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Policy Name : Credit Card settlements

Effective Date : 01 June 2006

Revised Date : Nil

Applicable : All Staff

Forms to use : Nil

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    The purpose of this policy is to ensure all staff handling cashiering duties are aware of the correct way of handling credit cards payments and have a sound knowledge of the floor limits of each type of card.


    It is the policy of Hyatt Regency Dongguan that all staff handling credit card settlements must exercise caution and care to ensure the hotel does not incur any loss due to carelessness or lack of knowledge on the part of the staff.


    1. If settlement is to be made with credit card, the Reception staff should have

    already received an imprinted charge voucher when checking in the guest. This

    gives the Guest Services Officers ample time:

    - to make sure that the card is valid

    - to check its expiry date

    - to ensure the name and serial number are clearly imprinted

    - (compare the name to that on the registration card)

    - to check the card against the latest cancellation bulletin

    As soon as a guest's bill exceeds the credit or floor limit allowed by the credit

    card company, obtain and record the authorization for the anticipated excess


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    2. If a guest decides at check-out time to pay by credit card, print out the

    appropriate folio, present it to the guest and obtain the guest's credit card.

    3. While the guest examines his bill, carefully check the credit card for expiry date

    and name and obtain approval code through the credit card authorization code


    4. If a cancelled/discontinued/invalid or stolen credit card has been presented by

    the guest, do not return it; instead, request that the guest pay with another credit

    card or cash and notify the Assistant Manager Front Office immediately.

    5. Once the credit card sales voucher has been completed and the guest has signed

    the voucher, his/her signature must be verified against the one on the credit card.

    This is very important as most losses are due to fraud which was not detected

    when verifying signatures!

    6. If approval code cannot be obtained, i.e. declined by credit card Company, ask

    the guest politely for an alternate form of payment or credit card.

    7. If there is any doubt about the authenticity of the signature, additional

    identification should be requested. It must be kept in mind that a credit card in

    itself is not a form of 'identification'. It is, therefore, not at all out of the

    ordinary to request actual identification.

    8. To close the transaction, return the credit card to the guest and enter the

    appropriate payment code and amount into the computer to close the folio and

    'clear the room'. Attach the guest's copy of the charge voucher to the folio, fold

    both neatly into the departure folder and hand it to the guest.

    9. The GSO Front Office should attach the merchant's copies of the credit card

    voucher to the hard copy of the guest folio and retain both in the cash drawer for

    balancing at the end of the shift. If the vouchers are not self-carbonized, it is

    recommended that Guest Services Officer always give the guest all of the

    carbon sheets of the voucher when returning the card and the voucher copy.

    10. At the end of each shift, batch the credit card vouchers by company and include

    them with identified, balanced totals in the Guest Services Officer’s envelope

    which is deposited in the drop-safe.

Prepared by James Fan Date 01 Jun 2006

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