. ___ he entered the C. Whether

    5. It is not such a pencil ___ 14. The thief hid himself in university, his English has D. Now that I used yesterday. the chimney ___ someone been much improved. 33. The knee is the joint ___ A. that should catch him in the A. Before the thigh bone meets the B. what act. B. Since large bone of the lower C. as A. lest C. After leg.

    D. which B. when D. When A. when

    6. Young scientists cannot C. where 24. Substances will expand or B. where

    realize too soon that D. but that contract ___ heated or C. why

    existing scientific 15. Put your luggage in the cooled, but this is not the D. which

    knowledge is not nearly van quickly ___ the train same case with water. 34. Students ___ shouldn’t so complete, certain and will be off in a minute. A. when they will be spend so much time in unalterable ___ many text A. now that B. when front of TV. books seem to imply. B. so that C. as they being A. whose main task A. as C. before D. if they will be being study B. so D. unless 25. It was found that although B. whose main task it is C. that 16. ____ we can make laws the girl could perceive to study D. what protect certain animals, things with her fingers, C. their main task being

    7. America will never again we are frequently this ability ceased ___ her to study have as a nation the spirit incapable of controlling hands were wet. D. it is their main task to of adventure ___ it did the environment. A. the moment when study

    before the west was A. While B. the moment 35. The police discovered the settled. B. However C. in that moment thieves’ hide-out two days A. as C. Whatever D. before later, by ___ time, B. so D. Provided that 26. ___ the 1500’s ___ the however, the thieves had C. for 17. ___ there is no opposition, first European explored disappeared. D. when we shall hold the meeting the coast of California. A. this

    8. ___ difficulties they may here. A. It is not until, then B. which

    come across, they will A. Provided that B. It was not until, that C. then

    help one another to get B. Ever since C. It’s not until, when D. that

    over them. C. While D. It was until, that 36. Is this the first time you A. Whatever D. As soon as 27. Humble ___ it may be, ___ Guangzhou? B. However 18. We shall start off as there is no place like A. would visit C. Whichever planned ___. home, wherever he may B. have visited D. Since A. whether he comes or go. C. visited

    9. Advertising is not A. although D. have been visiting distinguished from other B. no matter whether he B. as 37. He failed in the forms of communication come or not C. how competition, ___ proves ___ the advertiser pays for C. whether coming or D. that that he was not working the message to be not 28. ___ electric waves are fed hard enough. delivered. D. no matter he will into a tape recorder, they A. that

    A. in that come or not magnetize the particles on B. which

    B. because of 19. ___ we know, there are the tape in varying C. it


    D. as ___ of great importance to abstract, symbolic B. of which the smallest

    38. You can come with me to the progress of science representation of ___ C. whose smaller the concert this evening and technology. reality. D. the smaller of which ___ you don’t mind A. I think which is A. what it is conceived 67. A baby might show fear of waiting for half an hour. B. which I think it is B. that is conceived an un familiar adult , ___ A. unless C. which I think is C. what is conceived to he is likely to smile and B. if D. of which I think it is be reach out to another C. so far as 48. ___ is one of the most D. that is conceived to infant.

    D. except useful and fascinating be A. if

    39. Jean worked just so much divisions of human 58. Only a few realized the B. whenever ___. knowledge is widely damage they had caused. C. so that

    A. as what she was told accepted. ___ did flee in fright. D. whereas

    to A. What mathematics A. The one whom 68. ___, I will never tire of B. as what she was told B. Where mathematics B. Few who waiting.

    to C. That mathematics C. The ones who A. However far that C. what she tried to do D. Mathematics D. Whom that may be off D. that she was told to 49. We criticized him ___ he 59. “Did you remember to B. However may be that

    40. Hot air accompanied by should make the same give Mary the money you far off

    high relative humidity mistake again. owe her? C. However far off may feels warmer than ___. A. unless “Yes. ___ I saw her, I be that

    A. it is actually B. so that remembered.” D. However far off that B. it actually is C. lest A. Momentarily may be

    C. actually it is D. in case of B. While 69. The fire brigade arrived D. actually it does 50. ___ I admire his wisdom, C. The instant two hours after the alarm

    41. After what he has done for I do not think he acted D. Suddenly was sounded, ___ it was you, I think you should wisely. 60. This book will show you too late to save time of the have given him some A. When ___ can be used in other building.

    support, ___ you B. Whether contexts. A. that

    disagreed with him. C. While A. how you have B. who

    A. no matter what D. Otherwise observed C. which

    B. provided that 51. Scarcely had the boat B. that you have D. when

    C. however much reached the open water observed 70. ___ he seems to dislike D. whereas ___ it encountered high C. how what you have me, I still like him.

