Description of a person

By Joyce Bailey,2014-04-12 10:23
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Description of a person

Description of a person

    1). Forehead: large, high, low, broad, narrow, domed or retreating/receding.

    2). Eyes: A person may have bloodshot eyes, bulging eyes, prominent eyes,

    close-set eyes, dark eyes, deep-set / sunken eyes.

    3). Nose: short-flat nose, aquiline nose, roman nose, snub / pug nose

    4). Hair: short, long; thin, thick; straight, curled, permed, curly, wavy;

    sparse, dense.

     The color of hair: black, dark, red, gray, silver, chestnut, white, brown,

    fair, blond (e), golden, jet-black, dyed.

     Some men lose their hair and go bald.

    5) Moustache: A man may grow a moustache, which can be close-cropped /

    close-cut, drooping or pointed.

     Beard, whiskers, bristles

    6) Marks on face: freckles, pockmarks (a pock-marked face), pimples,

    dimples, moles, birthmark

    7). Figure: thin, slim, slender, lean, skinny

    fat, plump, rotund, stout, thickset, obese

    8). Height: tall, short, of medium (average) height.

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