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University of Greenwich Business School

MSc Accounting and Finance Programmes

Financial Management

    University of Greenwich Business School


1.1 Aims

The aim of the course is to develop necessary skills and understanding needed to apply appropriate

    concepts, techniques and approaches for sound decision making in financial management:

    a) To enable students to analyse financial situations and offer solutions to financial management


    b) To understand and apply theoretical concepts to a range of investment and financing decisions.

1.2 Learning Outcomes:

On completing this course students should be able to:

A. Knowledge and understanding of:

How shareholder wealth is created, and the role of financial management in this process.

Investment and valuation process and techniques.

Relationship between risk and return.

Investment and financing decision making process in relation to the role of capital markets

    and their efficiency.

How to value different sources of long term finance.

Alternative capital structure policies and dividend policies.

Financial Derivatives and their use in Corporate Finance.

B. Intellectual Skills:

To develop a framework and provide a set of analytical tools for financial decision making

    based on financial theory and the best industry practices. To evaluate the business decision

    making implications of financial management.

B1. Breadth of Outlook

Focus on a range of securities, industries and types of businesses. Fundamental financial

    theories, tools and techniques covered in the course can be utilised in any financial decision

    making in any business sector.

B2. Wisdom


    The student will select and apply appropriate tools and use sound judgement in the application of financial decisions.

    Appreciate the merits and demerits of, as well as alternatives to, various analytical frameworks and techniques used for investment and financing decisions in business.

B3. Personal Effectiveness

    Calculate, analyse, interpret and communicate business problems and solutions from the financial perspective.

C. Subject Practical Skills:

Focusing on, and identifying options for improving, shareholders value.

Valuation of securities shares, bonds etc.

Valuation of businesses and projects.