    42. ___, I must do another winds and heavy seas. observed A. In spite that experiment. A. than D. how that you have B. Given that A. It be so late B. as observed C. No matter how B. It is ever so late C. when 61. I’d just as soon ___ those D. For all that C. Be it ever so late D. since important papers with 71. He must practise often D. So late it be ever 52. The girl is like her mother you. ___.

    43. She says she’d rather he ___ she had very delicate A. that you won’t take A. so that he speaks ___ ___ tomorrow instead feelings. B. you not take fluently of today. A. that C. you not taking B. in order that he speak A. will leave B. so that D. you didn’t take fluently B. leaves C. in that 62. This is the woman ___ the C. if he could speak C. left D. but that artist said posed as a fluently D. leave 53. ___ we’ve identified the model for the painting. D. so that he may speak

    44. All science students, ___, problem, we must decide A. whose fluently should have a good on an appropriate course B. whom 72. The reason he wants to foundation in basic of action. C. which take a leave of absence is sciences. A. So that D. who ___.

    A. whether they are B. When 63. “Was your sweater A. that he is needing a

    future physicists and C. Now that expensive?” complete rest

    chemists D. Because ___ that it is handmade, B. because he needs a B. either they are future 54. ___ the danger that he the price seems complete rest

    physicists or might be injured, John reasonable.” C. because a complete

    chemists bravely entered the house A. In rest is needed by him C. be they future in order to save the B. Since D. that he needs a

    physicists or youngster. C. Now complete rest

    chemists A. Although D. Considering 73. He is doubtful ___ he D. should they be future B. For 64. The behavior of gases is knows it or not.

    physicists or C. Despite explained by ___ the A. that

    chemists D. Besides kinetic theory. B. why

    45. At the last committee 55. ___ will Mr. Smith be A. scientists call it C. what

    meeting, the emotion that able to regain control of B. what scientists are D. whether

    the club ___ open until the company. called 74. ___ we are doing has midnight was defeated A. If only he works hard C. what scientists call it never been done before. A. remains B. Even with hard work D. what scientists call A. Those

    B. remained C. Only with hard work 65. ___, the compass was first B. All what C. remain D. With hard work made in China C. All which D. would remain 56. The earth revolves a little A. It is known to all D. What

    46. Intellect is to the mind more rapidly ___ it is B. As we all know it 75. Tell me ___. ___ sight is to the body. closer to the sun. C. It is known that A. what you wore where A. which A. than D. As is known to all you went and what B. that B. wherever 66. There are two small you did

    C. what C. when rooms in the beach house, B. what, where you D. so D. so ___ served as a kitchen. went you wore, did

    47. He has made a discovery, 57. Essentially, a theory is an A. the smaller of them and went


    C. what you wore, A. between which dinner was given C. follow

    where you went, and B. of which 15. All _____ remains in the D. follows

    what you did C. in which room can be divided 3. The output of this factory

    D. what you wore, did D. at which between you. has greatly increased

    and where you went 6. The size of the audience, A. which _____ that of 1990. 76. We were afraid ___ he _____ we had expected, B. what A. as comparing

    should get there too late. was well over five C. that B. as against

    A. or thousand. D. as C. as regards

    B. but A. whom 16. Advance in science more D. as far as

    C. which B. what often than not encounters 4. He left the party _____

    D. lest C. that powerful opposition, saying goodbye to the 77. ___ tired were the soldiers D. as _____ Darwin’s Theory of hostess.

    that they couldn’t even 7. _____ is often the case Evolution. A. not so much as

    say a single word. with a new idea, much A. as was the case with B. not as much as

