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Policy Name : Room Amenities Management

Effective Date : 01 June 2006

Applicable : Reservations, Front Office, Commissary Kitchen,

    Room Service, Housekeeping and Cost Audit

Forms to use : Amenity Request Form and Amenity Report

Refers to : Nil


    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that appropriate amenities are assigned to the arrival or in-house guests and are delivered to the rooms in a timely manner and in accordance to the standards of presentation and hygiene.


    It is the policy of the hotel to provide appropriate amenities to arriving guests according to their VIP status. Room Service is to set up the rooms with amenities from the reports submitted by Front Office at 10:00 hrs and 15:00 hrs respectively.



    1. All amenity codes for the on day arriving guests must be entered immediately into

    Opera prior to the guests’ arrival.

    2. All amenity codes for future dates arrivals must be entered during daily check.

Front Office

    1. The morning shift Team Leader and Assistant Manager are to double-check all the

    amenity codes on the Arrivals List to ensure they are correctly entered.

2. At 09:30 hrs, the Team Leader to print the following reports:

    ; 2 x RA08 (Same Day Arrival Report)

    ; 1 x GA14 (VIP 1 & 2 only for daily replenishment)

    ; 1 x GA44 (Next Day Amenity Report)

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    ; 1 x GH16 (Trace for Room Service RMS)

    ; 1 x GA46 (Accounts Report)

    ; 1 x GI04 (Room Status Report)

    3. GA.46 amenity report with rate and indicate on the report which amenities are to be

    charged to the respective departments who made the reservations. Pass the report to

    the Assistant Manager for approval and file for Cost Audit collection.

    4. Every Wednesday and Saturday, at 09:30 hrs, print an additional GA10-Long Stay

    Guest Report for Room Service for amenities replenishment.

    5. Every Friday, at 09:00 hrs, to print an additional GA 44 for SAT, SUN and MON

    for stock requisition.

    6. The report must be delivered to the Room Service Department at 10:00 hrs daily.

    7. At 15:00 hrs, Front Desk will send the second report to Room Service which

    includes Arrival List and Room Status Report.

     nd8. Front Desk will update and write down the room numbers onto the 2 RA08. These

    are the room numbers that have been either checked in or blocked for arrivals after

    12:00 hrs.

    9. The Team Leader will calculate an estimate number of rooms unblocked.

10. The Team Leader will then check from the Opera system to identify the vacant

    room numbers remain unblocked. These room numbers are written on an Internal

    Movement Form (IMF) separately. The Team Leader is to photocopy and attached

    to the arrival report for delivery at 15:30 hrs.

    11. This report is to be sent to Room Service for the continuation of the amenities


    12. All walk-ins must be informed to Team Leader to call for amenities set up. The

    room numbers are also added to the IMF if it was not there in the first place.

    13. All rooms must be blocked when occupancy falls 50% and below, i.e. during low


    14. When occupancy reaches 90% and above, morning report remains the same. A copy

    of the Departure Report - GD 10 is given to Room Service by the Night Manager.

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    This report is printed in order for Room Service to place all vacant rooms amenities

    set up.

    15. It is the responsibility of the Room Service staff to set the amenities in the

    guestrooms prior to the guest's arrival.

16. Room Blocking Criteria is as follows:

    - Pre Blocks for Next Day

    - Early Arrivals before 10:00 hrs

    - VIPs 1-3

    - Executive Office Bookings

    - Event Organisers

    - Site Inspections

    - Non-Smoking Request

    - Special Set Up

    - All Limo Pickup

Early Arrivals

    1. The Night Assistant Manager is to print an Arrival List and identify on the report

    any early arrivals (0600 1200hr) and arrivals with no arrival time for the

    following day with the proper rooms assigned, unless no vacant clean rooms are

    available the night before.

2. All early arrival requests between 06:00 hrs. 12:00 hrs will be set with fruits only

    by the overnight Room Service staff. All other food amenities will be set thereafter

    either in the early morning for special VIP or after guest arrivals due to food

    hygiene. Arrivals after 12:00 hrs will be delivered by Room Service in the

    afternoon to ensure freshness.

    3. The rooms must be pre-blocked by 02:00 hrs and informed to Room Service/Cafe


    4. Once the amenities are delivered to the guestrooms, Room Service will indicate on

    the report that the items are delivered and then send to Cost Audit for cost charging.


    1. All rooms are checked in the morning by Housekeeping attendants. As such, it is

    the responsibility of the Housekeeping Attendant to remove the amenities from

    rooms that guests did not check in the previous night.

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    2. All food amenities, i.e. fruits / chocolates / pastries should be discarded.

    3. All un-opened wines / champagnes should be immediately sent down to the

    Housekeeping office.

    4. For chocolates in boxes, the chocolates are to be discarded. The silk boxes to be

    returned to Housekeeping office. On every Wednesday and Sunday, raise an

    inventory movement form for the boxes and return together back to the Room


    5. For wine and champagnge, Housekeeping to keep the stock and raise an Inventory

    Movement Form on every Wednesday and Sunday. Together with the form, return

    all un-used bottles to Room Service.

    6. Front Office Assistant Manager is to monitor the VIP no shows to ensure

    amenities are not cross charged to Rooms.

    7. All cutleries, glassware are to be left at the pantry for Room Service retrieval. Fruit

    knives and forks to be lightly rinsed to prevent attraction to rodents.

On-day / Last-Minute / Special Requests

    1. The Room Amenity Request Form must be used for all requests individually

    requested by Department or Division heads to hotel guests. These items will be

    cross-charged to the division accordingly.

    2. For very special VIPs, the stipulated amenities in Opera might not be appropriate.

    As such, the FOM or DOR will consult the Chef and raise a Room Amenity

    Request Form to order a specialty amenity for the specific VIP.

    3. On very special occasion and with valid reason, pre-packed items from the

    Patisserie may be used as a room amenity. This must be approved by the DOR or

    FOM. An Inventory Movement Form must be raised and properly authorized for

    Assistant Manager to collect from Patisserie and set up the said item in the room.

    4. For any items not specified in the Amenity Report, the request person should then

    key in the amenity code “OTH”. “OTH” should then be specified via a Trace to

    ensure that a proper Amenity form or Inventory Movement Form is prepared by

    Front Office.

Last minute cancellation and room changes

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    Should an arrival be expected within one hour and the amenity need to be removed or replaced, the Front Office staff must cut a key and immediately remove or replace the amenity to ensure that guest is not kept waiting.


    Housekeeping will check and retrieve and discard all uneaten fruits on the third day from the guest’s arrival date.


    There is no replenishment of fruits for all arrivals except for long stay guests during every Wednesday and Saturday. On exceptional basis, with the requests from department heads, replenishment of fruits can be entertained. Should there be a request; an individual Amenity request form will be raised with dates of request and cross charged to the division accordingly.


    All rooms / reservation with normal paying rates will have amenities cost charged to ROOMS.

    Amenities for Complimentary or House-use rooms will be charge back to the respective Division or to Admin & General account.

    Special rates, i.e. TA-Awareness or discounts by the Sales & Marketing, for marketing and promotional purposes will be charged back to Sales & Marketing.

Prepared by: James Fan Date 01 Jun 2006

Approved by Date

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