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INCH by INCH ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT FOR THE 2008-2009 SCHOOL YEAR I wish to enroll __________________________________________ in Inch by Inch Fall 2008. Inch by Inch offers both a parent/toddler program for 15 months up to 3 plus years of age and a preschool drop off program starting at 2.5 years to Pre-K age. The parent/child participation prog..

    INCH by INCH


    FOR THE 2008-2009 SCHOOL YEAR

    I wish to enroll __________________________________________ in Inch by Inch Fall 2008.

    Inch by Inch offers both a parent/toddler program for 15 months up to 3 plus years of age and a preschool drop off program starting at 2.5 years to Pre-K age. The parent/child participation program is two days a week, Tuesday/Thursday from 9:30-11:30AM. The preschool program runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM and T/TH from 12 to 3 PM with extended care till 5PM everyday. We operate 10 months a year, starting in September and ending in June.

Please check appropriate box:

     Parent/child Program: T/TH 9:30-11:30

     Monthly installment is $170 for 2 days per week.

     Preschool Program M/W/F 9-1 PM

     Monthly installment is $500.00 (extended care available till 3 PM)

     Preschool Program T/TH 12-3 PM (extended care available till 5PM)

     Monthly installment is $250.00

    Please complete this Enrollment Agreement and enclose the proper payment. If you are mailing, please use the following address: Inch by Inch, c/o Lisa Fitch, 1633 Oxford

    St. #D, Berkeley, 94709. (510) 406-2624. Please make checks payable to Lisa Fitch. The following prices reflect a yearly sum divided into 10 monthly installments.

    _______ $40 Administration (non-refundable)

    _______ First month’s deposit (non-refundable unless your spot is replaced by another

    family when you leave).

     TH_Due Sept 15, 2008 Last month’s deposit (This is credited to your last month’s

    installment). If you leave the program before April 1st and give a full months notice, you

    may use this last month’s deposit as your last months tuition. If you leave the program

    after April 1st, the last months deposit will not be refunded.

    ________TOTAL AMOUNT Due ($40 administrative fee plus first installment)

Tuition: Remaining tuition installments are due on the first day of each month. There is a $10 thlate fee for a monthly installment received after the 10 of the month.

    Fundraising: Operating expenses of the program are covered by a combination of monthly tuition and our annual fundraiser party. Both participation and attendance are required by all the Inch by Inch parents for the Fundraising party. It is usually at the end of April. We also need all parents from the parent/toddler program to sign up from the helper list at the beginning of the year.

    INFANT LIABILITY: Infants who are still immobile are welcome to our parent/toddler program but will not be covered by our insurance. You are responsible for keeping your infant with you at all times or in a sleeper/play tub. The infant may not crawl around freely because of safety hazards.

    TB Tests: At the beginning of the school year, each parent, guardian, and/or caregiver who participates in the parent/toddler program must submit a current negative TB test form signed by a physician or a note stating why you cannot have a TB test.

    Vaccinations: Inch by Inch does not admit children who are not vaccinated or without a note explaining why this child should not be vaccinated. While we support a parent's right to choose the path they think will best keep their child healthy, we have a large number of nursing infants who attend with their older siblings who are enrolled in our program. Since the infants are too young to have all of their vaccinations, they are vulnerable if an outbreak occurred in our school. If an outbreak were to occur in our school, the unvaccinated toddler and all of those infants would be prevented from coming to class for a set period of time. We are a family program so we must consider all members of the family. Thank you so much for understanding.

    We (I) have read and accept the terms and agree to pay the annual tuition in full or in ten equal monthly installments as set forth by Inch by Inch.

Child’s Name________________________________ Child’s Birth Date__________________

    Printed Name of Parent or Guardian ______________________________________________

    Signature of Parent or Guardian _________________________________________________

Home Address_______________________________________________________________

    Home Telephone ______________________ Mobile Telephone _______________________

E-mail _______________________________

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    You will receive information on your administrative job list, our school year calendar, and other

    important information once we’ve processed your enrollment agreement and payment.

    Inch by Inch

    321 49th Street, Oakland, CA 94609

    (510) 406-2624

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