    A. Though preliminary activity and B. such as the case of C. without so much as

    B. Such optimistic discussion C. as it did with D. without as much as

    C. As produce no concrete D. as in the case of 5. The thermometer rises and

    D. So proposals. 17. That town was no longer falls according _____ the 78. It is often said that there is A. That the sleepy little village air is hot or cold.

    no one ___ makes errors. B. It _____. A. to

    A. except that C. Which A. that it has been B. as

    B. except D. As B. it has been C. with

    C. who 8. We saw a new play at the C. which it used to be D. that

    D. but theatre, _____ we had D. it had been 6. _____ electrical energy is 79. Her mind is again supper at a restaurant. 18. They came to the put into a motor, the

    wandering back to those A. after that conclusion _____ by motor will give out as

    occasions ___ her so B. whereafter automation. output of mechanical

    many sweet memories. C. which after A. that not all things can energy.

    A. what gives D. and after which be done A. Inasmuch as

    B. what give 9. _____, we need to B. in which not all B. Insofar as

    C. that gives improve the equipment in things can be done C. As long as

    D. that give our factory right now. C. which all things can D. As far as 80. He would have helped us A. As it is be done 7. She could not believe that

    ___ he was short of B. As it was D. not all things can be he would leave things

    money at the time. C. As it were done _____ they originally

    A. if that D. As it will be 19. My family are wonderful. were.

    B. in that 10. There is no rule _____ has They do all they can for A. to be

    C. but which some exception. me. I don’t know any B. as

    D. but that A. that other family _____ would C. how

     B. but do so much. D. that

     C. which A. it 8. Amy was as diligent at his Attributive clause D. what B. which lessons as _____can be. 1. The series circuit is a 11. It was such a day _____ C. who A. she

    circuit _____ the current we seldom enjoy in the D. whom B. possible

    is not divided at any point. country. 20. Once we had finished our C. anything

    A. where A. as homework we were D. diligent

    B. which B. when allowed to come 9. He writes about

    C. that C. which downstairs and watch China_____ he sees it

    D. as D. that television, _____ we instead of _____ it 2. One of the most important 12. He studied hard at school considered a great treat. actually is.

    chemical raw materials is when he was young _____ A. as A. as what, what

    petroleum, _____ many contributes to his success B. which B. like what, like what

    substances can be in later life. C. that C. as, as

    separated. A. which D. so D. according as, what

    A. in which B. therefore 10. Generally speaking, a man

    B. from which C. ,which Keys: 1~5 ABBDB 6~10 will succeed in proportion

    C. by which D. so that DDBAB 11~15 ACDAC as _____.

    D. with which 13. A good writer is _____ 16~20 ADACB A. his exertion 3. Perhaps the day will come who can express the B. his exerting himself

    _____ people will be able commonplace in an C. he exerts himself

    to breathe clean air in uncommon way. Usage if AS D. he will exert himself

    cities. A. that 11. As politically, _____

    A. which B. he 1. Absorbed _____ she was commercially, Central

    B. when C. this in her mathematical Europe divides into two

    C. in which D. one problems, she failed to parties.

    D. at which 14. The minister was the notice my entering her A. so

    4. This steel pipe has the person _____. room until I was standing B. as well as

    same diameter _____ that A. in whose honor the face to face with her. C. and

    plastic one has. state dinner was A. as D. also

    A. which given B. though 12. In such a case, you should

    B. that B. whom the state C. that revise the dialogue as

    C. where dinner was given in D. indeed _____ you can.

    D. as honor 2. He received a note which A. well

    5. There are many kinds of C. for him the state ran as _____: Don’t come B. better

    synthetic materials, _____ dinner was given until further information. C. best

    plastics are the most honor A. following D. long as

    common. D. whose honor the state B. followed 13. _____ as it may, we are


    prepared for it. usually divided into _____ knows _____ to write a 13. Take _____ much you A. Whatever the matter are compressible and book . want and _____ you want

    may be incompressible. A. how great pains it to.

