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    Andrew Smith

    BSD Graduate - Spring 2007

    Candidate, Master of Science in Information

    Technology, Liverpool University - 2010

    Senior Software Engineer Click Here for a full list of SCS Achievers

    Class Cancellation - November 20, 2011 No Cancellations Today


    Fall 2011 Exam Schedule - ICT S@Y

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    SIRIS Registration for January 2012

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    Join us for a special presentation on "My Career in IT Security" by Andrew Martin, Security Consultant, CIBC

    Guest Speaker: Andrew Martin, Senior Information Security Consultant at CIBC, will speak about his career in security, followed by a Q & A.

Where: Lower K Room, S1209

    When: Wednesday, November 16, 3:30pm

    Andrew Martin, a graduate of Seneca College (class of 2003) is a Senior Information Security Consultant at CIBC with 11 years of IT and Security experience. In his current role, Andrew conducts risk assessments and provides recommendations on key projects such as Internet Banking, Brokerage and Mobile devices and applications. His past roles at the bank include working in the Security Operations Center investigating cyber threats. Andrew is an accomplished speaker,

    having presented on security topics internally, at banking industry conferences and other events. He holds numerous certifications, notably the GSE from the SANS institute where he also mentors security courses. Andrew also authored a security blog ( on various attacks and trends where he helped to uncover sources of hostile activity in conjunction with the HostExploit team.

    New Project Management - Information Technology Graduate Certificate The first Ontario college graduate certificate in Project Management specifically for Information Technology will be offered by the School of Information & Communications Technology at Seneca@York starting September 2012. For information, contact Mary Margaret Walton through email or at 416-491-5050 ext 3278. Registration is now open at Ontario Colleges (search for program code PMC).

    Photocopying textbooks is illegal

    All Computer Studies students should be aware that using photocopies of textbooks is a violation of copyright laws, and that our professors are obligated to report such violations. See for some of the



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