Appraisal Review Certification

By Zachary Jordan,2014-09-28 16:21
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Appraisal Review Certification ...

    Appraisal Review Certification




     Job No.:


     Parcel No.:

     Original Supplemental Complex Non-Complex

     Is the Remainder Property an Uneconomic Remnant? Yes


    The attached appraisal report submitted by has been reviewed by the undersigned. In accordance with 49 CFR 24.104, the attached appraisal meets one of the following categories:

     Not Accepted Provide reasoning for non-acceptance.

     Accepted - Meets all requirements, but is not selected

     Recommended - Meets all requirements and is selected as basis for acquisition purposes

    The conclusions of value for the subject property as of , are as follows:

     Fair Market Value of Whole Property $

     Fair Market Value of Property Taken (including improvements) as

     a Part of the Whole $

     Fair Market Value of Remainder as Part of the Whole Property Before Taking $

     Fair Market Value of Remainder After the Taking as will be affected by

     the Contemplated Improvement $

     Damage to Remainder $

     Compensation for Permanent Easement(s) $

     Compensation for Temporary Easement(s) $

     Excess Land to be Acquired $

     Total Compensation $

    Review Appraiser Date