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jane Austen

    Abstract: "pride and prejudice," a book heroine Elizabeth with action tell the world: not for money, status, property and marriage; But get married not consider these factors is also not line. She at any time stick to my guns, insist to be done themselves, and thus can turn passive to active, reap a good marriage. Her marriage was caused not only the attention of people, is enough to alert: what is love, modern people what is right, what is the marriage should learn from?

    Key words: marriage mode; Modern love; Pride and prejudice; Marriage; Value enlightenment

    Elizabeth is novel pride and prejudice "heroine, she is a lively, cheerful, and tact decisive, self-confidence and respect for others, has the independent personality of women. Stories from 18 th century in the early nineteenth century British writer Jane Austen hand. The novel representation at the conservative and block in the state of British life, reflected the villages and towns of social marriage problems. The hero and heroine in the book for pride and prejudice and separation, then make it up and combined with, their love intriguing. A novel of love, marriage, etc to thinking about the problems of edifies people, especially modern women.

    Marriage is an integral part of the person's life, most people will experience. The author's ideas through the description of the marriage to the hero clearly shows: not for money, status, property and union; But

    get married not consider these factors is also not line. A marriage, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth and no shocking great feat, and she didn't have with their families, with sisters as attending lunch/dinner, party, relatives and friends. Her view is not quite open, no want to economic independence, she also seek a profession of the marriage. But we have to say that she is smart,. She is not a fighter, and she can't destroy not reasonable everything. She is to use your words and deeds tell the world her thoughts, actions and choices. She maintained the his theory, the bad influence to the minimum. Elizabeth seeking a love marriage requires marriage, mutual respect and understanding, so she refused to marry him, and finally the Collins and darcy resolve all prejudices and misunderstanding, become a happy pair.

    If Elizabeth to marriage and family view of the same words, she struck with is not painted a bright prospect of her. For their marriage and pursue, to let her have finally happy marriage. She let us understand: marriage needs money, status, property, need more love.

    Second, Elizabeth marriage in modern thinking

    Modern people don't believe in love. The modern ideas with the economy, science and technology, and culture, the change and change. Among of the change of view marriage suddenly incredible. In the modern concept of men and women, is the love was almost came last,

    first concern is the identity and status, family circumstances, education, income, character, looks... No money is 10000 incorrect, but money is not everything. There's mastercard.

    The author of "pride and prejudice" mainly describes the four marriage, there are real marriage (Lucas and Collins), have an urge marriage (Lydia and vick's, have full marriage (Jane and bentley), is there an ideal marriage (Elizabeth and darcy). In real life, the author not impulsive all opposition forces, to defend the love, love is achievement on the basis of an ideal marriage, in order to matter and combination of marriage is can't last forever.

    YuDanCeng said: "good marriage wasn't fixed mode. But into a DuanHaoDe before marriage, must first know yourself. To choose the most suitable own, but not the best." Taking your hand, and son xielao. For you is the best.

    Two hundred DuoNian past, Elizabeth to self happy marriage and adhere to the views and not drowned in the river of history. Eliminate misunderstanding appreciate each other, and the mind mutually cherish to just the most pure beauty. Elizabeth teach modern people recognize themselves, being himself, in the face of marriage choice truly want. Three, Elizabeth marriage value enlightenment

    The 19 th century Britain, the woman is just the man's accessory, don't know how to control your own life. For example, Lydia, Elizabeth, sister

    of beautiful, warm, but frivolous and vanity, mind simple, social is her most dedicated to and stationed in Meredith officers are proud of the exchanges, in tuen mun and escape. Lydia to wake ham with love is, but it is in love at first sight, less than two weeks, no deliberate. She doesn't understand wake ham keeps, jump to determine your own marriage, think oneself love each other and the other party as well. Such a marriage of course is not "reason", is not long. Lydia and wake ham is "the combination of physiological needs" levels of impulse, and not the master of your own destiny. No rational impulse to his behavior is unfortunate. "This society, with reason able to understand, is a comedy by the sentiment to follow, and is a tragedy." The wal-mart (Boer) as noted above, Lydia is representative of the feelings, Elizabeth is the representative of the reason. She use reason to tell myself also tell us: love is not impulse, but need to reason.

    Nothing is better than the destiny in our hands more important things, people should be responsible for yourself. Elizabeth is not blind according to his temper idea random act, but with reason as a prerequisite, and then stick to definite idea, to own intelligent, responsive to make the best of things to the results. As modern woman, have more opportunities and power to master my life, from this aspect is lucky. But too DuoRen in reality to bow before, family, work, status, money, Elizabeth and not for WuDouMi count of people more and more

distant from the tao yuanming seems to be.

    Everyone has his existence value, and in this respect great hero and the small civilians are equal, single from a person's own measure, is no matter whether the looks, family. Elizabeth to own value must eventually that get her happiness. Her family status than darcy, far but it doesn't make her feel inferior, also don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself, and that the more could not make her in front of the west, she can conceal the timidity of jest with irony, darcy said to darcy dissatisfaction. Elizabeth is self-confidence and respect for their own. Although she sometimes contempt in mother, sister, some of it, but to her of your family, who has never complained. Darcy's aunt Mrs. Lin moss curry house, and asked her to come to class cannot promise of darcy's bold to marry him, she showed her his attitude, not by your wife vigour and social status, "but I have frightened determined, I think what how can bring me happiness, I do, I just ignore about you, I have no relations with any of the people I remained does not understand." This is Elizabeth, adhere to the ideas, intelligent, responsive, and beautiful girl, in front of her, all the problems will be readily solved. Elizabeth not only good at observation, skilled in judgment, she is still a thought independent women. She is not outstanding, but beauty, arrogant noble conquer youth darcy. "I have been silent reflection, pondering a beautiful woman's face, a pair of beautiful eyes for great joy." This is about her

    darcy evaluation. To admit defeat of darcy is Elizabeth's unique personality charm.

    That era of women to the example of modern women, Elizabeth. Once the fire through the great river north and south of the humble abode, let many men and women don't believe love, let many women with money as heavy. Facing the marriage and love, people should be how to do? Elizabeth to give the best answer: "but I have made up my mind, I think what how can bring me happiness, I do, I just ignore about you, I have no relations with any of the people I remained does not understand." References:

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