9779Nine hundred and sixtieth four chapters of the true strength of the Holy Land [a]

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9779Nine hundred and sixtieth four chapters of the true strength of the Holy Land [a]

    Yun Meng Yao and aura to send children back to the basement below the ruins of that closed door, after they return to Yu Xie proud, has been spying on them.<BR><BR>"Strength!" Gao Shiqi looked up, "absolute power!"<BR><BR>Gaoshi Qi said: "I understand your answer to two things, first, the complete family, or Cheng, Xiao, may have been quasi-imperial war, but definitely not a quasi-imperial war peak level figures appeared; second, fire Protoss does not tell you about any level of quasi-imperial war situation. "<BR><BR>Gaoshi Qi said: "I represent is not your own, you think I could get this kind of thing to joke?"<BR><BR>Gao Shiqi seems well predicted: "The talk about the reasons."<BR><BR>"High brother not joking?" Bi serious Yuzhen said.<BR><BR>Yuzhen Gao Shiqi and complete all of their officers sitting in the center.<BR><BR>"It also requested the High-brother to talk about your reasons for it, I would like to know, what reason is there holy day Lo able to determine the future of our new home should have the power to decide." Bi Yuzhen faint heart, angry, look no not exposed.<BR><BR>Nodded, Gao Shiqi said: "This is a total of three wall curse, is a human blood after the king seal, there is a God of mystery known as the setting sun created the church, and their purpose is to seal the collapse of the king&#39;s blood, do naturally have their ulterior motives, and this we already knew the six Holy Land, also have been sent to spy on them in every move, and later find out that they were not only the

    collF:\ÑÇÆÕÎ?Ô????É??Æ?\KeyWords\JiaWei\UGG\uggbootssale.txtapse of the king&#39;s blood seal, there is another even more terrible purpose. "Here he paused, looked complete Yuzhen continued," The purpose of this horrible, I can not inform you, but this means we had six Holy Land made under oath vowing days, I can not say out. "<BR><BR>Bi Yuzhen said: "That your brother to-day Lo the high strength of the Holy Land flashed Come on, otherwise, I do not go back to good account, you say it."<BR><BR>But regardless of Gao Shiqi, or complete Yuzhen, who did not think of them, Yu Xie proud daring to dare is hidden in their desk, so close to the eavesdropping.<BR><BR>"Well, then I said that." Gaoshi Qi did not hesitate, apparently he had expected such a question would be completed Yuzhen, also understand that to get that power, it is equal to the future, once they are final winner, so although Zheng Xiao aspects dominate the continent, can be overridden on which they are the real control of them.<BR><BR>"Other requirements, and is pretty easy." Bi Yuzhen pondered briefly, then replied, "but, if we finally became the dominant, to establish a new master, the day the Holy Land Law has the final say, which we can not agree , but can not agree. "<BR><BR>This way also makes complete Yuzhen quite accurate.<BR><BR>"I'm afraid there is only the setting Sun God teach people to be able to give an answer. "Gao Shiqi said.<BR><BR>His attitude does not seem to put high, but the tone of voice, but had a trace of a superior air of superiority,

    as if the emperor for the courtiers.<BR><BR>Six Holy Land in strength, to know the day the strength of the Holy Land Law, it is equal to the six known the power of the Holy Land, which had not been born six years, tens of thousands of holy places in the end what kinds of forces, all full of questions, not only the complete Yuzhen , there are hidden under the table proud Yu Xie.<BR><BR>Bi Yuzhen said: "Sunset Church of the Holy Land have been together six you destroy it?"<BR><BR>Yu Xie proud of this, the absolutely pleasant surprise.<BR><BR>Her answer drew Gao Shiqi laugh.<BR><BR>"Haha ..."<BR><BR>A luxurious mansion room, Gao Shiqi day, led by the Holy Land Law and completed the master Zheng Xiao Yuzhen led from the side of the master is sitting around a round-table.<BR><BR>Once the king&#39;s blood seal is lifted, then become a war imperial master class, it is no longer a difficult task, but this time, more than can be said that the realm of imperial war, we are starting from scratch, and who is not

