With new technologies constantly appearing, you need to be able to

By Jane Warren,2014-11-27 12:31
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With new technologies constantly appearing, you need to be able to ...

With new technologies constantly appearing, you need

    to be able to invest in IT solutions that will give your

    business the competitive edge.

     Microsoft Financing is a unique financing solution that

    enables you to purchase software, services and

    hardware in a simple and affordable manner when you

    need it, within budget parameters.

Unlike other financiers' options, the Microsoft Financing program offers

    total IT solution financing for various scenarios including 100 percent

    software or 100 percent software and services deals, as well as

    providing financing for other vendors' products and partners' services,

    where there is a Microsoft component.

Available only through Microsoft Partners, Microsoft Financing can help


    Get complete IT solutions - when you need them, within budget.

    Manage IT budgets efficiently - with predictable payment cycles.

    Conserve cash flows - to invest in other areas of your business.

In short, you can shift your focus from "What can we afford?" to "What

    does my business need?"

The Microsoft Financing program provides a solution

    that is:

Simple and Affordable

    ? A principal-and-interest loan.

    ? Total IT solution financing for software, services

    and hardware where there is a Microsoft


    ? Loans from $3,000 with no pre-established


    ? Loan terms from 2 to 3 years for amounts up to

    $10K and 2 to 5 years for amounts over $10K.

    ? No application or management fees.

    ? Competitive rates determined by market

    conditions, term and size of loan.

Flexible and Easy

    ? Finance can be arranged for all IT providers' products# where

    there is a Microsoft component to the loan.

    ? Solutions can be provided for upfront, annuity, milestone and

    deferred payment scenarios*.

    ? Add products and services from $3,000 at any time during the

    term of the contract based on additional credit approval.


    ? Quick turnarounds on credit approvals - 24 hours up to $100K, 2

    business days for amounts $100K to $500K, 5 business days for

    amounts $500K to $1M.

    # Products must fall into the category of software, services and hardware. * Availability of some financing solutions depends on deal size and credit criteria.

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