    B. Leave the matter A. whatever will cost A. however, whichever C. Let the matter B. same as B. what great pains will B. however, whenever D. Be the matter C. as it take C. whatever, whenever

    14. _____ food is to man, that D. such as C. what great pains it D. whichever, whatever iron and steel are to 23. _____ is often the case will cost 14. A hinge joint is _____ industry. with a new proposal, D. what great pains it permits the forward and A. What much efforts is to be made will take backward movement of a B. As to reduce the resistance 5. _____ college students door.

    C. Like from all sides. should learn more about A. one

    D. That A. It Chinese history. B. that

    15. We hope the measures to B. What A. I consider important C. what

    control prices, _____ C. That that D. something which taken by the government, D. As B. I consider it 15. The prize will go to _____ will succeed. 24. _____ the TV costs, it will important of them studies the best. A. if be worth it. C. I consider what is A. whom

    B. as A. Much that important B. whoever C. since B. However D. I consider it C. which

    D. after C. How much important that D. whichever

    16. English words are not D. Much as 6. She told him she would 16. _____ breaks the law always spelled _____. 25. _____ radar is to airplanes come and see him often, deserves a fine. A. the way they sound and ships, _____ eyes are _____. A. Who

    B. the way they to to human beings. A. and she would never B. Whoever he

    sound A. Just as, so forget him C. Whoever C. the way they’re B. That, what B. and that she would D. No matter who

    sounding C. So, just as never forget him 17. Is there any particular D. as they are sounding D. / , so C. she would never dessert you would like to

    17. The atmosphere is as 26. Doctors, lawyers, and forget him have?

    much a part of the earth as teachers are productive, D. she never forgets him _____ you select is all _____ its soils and the _____ writers, musicians 7. The output of our factory right with me.

    water of its lakes, rivers and actors. is now three times _____ A. Whatever and oceans. A. as is it was five years ago. B. Which

    A. are B. as are A. what C. That

    B. is C. so does B. that D. Whichever C. do D. as well as C. as 18. _____ is no reason for D. has 27. He studies hard at school D. which discharging her.

    18. _____, I realize that I owe when he was young, 8. She is in doubt _____ she A. Because she was a a debt to my early country _____ contributes to his accepts your advice. few minutes late life. success in later life. A. if B. Owing to a few A. As I am lover of A. that B. that minutes being late

    towns B. which C. of which C. The fact that she was B. If I am lover of C. so that D. whether a few minutes late

    towns D. as 9. The question remains D. Being a few minutes C. Lover of towns as I _____ we should follow late

    am Keys: 1~5 ADBCB 6~10 his advice. 19. The true value of life is D. For I am lover of CBDCC 11~15 ACDAB A. whether not in _____, but _____.

    towns 16~20AACAB B. that A. which we get, what

    19. _____ as she was, she 21~27 DDDDA BB C. if we give couldn’t get along with D. why B. what we get, what we him without difficulty. 10. I had not even a vague give

    A. Patient Noun clause idea _____ was going to C. which do we get, B. A beauty 1. They lost their way in the happen. which do we give C. Ill forest, and _____ made A. what D. how we get, that we D. Homesick matter worse was that B. that give

    20. Light _____ it comes night began to fall. C. which 20. _____ that you found in from the sun is a mixture A. that D. of what the room last week? of light of many different B. it 11. It was as we searched A. What it was colors. C. what deeper and deeper _____ B. What was it A. when D. which we began to find evidence C. It was what B. as 2. Scientists have reached for a conclusion. D. Was it what C. that the conclusion _____ the A. so that

    D. though temperature on the earth is B. when Keys: 1~5 CCADD 6~10

    21. Here comes his body, getting higher and higher. C. that BADAD 11~15 CABCD mounted by mark Antony, A. but D. where 16~29 CACBB who, though he had no B. what 12. _____ our most recent

    band to his death, shall C. that trauma indicates is _____

    receive the benefit of his D. which we have not yet protected

    dying, a place in the 3. _____ is power is a ourselves against the

    commonwealth; _____ famous saying known to danger of a market _____

    which of you shall not. all. instability derives from its

    A. or A. That knowledge activities as a casino .

    B. but B. What knowledge A. What, that, whose

    C. besides C. How knowledge B. What, that, where

    D. as D. Where knowledge C. That, what, whose

    22. In mechanics fluids are 4. I wonder whether he D. That, what, where


    Phrases with so Dont thank me; I would 同种类的 --- These two 3. as many 同样多的 ---

    do as much for anyone. 1. asso ……那样 --- plants are much of a sort. Those five days seemed to