    dominant.<BR><BR>Originally, he wanted to hear what the cooperation has to be destroyed, did not think he comes to the most eager to know one thing, that is the strength of the six holy sites.<BR><BR>Bi Yuzhen Chen Sheng said: "Then please to say the high-brother to first clear the matterF:\ÑÇÆÕÎ?Ô????É??Æ?\KeyWords\JiaWei\UGG\uggbootssale.txt, which you are very important to me, is not it?"<BR><BR>"Bi girl seems wrong thing." Gaoshi Qi is still an air of natural, leisurely road, "whether Wang&#39;s blood will be able to lift the seal, it is still unknown."<BR><BR>Bi Yuzhen said: "That your brother introduced twelve bar

    highF:\ÑÇÆÕÎ?Ô????É??Æ?\KeyWords\JiaWei\UGG\uggbootssale.txt."<BR><BR>Sigh breath, Gao Shiqi said: "No, we had seriously underestimated their strength, mutual suspicion between the Holy Land with six, so out of the limited number of the setting sun God of some master fled, but they break the seal of the king&#39;s blood among some of the settings, but also destroyed some, and only three walls and the like might curse too, was left behind, and the lifting of the seal of the king&#39;s blood is simply above the angels

    HolyF:\ÑÇÆÕÎ?Ô????É??Æ?\KeyWords\JiaWei\UGG\uggbootssale.txt Island owner of three hun shi Shadowbane that if he resurrected three curse can be determined even if the wall is damaged, it will be able to lift the seal of the king&#39;s blood, if he cut off life, so even if it will lift the seal, fear is very limited . "<BR><BR>Not because the two sides must cooperate, but proud Yu Xie moved on Gao Shiqi Murder.<BR><BR>"In that, I think I should first mention that the king&#39;s blood seal will be lifted." Bi Yuzhen Gao Shiqi will be opening in the moment, suddenly.<BR><BR>Gao Shiqi startled a little, then you understand the meaning of graduates

    Yuzhen.<BR><BR>"High-brother why laugh?" Bi Yuzhen eyebrows

    puckering.<BR><BR>"The purpose of discovery, it really makes us understand the terrible God of the sunset, so we sent some of their six power of the Holy Land, jointly launched a devastating on the Sunset Church of the siege, but not wanted, God of early sunset are prepared, they are also our six Holy Land made arrangements. "Gao Shiqi Here, smile," we are still bound by the six holy, God of the sunset is a masterpiece. "<BR><BR>"Please continue." Bi Micro Yuzhen, a nod, did not express anything.<BR><BR>Bi Yuzhen said: "Well, then please tell us about high-brother, below the rank of imperial war, holy days, Luo owned by the strength of it."<BR><BR>Yu Xie under the table to be proud of Gao Shiqi shocked to laugh, not for anything else, his understanding, the same way, after all, ten kings and war level class are relying on the king of insight, but also because of insight rather than taking the ascetic , it will intercept a lot of people down, difficult to break, then the relative level of quasi-imperial war, naturally rely on insight.<BR><BR>Gaoshi Qi said: "Bi girl feel, quasi-war state and quasi-imperial imperial war peak level difference between how much?"<BR><BR>"Bi girl, we request, do not know whether you agree with it?" Gao Shiqi an opening will be straight.<BR><BR>Hold your breath, no life to make himself like the stones, will not cause anyone&#39;s attention, Xie Ao Yu began his eavesdropping.<BR><BR>Curse of the Dragon Wolf result Gao Shiqi wall for

    threeF:\ÑÇÆÕÎ?Ô????É??Æ?\KeyWords\JiaWei\UGG\uggbootssale.txt hours before a full stop,

    F:\ÑÇÆÕÎ?Ô????É??Æ?\KeyWords\JiaWei\UGG\uggbootssale.txtnot as clouds Meng Yao-like epiphany, this left, and Yu Xie is also proud to display their Tudun surgery here.<BR><BR>Them relative to each other.<BR><BR>"According to high-brother to say, why not three hun shi Shadowbane is the owner who is also the God of the sunset?" Bi Yuzhen Road.<BR><BR>"Probably the same level and ten at ten kings, king of the peak level it, one epiphany, perhaps we can achieve." Bi Yuzhen mused a little, they said.<BR><BR>

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