By Elsie Myers,2014-06-01 11:41
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     Creating a Green Campus

     With more and more people realizing that college students are the flowers of our country,the hope of tomorrow and the future pillars of our state,creating a green campus has become the focus of public attention.This will surely help provide the best environment possible for college stidents.

     Creating a green campus does not only mean having trees and flowers everywhere.It also includes energy-saving measures,such as turning off lights and computers when they are not in use,reusing plastic bags,and reducing our carbon imprint on the environment by taking public transportation,walking or riding bikes.

     To create a green campus,we university students should bear the environmental awareness in mind.More importantly,we should assume the responsibility to contribute to caring for the environment as much as we can.Also,it is wise to call upon more people to

create a green campus.

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