My favoriteanimal is pandas--Anne

By Bernice Franklin,2014-03-16 20:55
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My favoriteanimal is pandas--AnneMy,is,my,Anne,MyIS

    My favorite animal is pandas. They are cute and fat. They have two big eyes, two big

     round ears and a big mouth. They are indolently lazy. They spend most of their day eating bamboos and snoozing. They always sit and sleep on the bamboos. They mainly live on bamboos. Sometimes their zoo keeper wants to keep their healthy, so pandas in the zoo also eat proper fruits and do some sports. They sometimes get happy from the zooman. But now ther

    e is more polluted and less water in China. Anywhere already became dirty. Many kinds of animals already extirpated. A few p

    eople woke up to help animals, but also many people didnt.

    Many mammonists still kill rare

     animals to sell. Poor animals died. Their family are unlucky.

    Mammonist will answer for their

     knaveries. And we should play a part in saving animals. First,

     dont buy anything from animal

     fur. Next, dont play a part

    in killing animals; Third, you should know why we should save animal; Fourth, you should know

     how to save animals. Finally, you the importance of your best

     everywhere to promote the protection of animal. I believe you

     can do it better than me. Just

     have a try. Animals are very cute and animal rich affection and gratitude. If you do it, they will love you so much.

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