    2. as much as one can do As you sow, so will you me as many years. 20. much the same 没什么不

    reap. 可能--- it was as much as 4. as many again [as] 再同 --- The patients

    2. if so如果是那样的话 --- we could do to help you. 样多的 --- He ate three condition is still much the

    If so, I had quite 3. as much as to say 等于说 same. apples and said he could

    misjudged him. --- That is as much as to eat as many again. / I have 21. not so muchas 与其说

    3. not so/asas 不如 say I am a fool. 20 yuan, but I need as 不如说是 --- He is --- They didnt arrive so much again to buy a 4. be not much 不怎么样 not so much a writer as a early as we had expected. dictionary. --- I’ve read that book, teacher. / Oceans do not 4. so and so only只有这5. as many as 多达 --- Take and its not much. so much divide the world

    as many as you want. / As ---So and so only 5. be not much at 不善于 as unite it.

    many as 20 people were can it be done. --- She is a good singer 22. not / without so much as

    injured in the accident. but not much at dancing. 5. so far ? 到目前为止 甚至没有 --- He had not

    6. be [one] too many for 6. be not much of不是很好 --- Our work has not come so much as his fare home.

     --- I dont like dealing see much of [neg. & inter.] --- Its not much of a day perfection so far. ?到

    for a walk. with him. Hes always one 常见到 --- I havent seen 这种程度[范围]为止 --- too many for me. be not up to much 不算7.much of him lately. I can only trust him so far. 7. many a 许多 --- Many a 很好 --- The film is not 24. set much by 认为很有价6. so far as 而论 So child learns to walk before up to much, though the --- I dont set much by far as I know, he will be he can speak. actors are good. away for three months. the opinion of people like 8. not so many as 那么8. count for much 非常重要 him. 7. so far from 决不是 So

     --- We have not visited --- That doesnt count for 25. so much 这么多的 --- far from being a help, he

    much in this country. so many cities as you. was a hindrance. You can only buy so much

    9. have much to do with 9. one too many 多余的 --- with five dollars. 8. so far, so good 到目前为

    很有关系 --- That We have one book too 26. so much as 甚至于 --- 止一切不错--- So far, so hasnt much to do with many. / he has had one too He didnt so much as good; I hope we keep on what we are talking about. many at the party. 喝多thank me for returning the with such good luck.

