Middletown Convention Visitors & Business Bureau(2)

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Middletown Convention Visitors & Business Bureau(2)

    Middletown Convention Visitors & Business Bureau

    April 23, 2009

    Attendees: Ann Mort, Fran Sack, Kent Bradshaw, Linda Moorman, Dick Boyea, Maria Langendorf, Garick Lebo, Dana Picard, Kristen Wright, Marie Edwards, Mark Hequet

Public Attendance: Mike Robinette; Butler County CVB Staff

Ms. Mort called meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

     ndPrevious Minutes were unanimously approved: motioned Mr. Bradshaw; 2 Ms. Langendorf ;


    Acceptance of Nadine Begley resignation- Ms. Sack motioned; Mr. Boyea 2nd; unanimous

Old Business

    - Mission Statement- The mission of the CVB is to support projects that promote

    Middletown’s growth by attracting visitors to experience, explore and appreciate the

    community, stimulating the economy and highlighting the community’s potential.

    ; Ms. Picard stated that the mission statement may be moving beyond the original mission of the

    CVB. nd- Motion to accept mission as amended; Ms. Sack; 2 Mr. Boyea; unanimous

New Business

    ; New Members Discussion: Joe Mulligan, Charlie Shafor, Todd Baldwin

    - Board will gather names of potential members

    - Will the Manchester send another representative?

    ; I-75 Signage Discussion: Mr. Boyea and Ms. Mort met with Kap Sign Company for Interstate 75

    signage. The Interstate exchange will begin start in May. Signage will depend upon ODOT

    stipulations. nd- Motion made to pursue I-75 signage; Ms. Picard; 2 Ms. Moorman; unanimous

    - Magazine advertising was proposed by Charley Shafor of Middletown Lyric Theatre. More

    information is needed.

    Ms. Moorman stated that less funding would be available next year, pertaining to advertising.

    ; Butler County CVB- Budget

    -$95,000 in account

    -$70, 000 owed by City

    - I-75 signage, street banners, calendar of events on the table, $20,000 “rainy day” fund wants

    to be continued by the board. Other items were not considered.

    -Ms. Moorman questioned if the CVB will sponsor the Broad St. Bash. Discussion: the “BSB”

    waited too long to and missed the grant cycle. Sponsoring them after the deadline would open

    a floodgate with other organization.

    BCCVB Presentation of Investment dollars

- Accounting

    - Phone services

    - Non-Butler County Exposure

    - Marketing: chamber directory; Ohio magazine; Best of Midwest; E- newsletter; Twitter;

    Facebook, BCCVB Blog

    - Sales: Group Tours; Meetings and Associates

    - Visitor Services

    - Legislation and Research

    - Accredited Destination Marketing Organization ndMotion to accept current contract with BCCVB: Mr. Boyea; 2 Ms. Moorman; unanimous

Ms. Mort posed the question- should the CVB change its logo to identify with BCCVB. It was

    only discussed.

     ndMotion to adjourn 10:45; Ms. Langendorf; 2 Picard; unanimous.

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