depcoms.oct09 - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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depcoms.oct09 - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering



     (As of October 2009)

    S/No D e s c r i p t i o n Members

    Chair / Coordinator

    Prof AC Liew --- 1. Alumni Affairs

    - To invigorate engagement with and building a strong bond with

    ECE alumni

    Prof SP Yeo --- 2. Corporate Communications

    - To create greater visibility of activities and achievements of

    ECE to both internal and external shareholders

    Chair : Head of Department Deputy Heads, Group Heads, Group Reps (A/P 3. Curriculum Review Committee (CRC)

    - to review and develop Department’s teaching curricula. CRC Secretary: Prof JX Xu CC Ko, A/P WW Tan, A/P CX Zhu, Dr K

    Mouthaan), Year Coordinators, FYP Coordinator

    (A/P MH Hong), BTech Program Coordinator

    (A/P Samudra), MSc Regular Program Mgr (A/P

    R Oruganti), Coordinator for MSc in

    Mechatronics Program (A/P SK Panda), Ms SC

    Yap, Ms EL Yip, Ms WN Chua

    Chair : Head of Department Deputy Heads and Group Heads 4. Department Management Committee

    Chair : Head of Department Deputy Heads 5. Department Consultative Committee

    - to foster closer relationship and cooperation with private and Group Heads

    public institutions and industries locally; Industry Members:-

     Dr Chan Lap Hung, Sunny - to provide a mechanism for regular exchange of views relating Mr Lim Soon Hock

    to long-term planning and development of department in both Mr Quek Tong Boon

    teaching and research; Mr Seah Moon Ming

     Mr Alex Siow Yen Khong - to obtain feedback from industries on manpower needs and new Dr Tan Geok Leng

    areas of technological development in the various electrical Mr Ulf Schneider

    engineering disciplines, in order to respond more rapidly to Mr Rob Young

    changing needs of industries.

    --- Members to be nominated ad hoc 6. Department Evaluation Committee for Promotions & Tenure


    S/No D e s c r i p t i o n Chair / Coordinator Members

Team Commander : Prof WK Choi Mrs CM Ho, Mr Walter Lim, Mr TC Teo, Mr YC 7. Department Crisis Management Team

    Alternate : Prof YH Wu Woo, Ms LK Ah, Ms MH Chia, Mr HC Seow, Ms

    SC Yap, Ms Cindy Chua

Chair : A/P TT Tay ECE: Prof YH Wu, A/P LF Cheong, Dr Y Ha 8. Joint Academic Committee (JAC)

    SoC : A/P WF Wong, A/P T Mitra, Dr Colin Tan

Chair : Head of Department Deputy Heads (Acad & Rsrch), Year Coordinators, 9. Student-Staff Liaison Committee

    Year Student Representatives, MEng/PhD Prog

    Coordinator, MSc Regular Program Manager,

    Dept Representative on Student Self-Development

    Advisory Committee, Student Club advisers to

    IEEE & ECE Club; ECE Club and IEEE

    Presidents; Acad AOs


     10. Course/Program Coordination

     --- A/P Tay Teng Tiow CEG Programme

     -- EEE 1 & CPE 1 Dr K Mouthaan --- A/P WK Ho EEE 2 & CPE 2

    --- A/P Mansoor A J EEE 3 & CPE 3 ---

     A/P LF Cheong EEE4 & CPE 4 --- Design Centric Curriculum Themes: --- A/P YC Liang (Coordinator) Future Transportation Dr YJ Ha (Mentor) --- A/P D Srinivassan (Coordinator) Smart Cities Dr M Armand (Mentor) --- A/P Tan Woei Wan e-Prep

     A/P MA Jalil (local/overseas) Industrial Attachment

    A/P M Gurusamy,Dep Rep on FoE SEP Student Exchange Program Committee)

    Prof QG Wang, coordinator for outgoing students

    A/P CX Zhu, coordinator for NG


    A/P D Srinivasan, Dr WS Soh, Dr SC Yen A/P V Ng & A/P A Tay Outreach Program

    A/Prof MA Jalil Vacation Internship Program

    A/P GS Samudra BTech Program

     MEng & PhD Prograrms Dr Ha Yajun

    MEng & PhD Admissions A/P WK Chim


    S/No D e s c r i p t i o n Chair / Coordinator Members

     11. Course/Program Coordination

MSc Program Manager (Regular Program) A/P R Oruganti

MSc Program Manager (Special Program) A/Prof CS Chang

    MSc in Mechatronics Program A/Prof SK Panda A/P Ashwin (DP sub-group rep)

     A/P A Tay (Control sub-group rep) Magnetics Technology Program A/P Adekunle OA

Technopreneurship Coordinator A/P Hari Krishna Garg

     12. Special Programs & Project Coordination

    Special Projects Prof Sam Ge A/P LF Cheong, A/P V Prahlad

EE2001 Projects A/P SK Panda, A/P Prahlad, Dr


EE3001 Projects A/P TT Tay

EE4001 Projects A/P MH Hong

IEEE NUS Student Branch Adviser A/P V Prahlad

ECE Club AdviserDr Marc Andre Armand

    Chair : Prof YH Wu A/Prof AP Loh, A/P WK Chim, A/P SK Panda, 13. Teaching Award Committee

    A/P D Srinivasan - to review and recommend procedures leading to the selection of winners

    A/P Bharadwaj --- 14. Teaching Assignments

    A/P Xu JX --- 15. Time-tabling/Scheduling

    --- A/Prof WK Choi, A/Prof SH Ong, A/Prof R 16. Purchase Order Approving Panel


    Coordinators : A/P KC Tan & Dr --- 17. Seminars & Video Conferencing

    P Moorthi


    S/No D e s c r i p t i o n Members

    Chair / Coordinator Safety Consultant : Mr Damos Mr BT Lau, Mr D Koh, Mdm HL Koh, Mr FC Looi, 18. Safety Committee

    Chair : A/Prof LS Tan Mr BH Tan

    Adviser : Prof WK Choi

    Safety Coordinator:

    Mdm MH Chia

    --- Mr YC Woo, Mr Jalil, Mr Chandra. Mr CL Uh, 19. Space & Infrastructure

    Mr E Poon

Ms Chia Meow Hua --- 20. Voice Administrator

Chair : Dr Lee Sungjoo Dr A Danner, Dr XD Chen, Ms Elyn Yip, Ms 21. Social Committee

    Norwati, Ms Xiao Yun

Chair : Mdm Koh Hwee Lin Mdm Sai Mee Chin, Ms MC Sim, Mr F Hoon, 22. 8th Non-Academic Staff Committee


    S/No D e s c r i p t i o n Chair / Coordinator Members

Chair : A/P AP Loh Prof YH Wu, A/P G Samudra, A/P SK Panda, Dr 23. Curriculum Task Force VII 2009

     SC Yen

Chair: Prof KC Chua A/P AO Adekunle, A/P A Kassim, A/P A 24. Faculty Career Progression Task Force

    Khambadkone, A/P V Bharadwaj, A/P WW Tan,

    A/P KL Teo, Dr M Armand, Dr K Mouthaan, Dr

    WS Soh, Dr SC Yen

Chair: A/P Lian Yong Prof JX Xu, A/P LF Cheong, A/P WK Chim, A/P 25. Research Task Force

    MH Hong, A/P YC Liang, A/P KL Teo, A/P V

    Bharadwaj, Dr XD Chen, Dr Dr X Cheng, Dr M

    Motani, Dr SC Yen


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