    10. how much 多少 --- How book that I found. 9. so so 勉强 --- His grades much money is there left? 27. so much for 到此为止 10. too many by one 多一个 were just so so on the test. 11. in as much as /inasmuch --- Now its started raining; --- They gave me too 10. so that 为了--- I started as 因为 --- Inasmuch as so much for my idea of many books by one. early so that I might be in the waves are high, I shall taking a walk. time for the train. not go out in the boat. 28. so much so that 至此程 11. sothat 如此以至 --- 12. in so much that /insomuch Phrases with same 度以致 --- He is rich --- He was so angry that he that 如此地 --- He 1. about the same 几乎相同 so much so that he does couldnt speak. worked very fast, not know what he is --- Is your wife still ill? insomuch that he was worth. Yes, shes about the same, through in an hour. 29. so much the better/worse not any better. Phrases with such 13. leave much to be desired 那就更好/ --- Its too 2. all/just the same 仍然 --- 1. as such 照这样 --- He is 有许多缺点 --- His late. So much the worse Hes not very clever, but I a child, and must be behavior leaves much to for us. We cant find a taxi like him all the same. treated as such. be desired. home. 3. all/just the same to 2. no such 没有这样的 --- 14. make much of ?理解 30. think much of 重视 --- 完全一样 --- you can do There are no such things --- I didnt make much of He thinks so much of as ghost. it now or leave it till later; his speech. ?恭维 --- A himself. its all the same to me. 3. not such as to 不至于 --- newly married woman 31. this/that much 这么/那么4. be the same for/with 也是His illness is not such as doesnt expect her --- I’ll say this much, to cause anxiety. 如此 --- One should husband to make much of hes a good worker. 4. [or] some such []诸如speak clearly and it is the other women. ?重视 --- 32. thus/this much 这些 --- same with writing. 此类的 --- He bought a music is made much of in thus much at least is clear. 5. much the same 差不多相dictionary or some such this school. ?悉心照顾 33. too much 过度 --- I cant book. --- The situation is --- He made much of his believe that --- its too 5. such and such 某某 --- If much the same. son. ?炫耀 --- He likes much. they tell you to come on 6. same here 我也一样 --- to make much of his 34. too much for 超出能力 such and such a day, dont Tom said he was too tired fortune. ?非常重要 --- agree if its not --- Is the job too much for to go any farther, and Bill One further criticism convenient. you? said, Same here. much be mentioned 6. such as 例如;普普通通 35. very much 非常 --- 7. the sameas 相同 because much has been --- Such as the food was, Thank you very much. --- My profession is the made of this. there was plenty of it. 36. without so much as same as yours. 15. mean much 具有非常重7. such as to [do] 达到这样都没有 --- The student 8. the samethat 相同 要的意义 --- Your 的程度以致于 --- There left the class without so --- He uses the same cooperation means much are many obstacles such much as asking the books that you do. to us. as to make us teachers permission. 9. the same with/as 相同 16. much as 虽然 --- Much discouraged. --- This word signifies the as I like to come, I cant. 8. suchthat 这样以致 same as that. 17. much better/worse []Phrases with many His behavior was such 10. the very same 完全相同

    多了 --- I feel much 1. a good many 相当多 --- that everyone disliked --- Youve made the him. better today. He has a good many very same mistake again. friends at school. 18. much of a size 大小相仿 2. a great many 大量 --- A --- He and his brother are Phrases with much much of a size. great many gathered at the

    1. as much 同样的 --- scene. 19. much of a sort 差不多是


Phrases with “as” He listened carefully so as

    not to miss anything that 1. as above 如上所述 ---

    was said. Follow the rule as above

    23. so as to [do] 结果是 --- stated.

    He struck the snake so as 2. as against --- The

    to break its back. business done this year

    24. so…as to [do] 如此amounts to $1.1 million as

    against $1 million last --- The question is so

    year. obvious as to need no

    3. as… as anything 非常 --- reply.

    He pretends to be as

    modest as anything.

    4. as…as 一样 --- He

    considered her opinion as

    valuable as any of ours. 5. as…as ever 依旧 --- He

    was as much interested in

    music as ever.

    6. as before 依旧---

    Everything went on just as


    7. as clear as day 一清二楚

    --- That he loved her was

    as clear as day.

    8. as compared to 相比

    --- The dangers I run are

    nothing as compared to

    yours in the fire.

    9. as compared with

     --- The risk is as

    nothing compared with

    the gain.

    10. as concerns 而论 ---

    As concerns the new

    traffic rule, we intend to

    comply with it fully from

    now on.

    11. as far as 为止 --- I

    did not go as far as that. 12. as / so far as…concerned

    而论--- So far as my

    knowledge is concerned,

    there is no such word in


    13. as follows 如下--- The

    report reads as follows: 14. as for而论 --- As for

    the book, I assure you, it

    has real merit.

    15. as from ..时起 --- The

    agreement starts as from stMay 1.

    16. as if / though 好象 --- It

    seemed as if the night

    would never end.

    17. as is 照原来的样子 --- I

    bought the book as is.


    18. as of ?从..时起 --- As

    of today you are in charge.

    / ?到时为止 ---

    Following is an analysis

    of the situation as of this


    19. as…so 那样 --- As

    2 is to 4, so 8 is to 16. / As

    a man lives, so he dies. 20. as to 而论--- I don't

    know anything as to the


    21. not so/as…as 不如

     --- She doesn’t run so

    fast as she used to. 22. so as not to 为了不 ---


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