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Policy Name : Front Office Safe Deposit Box

Effective Date : 01 June 2006

Revised Date : Nil

Applicable : All

Forms to use : Safe Deposit Checklist, Safe Deposit Form

Refers to : Nil


    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the hotel guest has the option of either using the in-room safe box or the safety deposit boxes available at the Front Office to store his valuables during his stay with the hotel.

    To ensure that the Front Office Safe Deposit boxes are accounted for daily.


    It is the policies of Hyatt Regency Dongguan to ensure that hotel registered guests are provided with ample safe deposit boxes either in the room or at the Front Office.



    1. The Front Office Team Members are responsible for providing the Safe Deposit

    Box services for guest.

    2. The guest will be required to fill up a SAFE DEPOSIT RECORD CARD. This

    card must advise the guest of the cost involved should he / she lose the key. It

    will also spell out clearly the clause covering the hotel's liability as far as the

    guests’ personal belongings are concerned.

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    3. The Hotel guest may authorize a representative to open the safe deposit box. In

    such instances, specimen signatures of the guest and the authorized

    representative will be required on the SAFE DEPOSIT RECORD CARD. Both

    should sign in the presence of the hotel staff, who will then select and open a

    box, hand the container over to the guest and write the box number on the

    signature card.

    4. The specimen mentioned above ensures that only authorized persons stated on

    the SAFE DEPOSIT RECORD CARD can gain access to the contents of the

    deposit box.

    5. The staff should never acknowledge or take notice of the contents of the box.

    The hotel provides a safe deposit box service, but possession and control of the

    contents are vested exclusively in the guest.

    6. When the guest returns the container to the Guest Services Officer, it is placed

    back in its safe deposit slot, locked, and the key is handed to the guest.

    7. The SAFE DEPOSIT RECORD CARD shall contain the following declarations

    to be made by the guest:

    a. Safe deposit boxes are available only to registered guests of Hyatt

    Regency Dongguan and to those persons approved by such guest and

    whose signature appears above this agreement and only for as long as

    their period of stay.

    b. Guests are advised neither to deliver their keys nor to impart their box

    number to anyone not properly authorized to have them.

    c. When a safe deposit box is issued to two or more individuals, it is

    deemed to be under the control of each of them. Either may have access,

    or may surrender the box.

    d. If a key is lost, the hotel must be informed immediately. The box lock

    will be broken in the presence of the guest, and the lock will be changed.

    The guest will be charged a nominal fee (RMB 800) to cover the cost of

    replacing the lock and keys.

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    e. The hotel will not be liable in whatever that arise from the loss of the

    key or the presentation thereof by a person other than one authorized.

    The Hotel’s liability is limited by government statute.

    f. All items kept in the box will be withdrawn by the guest and the key

    surrendered to the hotel at the time of departure.

    g. The Hotel Company reserves the right to break open the box and remove

    its contents without liability if the key is not surrendered upon the

    guest’s departure from Hyatt Regency Dongguan. The said nominal fee

    is item #d will also be imposed.

    8. er the hotel guest has filled in the SAFE DEPOSIT RECORD CARD properly,

    the Front Office Agent shall check and then sign on the space under “Cashier”.

    9. The Front Office Agent shall issue the hotel guest with a safe deposit box in

    which the guest puts in his / her valuables and the box number should be

    recorded on the SAFE DEPOSIT RECORD CARD.

    10. Two keys are required to open a safe deposit box. The Hotel guest keeps one

    key whilst the Hotel keeps the other master key.

    11. THE SAFE DEPOSIT RECORT CARD will be stored in the card slot. SDB

    #18 (means guest opens the safe deposit box number 18) will be entered into

    checkout alert until the guest surrenders the safe deposit box. If SDB #18 still

    shows in checkout alert when guest is checking out, the Cashier should remind

    the guest to surrender the safe deposit box.

Access to a Safe Deposit Box

    1. For each subsequent access to his / her box, the guest must countersign and fill in the date of entry on the safety box access card again.

    2. No one other than the original signatory should be permitted to have access to the box; should his / her legal representative demand access to the box, a notarized affidavit authorizing such access must be obtained.

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    3. The Front Office Officer shall verify the signature on the application form to the

    specimen signature SAFE DEPOSIT RECORD CARD which is filed in order of the

    deposit number.

    4. The signature must be discreetly compared to that on the original signature card. If

    there is any doubt about a guest's identity, however slight, Guest Services Agent

    should ask the guest to produce identification. He may assure the guest that this

    measure is taken for the protection of his / her valuables.

    5. The guest / authorized representative must complete the pre-numbered SAFE

    DEPOSIT BOX ACCESS APPLICATION before they are allowed access to the

    safe deposit box.

    6. If the signature on the application form matches the specimen signature on the

    SAFE DEPOSIT RECCORD CARD, the Front Office Officer on the application

    form and records the ACCESS APPLICATION NUMBER in the reverse side of the


    7. The master key held by the Hotel and the safe deposit box key held by the guest can

    only open the safe deposit box.

    8. When the hotel guest ceases to be a guest in the hotel, the safe deposit box must be

    surrendered duly.

    9. In the event that access to a box is required when a guest is not present, the Security

    Manager, Front Office Manager, and the Assistant Director of Finance must be

    present. A detailed listing of the contents must be prepared in quadruplicate and

    each person present must sign it. The authorized representative will receive the

    original and one copy will be retained by each of the three witnesses.

Closing the Safe Deposit Box

    1. The guest shall sign off on the SAFE DEPOSIT RECCRD CARD under the

    “surrender of Box” paragraph.

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    2. The date of surrender of the box is entered and the Front Office GSO shall sign off

    on the SAFE DEPOSIT RECCORD CARD after checking that the guest has

    removed everything in the box.

3. The Front Office GSO shall then file the SAFE DEPOSIT RECORD CARD

    according to the date when the box was surrendered and the guest check out.

Night Audit

    1. It is the responsibility of the Night Guest Service Officer to do an audit check on

    the safety deposit boxes nightly. The boxes without keys attached must be tallied

    against the safety deposit access card. These cards will then be checked against the

    computer to ensure that all rentals belong to in-house guests.

2. All discrepancies must be immediately reported to the Assistant Manager Front

    Office who will in turn investigate with the highest concerns and report to the Front

    Office Manager to follow-up.

    3. The Front Office Manager, Income Auditor will also do spot-checks to ensure that

    all boxes are properly registered to hotel guests only.

Control Over Keys

    1. There should be one set of deposit box keys only! Any additional sets should be


    2. The master key should never be hung on the wall, left on a desk or anywhere with

    easy access to either guests or unauthorized persons.

    3. All staff should never accept possession of guest's key, unless the box is being


    4. If a safe deposit box key is delivered to the Guest Service Officer, having been

    found somewhere on the premises, or if a key is received by mail, it should be

    sealed immediately under dual control, and the guest should be notified to call for

    his key. The Assistant Manager Front Office must be reported immediately.

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    5. If a guest misplaces the key, which results in having to drill the lock open, a fee of

    RMB 800 must be charged. The cost of such fee must be stated on the original

    signature card. A miscellaneous voucher is prepared and the charge is posted to the

    guest's folio.

    6. The charge include replacement of new lock and key for the box and all other

    administrative fees charged by the safety deposit boxes contractor,

Prepared by James Fan Date 01 Jun 2006

Approved by Date

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