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By Steve Foster,2015-03-26 03:19
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    Note lists

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for waiting! My name is Alex. I am so grad to stand here to share my experiences of doing my research which topic is GREETING. I will illustrate this topic as follow:

    what is greeting, I will show you the definition of greeting. Different kinds of greeting, I will introduce some common greetings in the world and some special ones you might be interested in. The third part is the eyes on. What is Eyes on? I will tell you later.

    To begin with, (the definition of greeting) Greeting (also called accosting) is a way for human beings to intentionally communicate awareness of each other's presence, to show attention to, and to affirm or suggest a type of relationship or social status between individuals or groups of people. Greetings can be presented vocally and physically and get a combination of both. As many forms of communication, greeting are cultural and changing depending on social status and relationship. Greetings are often, but not always, used just before a conversation.

To move on, the different kinds of greeting, what I mean is the

    diversification of greeting. Greetings can be classified three patterns: Spoken Greetings, Written Greetings and Gestures. Spoken greetings just like what we usually say hello, hi and good morning; written greetings

    just like some formal letters in English begin with dear sir, dear madam;

    gestures is a kind of body languages.

    To expand on, gestures can be divided into several perspectives. Bowing, Cheek kissing, Eskimo kissing, Fist pound, High-five, Pressing noses, Handshake, Hand-kissing, Hat raising or tipping, Hug, Kowtow and Namasté.

    Generally speaking, the most popular greeting may be bowing, handshaking and cheek kissing. (Of course, I am not denying the others are also famous in some areas)

    To elaborate on bowing, it is the traditional greeting in East Asia, especially in China, Korea and Japan. Bowing is presented apology and thanks, is also use for religious setting.

    Cheek kissing is very common in Southern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America between male-female or female-female. What is worth mentioning is the way people how to kiss in France. The rules are following:

    Not to kiss the cheek of a superior.

    Show your right cheek first

    At least two kisses usually

    There is a statistic about how many kisses France are used to doing.(figure 1)

    According to the map, we can see the kiss in northern France are more than the one in southern France. It is interesting situation.

    To digress, I want to tell you a story. A friend of mine who came from France told me that in Pairs, he will kiss his friends 6 times. What a surprise! I said “I beg your pardon”. He said “I will kiss my girlfriend as many as I

    can! I am just kidding.

Back to the topic, there are two more pictures here. What are they doing?

    Compared with the common greeting, there are some strange gestures just like these. They are Eskimo kissing and Hongi.;放图片名字; For the

    Eskimo kissing, Inuit expose nothing except their nose and eyes because of the chilly weather. So they have to present their greeting with their noses. For Hongi, the tradition of sharing the breath of life is considered to have come directly from the gods.

To move on, what is EYES ON talking about? It is the culture! The reason

    why it has so many patterns of greeting is the cultural diversification. With the development of technologies which can produce changes in a society, these social shifts may accompany other types of cultural change. For example, bowing, Chinese traditional greeting, have transferred to Japan and Korea since Three Countries. However, culture communication leads to the extinction of some patterns of greeting. Just like Eskimo kissing and Hongi.

    To conclude what I mention above, greeting is a very interesting topic in my opinion. I appreciate my tutor Charles give me the inspiration. Nevertheless, greeting is not only a necessity of the modern society, presenting personal elegant behaviors and respectability, but also a perspective of civilization which needs to be preserved. Thus, we should protect it with our heart

So, that is all for my presentation. Thank you for your listening!

    Any question?

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