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Appraisal Assistant 1 - The Pierce County Internet Site ...

    Pierce County Classification Description


Department: Assessor-Treasurer FLSA: Non-Exempt

    Job Class #: 868600 Represented: Yes

    Pay Range: 5M10

Classification descriptions are intended to present a descriptive list of the range of duties performed by

    employees in this class and are not intended to reflect all duties performed within the job.

    GENERAL FUNCTION: This is entry-level fieldwork that includes office data analysis supporting residential, statistical, commercial, and personal property appraisers. An employee in this classification is

    responsible for gathering detailed information on property characteristics that are pertinent to the final

    determination of value. Work in this class requires assisting with on-site review of property and some

    knowledge of building construction, workmanship and materials. Observation of property characteristics,

    measuring of improvements, and recording of data require a high degree of accuracy. Work is performed

    under direct supervision, and is reviewed for adherence to program standards and procedures.

    SERIES CONCEPT: Work in this class is distinguished from the Appraisal Assistant 2 level by performing assignments that require using existing program standards and procedures, minimal judgement

    and decision making responsibilities, and does not require State Department of Revenue accreditation as a

    Real Property Appraiser. Work in this class is distinguished from the Appraiser series by not requiring the

    responsibility of determining value of property.

    ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: ? Assists with property site visits for the purpose of gathering characteristic data and physical verification

    of business assets.

    ? Assists Appraisers by taking notes of property and its amenities in relation to surrounding properties.

    ? Assists with measuring improvements, verifying, collecting and recording land and building


    ? Records data accurately on field record forms.

    ? Assists with drawing scale plan of buildings using current office sketch software.

    ? Researches and assists appraisers in analyzing sales, rentals, and values of comparable properties in the


    ? Assists in gathering and recording income and expense data on income producing properties.

    ? Assists, maintains, and updates office files, appraisal records, permits, and computer data information.

    OTHER JOB FUNCTIONS: ? Performs other related job functions as assigned by the Assessor-Treasurer.


    ? Basic knowledge of real estate appraisal and assessment principles, procedures, laws and regulations.

    ? Basic knowledge of construction characteristics and quality workmanship.

    ? General knowledge of general office practices and procedures.

    ? Knowledge of current office software programs.

    ? Ability to assist with field inspections, record field data, and maintain current assessment records.

    ? Ability to read and understand maps, legal descriptions, blueprints, and aerial maps.

    ? Ability to assist in gathering income and expense data on income producing properties in the area.


    Classification Description Pierce County

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? Ability to assist in analyzing sales.

    ? Ability to assist in research and collection of data for the establishment and auditing of personal

    property accounts.

    ? Ability to organize and maintain computerized files, permits, and appraisal records. ? Ability to assist with drawing sketches according to scale, and perform and apply basic math

    calculations according to scale plans.

    ? Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

    ? Ability to operate and handle various equipment, calculators, computers and measuring tapes. ? Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

    ? Ability to bend, stoop, climb stairs, and walk on uneven terrain.

    ? Ability to effectively coordinate, perform, and complete multiple duties and assignments concurrently

    and in a timely manner.

    ? Ability to physically perform the essential job functions.

    ? Ability to meet the travel requirements of the position.


    One year of work experience in real property transactions or closely related field which provides a

    knowledge of real property and/or personal property values and appraisal techniques. Additional education or experience may be substituted equally for the recruiting requirements. Must have a current and valid Washington State driver's license when appointed to position. Union membership is required within 30

    days of employment.


    2/97; 5/02

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